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Triumph Of Form Over Function

I have been convinced for years that governments - all of them everywhere - are nothing but a collection of blithering idiots.

Take as an example O'Bammie's recent statement that raising the debt ceiling does not increase the debt.  Sure, old boy.  Just like giving a pyromaniac a can of gasoline and a box of matches does not start a fire, but it sure helps.

Need more examples?  Indonesia's had a good run of them lately.  For instance, the national government handed the governor of DKI Jakarta an ultimatum to do something about the chronic congestion on the roads.  Then it goes and offers incentives, like reduced taxes and much lower prices, to encourage folks to buy 'green' cars.  That means that a lot of folks who currently use motorcycles will be more likely to buy a car, thus increasing the already unsupportable number of cars on the roads.  Yup, there's a fine bit of thinking for you.

How about this one?  The government here has severely cut back on fuel subsidies, meaning gas prices nearly doubled.  At the same time, the government increased the minimum wage and certain taxes.  Then, they all  were gobsmacked when double-digit inflation showed up.  What a bunch of maroons.

Just like in the US, when the supreme queen of idiots, Dianne Feinstein, starts hopping up and down about gun control, the sales of guns skyrocket.

And let's not forget the repeal of the Glass-Stegel Act.  Yup, take the shackles off the bunch of bastards that brought the world the Great Depression and what do you get?  The Greater Depression.  Duh.

It is apparent that in order to get a government job, you must have an IQ somewhere in the range of Arctic winter temperatures.  Like we 'uns says down in Texas, "When the Legislature is in session, even the sheep ain't safe."  Of course, Mark Twain said it most succinctly, "Suppose you were and idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress...but I repeat myself."

Governments excel at one thing...making rules about what happened yesterday.  When it comes to today, much less tomorrow, they haven't got a bloody clue.

So why do people submit to organizations that are not only clueless and downright silly, but in many cases, detrimental to the well-being of those under them?  There is only one simple answer: religion.

Yep, we've been indoctrinated since birth to offer blind obedience to 'authority', whether that is government or religion, or both in most cases.  When you think about it, they all involve some sort of central document (holy book or constitution), which is interpreted by a select few (high courts) and implemented by legions of true believers (elected officials and bureaucrats).  In fact, there seems to have been a massive effort beginning around 300 years ago to get rid of royalty and install constitutional governments.  Why?

Because a king/queen is a single person who has absolute authority to make and interpret laws.  There's no room in that system for such things as banksters and lawyers.    All power is vested in a bloodline and can't be controlled - at least not easily.

However, if you can wrest control away from a dynasty and put it in the hands of a document, then a) you can control who gets elected, and b) how those elected bumbleheads interpret the document.  That kind of system is prime hunting grounds for those with a lot of money wanting to buy and exert influence over the masses.

In other words, the whole Western religious and political paradigm is designed to give a tremendous amount of power to a very few people through the use of 'sacred' documents and an elite who are empowered to interpret those documents.  Nifty little trick, if you can pull it off.  And not only that, by controlling both religious and secular power, you can so indoctrinate the masses that they would be completely unable to think of any other way of doing things.  Besides, even if they tried to question the system, they could be branded as heretics and ostracized at the very minimum, or burned at the stake in many cases.

All the levers of control are vested in two documents: a holy book and a constitution.  The right and ability to interpret those documents rests in the hands of a select few, who can not be challenged unless you want to be branded a heretic.  And the elite and interpret and enforce the rules as they see fit, mutating over time to fit any need or situation, while never giving up control.

What a great system!  If you're the elite, that is.

There's one chink in the armor, though.  In order to maintain their system unchallenged, the elite have embarked on a centuries-long campaign to dumb the masses down to the point where they are incapable of formulating an argument.  And that's their problem.

If you look around at countries like the US, the up and coming generation is so stupid, so clueless, so doped that they can't even run the apparati of society.  Their knowledge of computers is limited to vacuous chats on social media.  Their ability to do things like repair a car, much less build a house, is gone.  They are without clue, without history, without critical thought.  The elite have achieved their dream of perfect sheep.  And that will be their downfall.

Countries where the culture still pushes science, math and discipline will inherit the Earth, since the nations of stupidity will hardly be able to mount a challenge.  The elite have shot themselves in the foot.  They wanted unquestioning zombie followers, not thinking that those followers should be at least smart enough to maintain the machinery, much less innovate.

No wonder the US is practically eradicating its immigration controls.  It desperately needs someone with intelligence to step in and take over.  They have created a society incapable of doing anything but accepting hand-outs, and those can only be supported by some amount of society actually producing something.


Shows you what inbreeding gets you.

So next time you wander into the church/mosque/synagogue, think about the system of control behind the religious veil, and more importantly, how that system is rubber-stamped across all aspects of society.  No, the problem is not belief in God.  The problem is belief in a book instead of God.  Once you can shift authority away from an all-powerful being to a book, then you empower an elite to tell you what that book means.

Now back to you menial labor, slave.