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Futrure Past

Ah...end of the month, pay day, the bar and apothecary are restocked, the pain is subsiding, and we're ready to file a dispatch from the Far Side.

Today is a useless day.  See, we've already lived it.  All those quarter days that we used for the past four years?  Well, they threw an extra day in this month to cover them.  So this is literally a used day.  You already got the time, now you have to do it.  Twenty twelve resumes tomorrow...with a bang.

Thank God the bar is restocked!  Not only have we found one of the first 'liquor stores" in Jakarta, they sell Gilbey's products distilled in Bali, so they're half the price of imports.  See, in Indonesia, they put a 100% luxury tax on things like booze, which I consider a necessity, but the locals don't see it that way.  Anyway, things like Tanqueray gin cost $70, but Gilbey's homebrew run about $35.  My house is like a Henry Ford Model can have any color, as long as it's black.  Here, you can have any booze, as long as it's Gilbey's.  I have made a life-long habit out of paying as little tax as I can get away with.

I also like to end sentences with a preposition, because I can.  People who make a living as writers/editors/teachers are allowed to do that sort of thing.  You aren't.  Well, except maybe on 'throw-away day'.  Today is 'throw-away day'.

Friday isn't.  Fridau is Texas Independece Day, and that is a solemn holiday in my house, doesn't matter where I live.  On Friday, we'll have a special update to commemorate my ancestors who died to make a people free.  Screw the Feds and Carpetbaggers (Bush family) who came and stole it.  Thanks Prez Polk.  Hope your grave is full of worms.


The gin and tonics are going down smooth.  The knee pain, which has been my constant companion for 20-some-odd years, is subsiding.  Damn it all...we won't be put down!  Thars work to be done here.

What can we say about a throw-away day?  Scanning the headlines, gold is up, dollar is down, rupiah is trash, the Middle East is stompin' grounds, antiquities are toys for the reesh, and cats still think they are superior to humans.

If you were born today in 1960, you're only 13 years old.  What a great thing to be born on a left-over day!  Every thing you have a birthday, they hold olympics and presidencial elections to celebrate.

At any rate, we try to post one article every other day...on average.  So, this one is a bonus.  Take it and enoy it for what it is...

What were you expecting when you came here?  Wisom?  The answers to Life, the Universe and Everything?  well what you got was nothing.  Just another drunk rambling posted to the world, just like Christopher Hitchins.  Only we're a lot more itelligent than he ever was.

Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may be Pippin.  Hahahaha!

Remember the old Freddy Fender classic/?  Wasted days and wasted nights...  Well, welcome to wasted days.  We're just marking time until the world changes for the...better?  We shall see.

Catch ya on the other side....

As they say in Indonesian, "Ya udah!"

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