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Shooting Putty At The Moon

As regular readers around here know, we're usually well ahead of the curve on most news stories.  It's almost like some group reads my stuff then goes out and makes the news from it.  Kind of spooky, really.

At any rate, we spotted the FONY 2012 video for what it was, and two days later, the director is caught shooting putty at the Moon and babbling incoherently.  What is points up immediately is that the video wasn't some guys backyard project with his genius son.  It was a full-blown effort at mass manipulation.  As I said, that kind of production value ain't cheap.

The arresting police suspect that he was 'on something,' which would also not be surprising.  In fact, the Hollywood/media cabal are know to be a hotbed of drugs, and there's good reason for it.  They are all liars.  The ones with consciences end up twisting off, like the poor FONY fellow.  Others get lost in their imaginary worlds, completely devoid of contact with the 'common' reality.

I was reminded of Mel Gibson's drunken tirade, as I read about the FONY director.  The Hollywood/media set use alcohol and drugs to try to quiet their guilt at having created monsters.  In fact, if you go read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, you'll find that Viktor experiences the same thing.  The trigger is not having created monstrous bullshit, it's the moment it takes off and people start believing it and acting on it en mass.  That;s when the guilt goes into high gear.

Actors are hired liars.  They start off with high ideals of bringing literature to life.  They study techniques and methods.  They follow the example of the greats.  But after a while, especially if they experience any fame at it, their minds start gnawing at them.  They lose touch with who and what they really are and start believing the hype.  The next thing you know, they're gulping down booze and pills to chase the gobblins of reality go away.

The unlucky, or is it lucky, ones end up in public displays like the director of FONY.  If I've seen it once, I've seen it a hundred times.

The question is, what do we do about all the poor kids who believed this monstrous lie?  They were the ones who picked it up first on Facebook, and to who the video was geared.  If we are careful, we can use this as a teaching guide for the young ones, to let them know that they should never take anything in the media as real.  Use it for entertainment, OK.  But never believe a single word, sound or image that comes across the net, the cable or the airwaves.  This incident could work to our advatnage, if we act fast and carefully, before the spin doctors have time to figure this all out.  Like the brain damaged drunken lone gang of soldiers in Afghanistan.

On a completely different note...

Obama supposedly signed martial law into effect with his latest executive order covering National Resources Defense Preparedness.  I know this is going to come as a shock to most Americans, but you've been under Martial Law for 160 years.  Old Abe Lincoln issued General Orders 100 at the height of the War of Yankee Aggression, which effectively cancelled the Constitution and made every citizen an enemy of the State.  It's been renewed every year since by an on-going state of emergency, such as the one currently sweeping the US for the past 11 years.

Of course, I don't expect you to believe me, but unlike my normal modus operendi, I went and rounded up the links for you all in one tidy package.  There's not a single living American who has ever been free in their entire lives.  Burst that bubble, didn't we?

The problem with learning about General Order 100 is that it will put you in the same position as the director of FONY 2012: you will have to come to grips with the fact that everything you know is a lie, or you will end up in a drunken rage shooting putty at the Moon.  It's a tough choice.  You may just want to live out your life in blissful ignorance, because YES, the Truth will set you free, but it usually does so in a dramatic and not always controllable way.

Remember Brooks in Shawshank Redemption?  After spending most of your life in an institution, you tend to get used to the bars.  Once the walls are gone, it's a scary and lonely feeling.  Staring into the void is its own special kind of Hell.  You want others to stare at it with you, to keep you company and talk you down.  Ultimately, it is a solitary experience, even when a thousand people are sitting with you.  Just ask Mr. FONY.

So, if there's a theme to today's column, it is as Richard Hoagland regularly says, "The lie is different at every level."  Our job is a simple choice, to look or not to look.  Both have rather far reaching consequences.

In the end, the FONY director is a tragic character.  He was in the impossible position of knowing he had promulgated a massive lie, yet trying to sit back and enjoy the nice pay check it brought.  I've been there, and I've shot putty at the Moon trying to work through it.  Fortunately, I was in a magic circle deep in the New Mexico wilderness when I twisted off.  I made it through.  It was the bob-cat that did it, but that's another story.

So, as usual around here, we come down to the Red Pill or the Blue Pill.  Really try to get in the head of Neo when he first wakes up.  One day, he's a corporate drone, the next he's in a mechanistic Hell covered in Moon putty.  If you achieve true empathy with that scene, you'll start to get a sense of what's in store.

Meanwhile, Mr. FONY is going to be institutionalized and punished for his 'crime'.  The thing is, it will never come out that the real crime was what was done to him.  The media use up people like that.  If they flame out, they are blacklisted and life goes on.  If they managed to live with the cognitive dissonance, then they are richly paid and sought after.  Every time you flip on the TeeVee or watch a movie, you are enjoying the work of people who have effectively slayed their consciences.  Enjoy!

Granted it's a day late, but there's always time for the Sunday Funnies!  Amos and Andy is right up there with Fibber Magee and Molly and Inner Sanctum on my list of favorite radio shows.  This episode marks their transition from radio to serials.  The funny thing is, the radio actors were white, so they had to cast all new actors for the films.  It shows that the Lie has always been there.  At least the ancient Greeks wore masks so everyone knew it was a lie.

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