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Everything Old Is New Again

Reader Note:  Beware!  There's a new email hack going around.  I got hit for the first time in my life, so that should say something about it.  Usually, these weasel shits come with no subject, 100 names in the CC box and only a link in the body text.  This little gem mails each person in your contact list individually, takes the first name from your account and the target account, then sends a couple of lines about "hey XXXX, check this out", along with a link.  Looked all official and legit until I clicked it.  If I even meet one of the low-life scum who start these things, I will castrate them and serve Rocky Mountain oysters for dinner.

So, with business out of the way, what shall we talk about?  How about fascism?

Lincoln with fasces
I just have to laugh at all the numbnuts out there who are jumping up and down hollering about how America is slipping further and further into fascism.  Excuse me, but...


I know this is going to be news for a lot of folks, but America has been a fascist state since the moment of it's inception.  I mean, let's just set aside the fact that Americans committed wholesale slaughter, fraud and theft against the North American aboriginal peoples.  Let's forget that it was American-flagged ships that brought,  slaves to North America.  Let's even forget that the word "People" is capitalized in the Constitution, indicating that it is a specially defined term and not the common word we use in our daily speech.

There's plenty of other evidence.

But first, let's define our terms.  Fascism is fundamentally tied to Corporatism, of which Wikipedia
 tells us is, "Corporatism, also known as corporativism has more than one meaning. It may refer to political, or social organization that involves association of the people of society into corporate groups, such as agricultural, business, ethnic, labour, military, patronage, or scientific affiliations, on the basis of common interests."

In other words, fascism is the unholy marriage of corporate interests with the power of the State, which creates oppressive authoritarian regimes.  Corporations are heartless, soulless creations of law that can only act in their own best interests (profit), which is in contrast to the ideal government as a spontaneous organic servant of a group of people acting in their own collective interests (justice).

Sprinkle liberally with blind nationalism, jingoism and extreme intolerance, and you have all of American history in a nutshell.

Circumstantial, you say?  Hang gets better.

Flag of the East India Co. ca. A.D.1600
You know those red and white stripes on the American flag?  Those are the unmistakable symbol of the British East India Company (BEIC).  The BEIC was chartered by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600, and the company became fabulously wealthy trading spices and other commodities from India and Southeast Asia.  The company's flag looked remarkably like the American flag with the Union Jack in place of the blue field of stars.

Thus, the American flag, in essence, represents a division or subsidiary corporation of the larger holding company.  Old Glory quite literally is a company flag, and since it is the symbol of a nation being supposedly an organic creation of people acting in concert, then by definition America is a fascist State.

To see further symbolic proof of this unholy marriage of corporate and government power, we need look no further than the US House of Representatives.  There, on the wall behind the podium, and framing all the proceedings of the People's House, are two giant fasces.

For those unfamiliar with the facses (origin of the word fascism), the symbol is a bundle of sticks bound together with a cord and having an axe-head protruding from the top.  It is a classic Roman symbol denoting the projection of power from tightly bound and disparate groups of people.  There is an inherent implication of force/bondage and bellicosity in the symbol.

So, America uses a flag demonstrating that it is a corporate subdivision of the BEIC, and it has the classic symbol of fascism adorning its legislative house, and the nation has historically behaved in a manner identifiable as fascist but you are still not conviced.

According to a number of researchers, including Frank O'Collins and Santo Bonacci, "these united States" were incorporated in the Vatican in the late 1800s as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  The federal government of America is, by every legal definition, a corporation.  It is an artificial 'person' constituted under Canon Law and behaving as if it were an organic institution.

Still not convinced?

Prior to World War 2, the US was a primary supporter of the Nazis and brown shirts.  The US financier class gave money and materiel to the Nazi cause and openly supported the anti-Communist Nazis.  The Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations, along with notable individuals such as Prescott Bush, made no secret of their pro-fascist leanings.

Concepts such as genetic and racial purity, and euthanasia, commonly associated with the Nazis, originated in America.  In the 1920s and 30s, there were strong movements to sterilize groups and individuals under color of law that didn't fit the American self-image.  These groups included the mentally and physically unfit, or those with criminal tendencies.  Eugenics is tied deeply to American exceptionalism and fascism.

And to just put a fine point on it, US agencies like the CIA and NASA were thinly disguised Nazi fronts.  General Reinhard Gehlen and Major Werner von Braun (among dozens of other Nazis) were given safe haven in America and have had a profound effect on that country into the 21st century.

From its inception until today, the US has been and continues to be a fascist state by every definition of the term.  The country employs openly fascist symbols, is bellicose and jingoistic, is authoritarian in every respect, and has a history of fascist leanings and causes.

Some might point to Obama and 'multi-culturalism' as signs that the fascist influence is waning, but I propose that there are little more than window dressing to placate various socialist elements in the country while a full and open fascist agenda is pursued.  Even with the election of Obama, the US continues to prosecute wars on countries without significant white populations.  In fact, since WW2, the US has not attacked a single nation with a predominantly white population belying an ongoing policy of racial purity at the highest levels of government.

Based on these facts, and many more only touched on here, I submit that the government of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is now and always has been a fascist state by every definition of the term.  For those hysterically waving their arms crying, "America is becoming a fascist state," I say they are a couple of centuries too late.  What America is becoming is an openly authoritarian police state, but even that designation is a natural outcropping of the nation's long history of fascism.

Roman eagle, laurels and fasces
Furthermore, if you want to find nations today that are founded in and guided by fascist ideology, you have only to look for red and white stripes (BEIC) and eagle symbols in their national identities.  What you will find is that fascism is not a 20th century phenomenon, but rather a centuries-old concept of corporate power masquerading as legitimate government based on a medieval concept developed by the Roman Church that states collections of humans can constitute a corporate entity that acts in every way like an individual, or 'person'.

A thereby hangs a long and frightening history, one which few people will openly investigate and even fewer will acknowledge.  In fact, fascism is a legal and philosophical concept that dates back to the Roman Empire, and the US is only the most recent and successful manifestation of a very old idea.

In order to change it, we must first acknowledge what it is and where it comes from.  Otherwise, we are doomed to treating the symptom while leaving the disease to fester.

And here you thought Washington D.C.'s Romanesque architecture was just because it looked cool.