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INTERVIEW - Paul Craig Roberts on Radio Far Side

Changing alliances, parallel financial systems, the emerging BRICS nations, Vladimir Putin leader of the free world, the collapse of the Anglo-American empire.  All this and much, much more on this installment of Radio Far Side.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has been Asst. Secretary of the US Treasury, editor for Business Week and the Wall Street Journal, a syndicated columnist, and member of the Cato Institute.  He has written numerous books on economics and politics and has a worldwide audience for his regular online columns.

Dr. Robers joins Radio Far Side to discuss the sobering but fascinating trends in global events.  From the fall of the dollar to the rise of Russia and China, we explore the Mid-East wars, Germany's next moves, the use of NATO to start a new Cold War, and the deep claws of the Military-Industrial Complex.  Where does Indonesia stand in all this?  What are the likely outcomes of current events over the next few months, and what of the American people caught between opposing allegiances?

Join us for an hour with one of the most respected commentators on economic issues.

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