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Holi-daze Of The Buddha

Today is the anniversary of the moment that the Buddha awoke from a long sleep to find he had gained True Understanding, what we commonly call Enlightenment.  The day is called Vesak here, and starts the new year of 2555.  That's neither here nor there, except that in Indonesia, it's a national holiday.  So it's a good time to do a little housekeeping here at Life on the Far Side World Headquarters (LFSWHQ).

In less than a year, this blog has gone from 0 to 5,000 readers a month.  Never ceases to surprise me, but it's obvious that there are a lot of folks out there who are craving real information and a bit more thought behind the headlines.  When I took up keypad and mouse to begin this column, I posted the Far Side Manifesto, in which I promised to take a look at life from different perspectives.  I try not to pull any punches, and use my many years in media and entertainment, as well as a lifetime of travel around the world, to try and pull back the veil that hides truth from us, the unwashed masses.  Ultimately, my goal is to give folks tools to desensitize them to the steady stream of rubbish pouring out of the so-called MainStreamMedia.

That being said, what's equally pleasing is that the readers here are a smart bunch.  I get a lot of email, which I try to keep up with, but forgive me if I'm a bit slow sometimes (I just got married over the weekend, so the past couple of weeks have been slim on the interactive side).  Because my mailbox is full of insightful and appreciative responses, I thought this would be a good time to share some.  It also gives me some time to work up new articles (I have about 20 of them in various stages of completion).

Here now are some of the interesting emails I get:
I am starting to see what Clif thinks about the lizards on the moon. What I really find hard to take is that the whole western world doesn't seem to have a problem with the pres sending a hit squad to kill off binLaden. To me it is like seeing "Godfather IV" Same thing, isn't it? I have always been fascinated the way the mafia would have hit men killing enemies while they were in "Catholic Church" getting their chidren baptised.  Do you read "What does it mean"? Sorcha really comes out with a lot of stuff. I am trying to find out more about what happened in Texas, I am hoping that Ure will write something about it.  Also, the US is having agrand jury to see if they can bring Julian Assange to trial, and I want to know how they think they can do that, and if they can, tehn noone in the world is safe from them.  Scary as hell, isn't it.  Maine is fighting the govment to grow their own food and that is not looking good either, pretty damn sad if you can't grow your own food anymore.

 Yup, scary as hell, all right.  Clif, of course, is the Master Bot Maker, over at  Ure is the Master People's Economist at  Both those folks provide a wealth of information, and it has been my privilege to have helped them in some small way.

This reader really 'gets it,' but like so many who do, is battling the anger and frustration that come with seeing the Big Picture.  It's a lot like being Charlton Heston in 'Soylent Green.'

The next reader is from Canada, and unfortunately, the information we get is that Canada is pretty much in the same quagmire of lemmings as the States.

fear + smear
ben laden appeared on cue to terrify
canada voters
sun night the night before voters
were just about to elect left wing govt(NDP)-
instead, they unexpectedly "chose" harper.
Bin laden was a fear cover to obfuscate the
actual fixing of canada election-
to give a "reason" for the sudden fix switch in votes.

- Usual right wing politics
I thought the whole bin Laden affair was the most cynical and crass use of blatant propaganda I had ever witnessed.  Nothing saddened me more than to read about flag-waving, chanting vidiots who are so unthinking and uncritical of anything a/the government spouts.

From yesterday's piece on the IMF head Strauss-Kahn getting tagged, a fellow Texan writes in:
re the imf head arrest, i was thinking the same thing about this event.  way too easily taken down.
anyways, i basically just wanted to tell you that i enjoy your posts and to encourage (great word, huh?) you to keep up the good work.
(b&r texan)
It's responses like this that make coming up with ideas (almost) every day worth every minute of the effort.  I like that I can express something that others are also thinking, but haven't formulated into expression.  I especially enjoy when someone tells me something I said helped them achieve an insight.  That's when I know I'm doing something right, if I can help strip away the cloud of unknowing that has been pulled over our collective eyes.

I get many emails from readers who want to open my eyes to new information, as well.  These I enjoy immensely, as I read anything and never dismiss others' thinking out of hand.
Geocentrism - The World is MOTIONLESS!!
The Sun, Moon and Stars are going around a STATIONARY Spherical Earth!!

Have you seen my website
Moving-Earth DECEPTION!!

Having been a straight-A student in astrophysics at university, I am no stranger to geo-centric and other mathematical proofs that literally turn our Universe inside out.  The one problem that geo-centrism could never adequately handle, and indeed the is the reason the theory collapsed, is the retrograde motion of the planets.  You see, all planets outside the Earth's orbit appear at some point to move backwards against the sky, while the inner planets do not.  There were elaborate proofs and elegant constructs to try and explain this phenomenon, but in fact, only a helio-centric Solar System with Earth in third position can explain this motion. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the read.

This is but a small sample of the great email I've been getting.  I am most grateful to folks who are sufficiently moved, and take the time, to send notes to me.  It is quite edifying to see that so many good people have taken an interest in my musings.  I hope that I can continue to inform and entertain on a regular basis, as we cast a wary eye from over here on the Far Side.

In closing, I would like to encourage readers to take a look at the links I have up in the right-hand column, especially UrbanSurvival and HalfPastHuman.  You can also find an archive of past articles over the past year covering a range of topics.  Also, one of these days, I'm actually going to bring the eBay store on-line, where you will be able to buy Indonesian arts and crafts, as well as gold and silver produced locally.  My wife and I are slowly setting up go and reputable suppliers for everything.

From all of us here at LFSWHQ, a heart-felt thanks for your letters, your readership and your support.  Happy Enlightenment Day and hati-hati di jalan.  And always remember, sayap-sayap patah terbang kembali.

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