Here Thar Be Monsters!

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Agents Gone Wild!

I'm going to go way out on a limb here and call the US election three weeks early.  Here matter who wins, we all lose.  I'm willing to bet good money that I'm right, too.

Doesn't really matter though.  The US government is in deep trouble and it's starting to show openly.  The most recent 'tell' is a poor, dumb patsy named Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis.  In case you don't recognize the name, he's the guy who was arrested for trying to blow up the Federal Reserve with a fake bomb that the FBI gave him.

Why is this a 'tell'?  Because when governments become so useless as to be ignored and reviled by pretty much everyone, they start attacking themselves to make us believe that someone still takes them seriously.

The image we should have firmly in mind here is the hilarious scene in "Liar Liar" where Jim Carrey beats himself up.  In fact, the US government has become such a joke that it must set up delusional college kids as would-be bombers in order to get people to rally 'round the flag. didn't work.  No one cared.  In fact, secretly, most people were wishing the poor sap had succeeded.  The plot was so...ahem...transparent that even the most die-hard fascists could see right through it.

Quazi (Moto?) is a doe-eyed student from Bangladesh who was given a visa by the government, then 'recruited' by undercover government agents, who worked hard to convince this guy that he was very important to "al-Qaeda".  He was then brainwashed into thinking a bunch of putty and wires in a box, that were furnished by government agents, were a powerful bomb, and that he...Quazi...would be a great hero to the cause when he blew up the Federal Reserve.  Never mind there are 12 Reserve banks across the country and blowing up one of them hardly puts a crimp in the system.

So here we have homeland 'security' creating terror plots to justify its bloated bureaucracy.  We have the CIA importing drugs so the DEA can bust them to justify its swollen budget.  We have the BATF giving guns to Mexican criminals so it can justify its useless ranks.  We have the US State department riling up Muslim countries to justify the obscene military expenditures and military interventionism.  We have the NSA cyber-attacking itself to justify the massive Big Brother surveillance apparatus.

About the only government agency that isn't creating its own problems is the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is busily lying its pants off to cover up a real problem and keep the current batch of chosen criminals in office.

In the end, what the world is saddled with is a multi-trillion dollar pink elephant that has so little to do it must brainwash 21-year-old Bangladeshi students into thinking they can actually have an effect on the global problem with a fake bomb plot against the Federal Reserve.

Oh, let's not forget that this helps legitimize the Federal Reserve by making it seem important enough to actually bomb.  Frankly, its such a useless institution that bombing it would be a waste of good explosives.  I mean, this story sounds like a rejected plot from "24", or something.

It's getting to the point where the US government is so desperate for someone to take it seriously that it will actually have to inflict damage on itself to get anyone's attention.  By inflicting damage, I mean more than just the usual Keystone Kops routine that passes for governance in Washington D.C. these days.

The scary part is that this is the point where governments get really dangerous.  More than usual, that is.  When governments find themselves becoming irrelevant, they set about manufacturing reasons to take them seriously.  And the more irrelevant they become, the more spectacular the events they manufacture.

It's a lot like the behavior of your average 2-year-old.  As a child ages, the people around them pay less and less special attention to them.  At some point, the child lashes out in a series of tantrums in order to get adults to refocus.  The tantrums tend to escalate over time until they reach the threshold of adult tolerance.  And this is the point at which we find the US government.

Having run rough-shod over the world for the past 70 years, it now finds itself out of date and unimportant to contemporary global concerns.  Like any institution, the large it grows, the more calcified it becomes, and thus the less willing and able it is to change.  No longer lean and lithe, the US government has become its own worst enemy.  It can no longer adapt because any little change upsets the myriad fiefdoms that now dominate the internal structure.

In a land were jobs are just a little tight right now, who wants to lose their cushy pay check, three-weeks' paid vacation, life/health/vision/dental insurance, and a much-better-than-average pension after 20 years of warming a chair?  In a situaltion like this, government agencies will do, and are doing anything to keep the circus rolling, no matter how ludicrous or destructive it is to the rest of the world.

Why do you think so many politicians are multi-generational blood suckers, including the Romneys, the Pauls, the Bushes, the Roosevelts, heck even the Adamses way back at the beginning.

You know, if I were Quazi's defense attorney (assuming he isn't whisked off to Guantanamo without trial), I would argue that my client was de facto deputized as a government agent, acting on behalf of the US government on a government-sanctioned operation.  In fact, my client was specifically recruited and supplied by government agents, so to indict my client is to indict the US government.  Thus, under Title 18 USC, militia code, my client is innocent on the grounds that he was assisting a government investigation into the activities of terrorists among the ranks of the FBI.  I would even call the various heads of the appropriate agencies to testify.

It won't happen, of course.  The guy will plead innocent on the grounds of entrapment and the jury will find him guilty and he'll rot in prison without a real hearing on the matter.

And hey!  All those useless eaters with badges can say they're doing their jobs to keep America "safe".

Such a deal!
This is a prime example of the idiots defending America...