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Uncle Fraud And Aunt Perfidy

Must have been too quiet over there in Afghanistan.  Either that, or the US wasn't ready to go home and needed more excuses to stick around and bomb caves and goat herders.

First, it was the Koran burning incident.  Now, think about it.  If they had put the books in a bag and taken them to the dump and burned them with the weekly trash pile-up, no one would have been the wiser.  Instead, it was done in such a way as to make worldwide headlines.  Obviously, this was an intentional act of provocation.

But it didn't stir up enough backlash.

So, a soldier is ordered to go out and mow down some women and children in their homes.  That seems to be doing the trick.  It has stirred up a hornet's nest over there.  Of course, the completely screw-ball excuse being floated is that the man had a 'brain injury'.  First question: why is he still there and not at the military hosptal in Germany?  Second question: if he had a brain injury, why was he issued a weapon and allowed to leave base with a loaded weapon?  Third question: why is the US hell-bent on making as many enemies as it can, especially amongst Muslims?

Obvious conclusions: the US is the real terrorist organization, and it ain't finished cremating the Middle East yet.

The whole troop withdrawal thing was nothing more than an election year ploy, and by stirring up fresh hatred and opposition, they can justify keeping boots on the ground and still get the propaganda boost of being ready to come home.  What a farce.

In fact, there are a lot of farces going around these days.  The whole KONY 2012 (link intentional not given) thing reeks of psy-op.  I managed to choke down about 8 minutes of it before I had to cut it off.  This is so plainly an attempt to stir up 'invade Africa' sentiment that I can hardly believe anyone is falling for it.

China has spent the last ten years, while the US was dipping Iraqi fingers in purple ink, winning hearts and mines (sic) across the Dark Continent.  Unlike the West, which has used deceit and subterfuge to literally steal the mineral wealth of Africa, the Chinese have been trading roads, bridges and power plants for energy, rare earth and timber.  Naturally, the local folk are gravitating towards them, and the West needs an excuse to do what it does best...bomb, slay and put an end to the Oriental Express.

The whole KONY thing just drips with one of those slick 'save the children' tear-jerkers with Archie Bunker's daughter, only instead of ostensibly feeding kids, the goal is to bomb them for financial gain.  Yup, when I see a slick 30-minute video with high production value that runs about $50k to $100k to produce, my spidey-sense starts a-twitchin'.

Then there's the whole Bammy farce.  Sheriff Joe found probably cause for outright fraud and forgery of government documents that supposedly establish the man's identity.  LapDog Media response?  s-i-l-e-n-c-e  But don't worry, at least Pravda picked up the story.  And what does Pravda mean in English?  Oh yeah, "truth".

But hey, give the man a break.  He's been busy justifying killing and secretly detaining American citizens, stirring up fresh fighting in Afghanistan, and finding ways to keep gasoline prices down for the wage slaves at home.

The one thing that I've really been keeping an eye on though is Ron Paul.  Oh sure, everyone has written him off and the media have redoubled their efforts to ignore him, but I think a lot of folks are going to be surprised come the Convention.

See, Paul learned something from my dad.  Dad had a plan to run for prez one day, if Nixon hadn't killed his dream.  He knew that the primary voting was just window dressing.  All the hype and hollering is nothing more than a popularity contest, and means absolutely nothing in the end.

The key is getting delegates, and that is done in the caucuses.  I'll use my native Texas as an example.  During the day, folks go to the polls and pull the lever (or tap the screen now) and that tallies up how everyone feels, but does not select a single delegate.  That part is done after the polls close and the two or three people who know about it show up to choose delegates to the precinct convention.  At that convention, they select delegates to the district convention.  At that event, they select delegates to the state convention.  At that level they select delegates to the national convention.  At the national convention, they nominate the candidate.

Newtneyrum can win every vote in Texas, all three or four million of them, and not get a single delegate.  The media and Newtneyrun are blindly focused on the popularity contest, but Paul is focused on the caucuses.  His supporters are packing the caucuses and making sure the true believers are sent to each level of the convention process.  He could conceivably sweep the national convention without ever having won a single state popularity contest.

That's what happens when people believe the bullshit that America is a democracy and not a republic.  That's also why they stopped teaching civics in high school and no one ever talks about the real election process.  Ignorance elects idiots.

The fraud is at every level and everywhere.  And right about now, it is particularly thick and sticky.  Why, just yesterday, Drudge had a headline: Tel Aviv in ruins after Iran attacked.  If you look at the words, it implies that it had already happened.  I even got fooled into clicking.  Turned out to be a Mossad hit piece, but banner headlines like that are pure fraud, plain and simple.  Not that one should be surprised when the Mossad is involved.  They can't even find their ass with both hands when it comes to truth.

One must be extra careful in filtering the news.  It's best to read several international rags and compare stories.  I'm figuring that the average of 5 or 6 rags from each continent is about as close to truth as we're ever likely to get.  To facilitate your efforts, check out  And watch out for any publications with the words "Times" or "Herald Tribune" in it.  Most likely pure, unadulterated, no artificial coloring bullshit.

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