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A Public Service Announcement

David Dewhurst, Traitor
As a service to our readers, we want to show the world the face of a traitorous, slime-sucking piece of weasel shit.  His name is David Dewhurst, and he is the Lt. Governor of Texas, and if he was drowning in front of us, we'd have a hard time deciding to save him or throw him a rock.

This smelly blob of human refuse does not deserve to call himself a Texan.  In fact, the only appropriate fate for him would be to get tarred and feathered, then clapped in stocks on the grounds of the Texas capital facing the monument to the heroes.

Dewhurst is a former CIA slime-ball whose job it was to take down foreign governments.  He worked with infamous Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Leon, whose Nazi resume can be found readily on your favorite search engine.

This wad of carpet-bagging, globalist trash brazenly committed several crimes in full view of the Texas people on the floor of the Texas Senate.  We're ashamed that our photo hangs on the wall of that very chamber, where we spent many hours of our formative years learning about politics and watching historic events while sitting at our father's desk for Senate District 15.  Even Ben Barnes in his heyday couldn't have conceived of doing what this sad excuse for a useless eater did.

Look closely at this photo.  You will want to recognize the face of US imperialism.

In case you are lost, let us fill you in a bit.

Started by George W. Shrub, and continued under the CIA impant Obama, the US is being overrun by a yellow-shirted bunch of moronic Gestapo-wanna-bes called TSA.  These slimy mental midgets, who couldn't get jobs as Wally Mart greeters, infest airports, train stations and high school proms, sexually assaulting men, women and children who want to commit the horrible crime of traveling.

Heeding the outcry of real Texans, the valiant and heroic Texas House of Representatives passed (without a single 'no' vote) a bill to outlaw the already illegal actions of the TSA scum.  While publicly mouthing words like "support," Dewhurst was secretly arm-twisting Senators behind the scenes to serve his Master and Fuerer in the Feral Gummint.  The bill, which began with 30 of 31 votes when it entered the Senate.

Dewhurst killed the bill before it could come to a vote.  On top of that, the US Feral Gummint threatened to shut down all air traffic into and out of Texas if the bill was passed.

That threat, whether real or, more likely, just hot air, is in fact the EXACT same thing the British did in the 1700s, the the Unionist bastards did at Charlottesville, SC, which precipitated the War of Yankee Agression. That threat IS economic terrorism, plain and simple.

Let's say that again...the message threatening the 23 million people of Texas sent to the Texas Legislature by US Attorneys General was an ACT OF TERRORISM.  It was a domestic version of the infamous 'economic sanctions' that the US empire uses against anyone who doesn't bow and scrape to their every whim.

The US Feral Gummint has committed an outright ACT OF TERRORISM against the people of Texas.  The imperial boot-licker known as David Dewhurst aided and abetted this ACT OF TERRORISM against the people of Texas.

If ever there was an argument that proves the case for Texas independence, this is it.  In fact, if you are interested in fighting TERRORISM and STATE SPONSORS of TERRORISM, you might want to click over to the Texas Nationalist Movement.  We're sure they can use all the support they can get, which should be easy about now.

It's Travis' line in the sand.  It's Goliad.  It's the Alamo.  It's San Jacinto.  Time to put an end to US TERRORISM, at home and abroad.

Oh, and if you're one of those folks who thinks the TSA actually protects you from anything, why not ask all the people whose lives have been destroyed by tornadoes and floods in the past month how much help the TSA was to them.  Why not ask how much Fukushima radiation the TSA has stopped.  Ask how many REAL terrorists the TSA has actually stopped.

Warning: Don't send an email to us asking how we REALLY feel.  You'll just get an obscenity-laced tirade.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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