Here Thar Be Monsters!

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Pick A Vlad, Any Vlad

Oh man, we humans are so FumBucked.

Just to put a fine point on how nutz the world is these days, Vlad Putin is being pushed for a Nobel Peace Prize.  Now that in itself is not so crazy, but his name comes up because he stopped a Nobel Peace Laureate from prosecuting a war on Syria.

We are so screwed.

Most of the insanity is coming out of America today.  World War 2 vets are catching flack for assembling at the World War 2 monument in DC.  If you think this is something new, then you should read up on the Bonus Army.  Keep in mind that then-Majors Patton and Eisenhower were riding through the protesters hacking and slaying with their swords.  Now they just use microwaves.  So much cleaner and doesn't provide unseemly photo ops.

More fun?  Just as full-blown socialism arrives in America (Obamacare), the country crashes and burns.  No wonder a dozen countries all want their gold back.  There may not be anyone to load it pretty soon.

One good thing about the government shut-down...the US won't be invading any countries for several days.  One bad thing...if it goes on too long, old Bammy might just start exercising Emergency Executive Powers and finding it much easier to operate without that silly old Congress in the way.  Remember some guy names Hitler?

This is likely the beginning of the end of the Anglo-American empire.  The country is already in receivership - euphemistically called sequestation (note definitions 3 and 4).

As the London Telegraph notes, this is no way to run a country.  Of course, being stupid hasn't stopped the polidiots yet, and London has little room to talk on the subject.

At any rate, these events will likely, and may already be causing a crisis of confidence in US bonds.  Even more to the point, Russia and China may be holding US by the short and curlies with the threat of a mass sell-off of US debt instruments, which is at the root of all this mess.

We shouldn't be surprised if Germany, Venezuela, Finland, Poland, Romania, and a number of others start getting very cozy with the BRICS alliance.  Furthermore, we should look for Russia and China to kick their efforts to establish a seperate system of finance into high gear.  They've got to get their safety net in place before the last few threads break under the Evil Empire's behind.

What's a real head-slapper here is that the more we see, the more Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was right.  He said many pressient things, but the one that stands out just now is, "The Capitalists will sell us the rope by which we will hang them."

The US sold its soul to Russia and China thinking that by owning piles and piles of US debt, they would never stand up to Anglo-American hegemony.  The neo-whatevers apparently never considered that the transfer of wealth and manufacturing to points east, as well as the decades-long effort to completely destroy family cohesiveness and educational excellence at home have completely destroyed capitalism and the empire in one fell swoop.

The Capitalists not only sold the rope, they tied the knot, found the tree, and stuck their head into the noose.  Lenin is stunned into a catatonic state just pondering how right he was.

Where to now?  Well, if you're in the US, you might want to get out.  If the collapse of Rome is any indication, that country will be no place to live pretty soon.  All those post-apocalyptic movies, like Mad Max and The Postman are probably mild compared to what's coming.

As one Texas politician put it some time back, "Rape is like the weather - if it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it."  Heck, if nothing else, we may get to see two Nobel Peace Laureates go to war against each other.

Won't that be entertaining...