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Der Fledermausmann Gegen Die Welt

What's really going on here?

There have been a series of major events spanning the past year that seem to be manipulating some powerful symbols.  Behind all of it is a shadow of lies and conspiracy, and all of it appears to be focused on 'America.'  If we stand back a little and look at common denominators, perhaps we can perceive a trend and even a motive behind these events.

Let's pick a major event to peg our analysis.  For that, we will choose the BP Gulf Oil Spill, and then follow things up through today.  Then we will look for common threads and symbols attached to the events.

That so many recent events have been obvious lies and dissembling is part of the Big Picture.  Not only is the world purposely be deceived, there is a specific purpose for it, and because we can see a pattern, we can speculate on what's next.

As part of your homework, you will want to watch an exciting episode of Benny Hinn.  To really see the point, watch it at slightly faster than normal speed, so that the patterns of sound and light become more obvious.  You should be able to see/hear the rising and falling waves that slowly increase until the climax.  It's subtle, but it is there.

Now, let's make a list:

  • Gulf Oil Spill
  • Giffords Shot
  • Japan EQ and Nuke Meltdown
  • Royal Wedding
  • Obama Birth Certificate
  • Usama bin Laden 'Killed'
Our first clue, that tells us to look behind the noise, is that all the recent events involve obvious and amateur efforts to present doctored files.  The 'birth certificate' was shown almost immediately to be a cheap and amateur effort.  Then the first UBL 'death' photo was shown within hours to be another amateur paste-up of two very common photos.  These efforts are obviously not intended to convince anyone, because the Ministry of Truth is quite obviously capable of much better efforts.  Most tech-savvy teenagers could do better forgeries with a blindfold and no mouse.

Event: BP Gulf Oil Spill
Symbols: American technology (deepwater drilling), US center/heart, US hegemony (oil and gas), environment

Event: Rep. Gabby Giffords shot
Symbols: US leadership, resurrection, brain (intelligence/wisdom), NASA (technology, astronauts)

Event: Japan EQ/Fukushima
Symbols: radiation, WWII, health, invisible enemies, American technology and industry (GE reactors)

Event: Royal We, dding
Symbols: empire, legitimacy, power/authority

Event: Obama birth certificate
Symbols: illegitimacy, race, leadership, truth

Event: bin Laden assassination
Symbols: truth, power/authority, US hegemony

Now we pick up the threads and we notice some clear themes running through these events.  In order to see the patterns, let's hang all this on the framework of a superhero movie.  Our hero (America) emerges from World War II virtually untouchable.  Because the hero is a technological and economic powerhouse, being the largest surviving economy after that war, it assumes the role of global leader in both political and moral issues.

There are forces, evil or just jealous, who want to bring down our hero in order to make room in the world for other power blocs.  In order to achieve this, though, the opposition has to infiltrate the hero's lair and place agents inside.

Over time, the other forces appear to roll over and let the hero win (USSR).  This makes the hero feel justified and full of himself.  His pride is now his weakness and the chink in the armor.

If we stand back a little, we can perceive a slowly rising crescendo of failures in every part of the hero's image.  Shuttles blow up (technology), Ruby Ridge and Waco (morality), JFK/Clinton/Lewinski (leadership), OKC/WTC (security), Obama/Usama (truth).  Our hero is being attacked multiple fronts and despite the superficial pep-rally high of the bin Laden assassination, subconsciously this 'death of a thousand cuts' is taking its toll.  The hero is beginning to show classic signs of burn-out: clinging to any perceived good news, moral and physical exhaustion, desperation.

If our movie's opening credits begin with the end of WWII, then we can clearly see the building climax.  Events cluster and show purposeful and meaningful manipulation to create a sense of peril in the mind of our hero.  It brings us to this moment, where there has been an orgy of empire and a degradation of truth, with wave after wave of blows to our hero until he is staggering and showing signs of fatigue.

This is the most dangerous part of the plot.  The hero is weakened, but internally and externally.  His moral authority is in question.  His enemies are massing and preparing the final blow, the knock-out punch.  All that remains is to see if we will get a happy Hollowood ending, or if this will be a film noir with every character lacking authority and moral high-ground - there will simply be a winner and we will identify with the one who is most familiar to us.

If we think about things, we can kind of get an idea of what the climax will be.  It will involve a final punch to leadership, moral authority, economy, and technology, all at one time.  The hit will be so massive that our weakened hero will fall.  The only thing we can't see is will the hero survive his capture (James Bond), or will he succumb and be finally put down (Darth Vader)?

Hang on to your seat, make sure you have enough popcorn and please switch off your cell phone.  No recording is allowed.  Some animals may be sacrificed for this final scene.  All resemblance to persons, living or dead, if fully intended.

The only thing we, the audience, can do is brace our minds and protect our psyches from the full-frontal assault.

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