Here Thar Be Monsters!

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Pity The Fool

It's axiomatic that the biggest, muscliest, most boneheaded macho guys are really very insecure about their manhood.  They compensate and attempt to hide their paranoia by spending long hours at the gym, getting in bar fights and generally trying to make themselves look and act fearsome.  Usually, they can be taken out with one good punch by anyone brave enough to stand up to the bluster.

With that in mind, we turn our gaze to Chicago and London.  Here we see two fine examples of just such insecurity.  In Chicago, the feral gummint has deployed shoot-to-kill orders, storm troopers and black helicopters (remember when folks were nuts to believe in those?).  In London, the impending Olympics have been surrounded with missile batteries, 007-type secret agents and Britain's biggest gun boat parked on the Thames.

If these aren't dead give-aways that the PTW are scared to death, then I can't imagine what would be.  You'd think that two countries who have poured thousands of lives and trillions of dollars into combating terrorism across the globe for the past decade would have nothing to fear.  So why throw all this hardware and planted media stories at a meeting of big, tough NATO and a symbolic event promoting world peace?

Because deep down inside, they're pissing in their pants, and they feel compelled to put on huge shows of power in order to intimidate the world.  It's the classic bully maneuver.  Try to scare everyone so they won't challenge your manhood, because deep down inside, you've got no game.

What could possibly be so terrifying (to them) that it justifies spending a combined $300 billion to protect a bunch of arm-chair generals and a sporting event?

After all, Usama bin Laden has been propagandized to death, supposedly the Taliban and al-Qaeda are disemboweled and on the run, victory has been declared in Iraq and noises are being made along those lines in Afghanistan.  Libya is in ruins.  Egypt is in chaos.  The Saudis are properly controlled.  Iran is a no-starter.  Who's the big baddie here?

Could it

When it comes down to it, that's the only possible enemy that is causing those big, bad bullies to crap in the jack-booted jodhpurs.  They are absolutely scared witless of Us, and the only thing they can think of doing is put on a massive show of firepower on the home turf.

What makes all this so incredibly pitiful is that both the US and Britain have been caught (most recently in Cleveland, OH) setting up false flag attacks on the Vaterland in order to justify all this bluster.  It's so absurd, yet so telling of the mindset behind all this.  One really has to pity such people who are so desperate as to attack themselves to prove that they are under attack.

In the US, they had the perfect plan.  They put up a fatally flawed Republican candidate who would have been easy to dispose of, what with the brewing financial scandals in his closet.  That would have left Obama the only choice come November, which is what they are so frantically trying to achieve.  But the Ron Paul phenomenon has slapped them upside the head.  They weren't prepared for the masses to take over the system and use it to their advantage.

Across Europe and in Britain, the same sentiments are being displayed.  In Greece, they recently threw out the equivalent of the RepubliDems.  In France, the far left robbed the halls of power from the far right.  In all cases, there's a strong undercurrent of anti-Israeli and anti-bankster sentiment.  BUT...

We the people aren't following the script.  We are supposed to give up and start shooting.  That would give them the impetus to do what they do best...bomb the hell out of everything.  Instead, we are using the their own system against them.  We are using their rules and their smoky backrooms and their precious control apparati, and turning it back on them.

Too many people are seeing through the veil now.  Great numbers of people have at least seen the rabbit hole and know it exists, even if they are afraid to tumble into it.  But we the people aren't playing according to their script.

They have been trying to push folks to open rebellion.  Unless we the people throw the first punch, they can't possibly justify the Big Slap-Down.  So they keep passing horrifying laws and creating ever more monkey-in-uniform agencies, and trashing the economies.  They are absolutely despondent that they can't get anyone to shoot at them.

They've spent decades putting the orders in place, building the internment camps and setting up Reichstag fires, doing anything they possibly can to push we the people into violent opposition.

Instead, we are voting and suing and ignoring their efforts.  We're like smart boxers dancing around, blythely forcing the champ to punch himself out before we land the winning left hook and walk away with the trophy.

And they can't stand it.

So they put on ever larger shows of force.  They cook up half-baked schemes to bomb bridges.  They squeeze our testicles a little harder at the airport.  Anything to get us to fight back.

The beauty of it is, if we the people keep this up, it will be their worst nightmare.  Our best weapons are pity and disdain.  All of their Grand Plans depend solely on our willingness to take it seriously.  If not, then they are exposed as the piteous little weasels they are: powerless, frightened, insecure.  If we continue to react in the least expected way, they will self-desctruct, unable to use the only real weapon they have - fear.

We the people are doing a great job, and it shows.  We are forcing their hand, not the other way around.  We are taking away their toys, like ballots and media and moral authority.  We need to continue with all haste.  We are winning now and we have to keep pushing the right buttons to keep them off balance.

Most importantly, we must maintain the moral superiority.  We can not initiate violence.  We are not compelled to obey immoral laws and orders.  And at all times, remember that these 'rulers' are pitiable creatures.

The saddest, most frightened people I have ever met are the richest.  Having everything, they have everything to lose.  They live out their lives haunted and motivated by the fear of not having what they think they own, of losing their perceived status and privilege.  And because they live every moment of their lives in terror, they try to bring all of us down to their level.

The only and best way to fight them is to take joy in showing up their weakness.  We shame them by happily NOT playing their game.  They only have status because they can force someone to bow to them.  Imagine how gauling it must be to them that we don't take them seriously.  Imagine how much more haunted they will be when they realize that we the people don't want what they have, and that we are not afraid of our shadows.

In the end, all this military crotch-grabbing is due to one simple fact - their power over we the people is fading.  All their best laid plans are coming to nothing.  The centuries of plotting and killing have been for nothing.  Think how sad that must be, and then show them the proper pity they deserve.  They are nothing but insecure bullies trying futilely to make us pay attention.  The poor little tykes.

They only lead because someone follows, and when we stop following, their kingdoms crumble.  For all the complexity and bluster, the answer is so simple.

For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost.