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In The Course Of Human Events

So, here I was, scanning the headlines from around the globe, as is my wont after a long day.  Suddenly, I got this overwhelming feeling that the Revolution has begun.

Some time back, I wrote about the feeling that we were all waiting on a Texas norther.  They blow though with a literal wall of blackness.  In front of them, it's hot and still.  Flies gather thick as blankets on the backs of cows.  The air is nearly malleable and hard to breathe.  It's fluid like oatmeal.

Then instantly, the sky turns yellow-green and the wind howls like a Wilhelm Scream.  The rain falls as if sprayed from fire hoses, and the wind carries is sideways.  The smell of ozone and a knife-like chill hit you like a slap upside the head.

That's what it feels like right now. 

I'm not sure what exactly is causing this feeling.  Maybe it's Sarkozy's slow-motion swift kick in the ass.  Maybe it's Ron Paul winning a new state every other day now, despite the LSM ignoring the tidal wave of Republican chairpersons and committees and delegates being caused by Paulian true believers.

Or could it be the long-anticipated armed troops in US neighborhoods?  Or that the Man O' Peace had to sneak into Afghanistan under cover of darkness to give a 15 minute speech on how he personally killed Usama bin Ladin...a man already dead for 10 years?  Or could it be Bolivia nationalizing the Spanish power grid?

Perhaps its the general sense of disgust almost everyone seems to be expressing against all governments everywhere.  Or NATO's invasion of Chicago.  It could be that someone was actually arrested for the BP slaughter of the Gulf of Mexico.  Or that Californians are starting to see radiation through the fog of Mother Nature.

Most likely, it is a combination of all these things.  It's like the moments before a tsunami.  The ocean disappears while across the horizon, a wall of water seems to be growing larger by the second.  Or a movie version of a boiler start to blow.  You see it puff up and the seams begin to pop and steam shoot out of every crook and cranny.

I really hard to get 7 billion people riled up all at once.  The used to call America the "sleeping giant".  They told us that in high school history.  Pearl Harbor woke the sleeping giant.  Well, it seems that something is stirring every human on the planet now.  You might have noticed how these color revolutions are starting to go the wrong way.  Seems that folks aren't happy with just changing butts in chairs anymore.  Now they want real, honest to God change...of Everything.

I guess when it comes right down to it, the feeling is coming from watching the whole Ron Paul ordeal.  No one was prepared for a large number of people who have figured out that the voting means absolutely nothing.  It's the smoke-filled back rooms where the real power is.

These people care absolutely nothing about voting and media and all the other mind-control techniques.  They've studied the problem for a long time and found the chink in the armor. 

Many of the American states have a two-tiered election process for president.  One tier is the actual lever-pulling vote, which hasn't meant of thing for decades.  It's just a circus for the media to make everyone think they were choosing candidates.

The action is in the second tier.  These are the caucuses that begin after the polls close.  Each precinct meets to choose delegates to the district convention, which meets to choose delegates to the state convention, which meets to choose delegates to the national convention, which chooses the candidate for president.  It's a month's long process and much too slow for the media or most couch potatoes.

The PTW have controlled, for all intents and purposes, the world because no one would get off their Blessed Assurances and go through the caucus system, other than the jerks who have run the country (and the world) into the dirt.

The Paulians are like the Occupy movement, except they aren't wasting their time on things like protests, which have no effect whatsoever.  Instead, they are taking over party committees and chairmanships.  They are storming the state party leaderships and implanting themselves in the positions where their efforts can actually change things.

See, Ron Paul isn't the real focus.  He's a rallying point to be sure, but this is a revolution of ideas.  The people he has activated want a change at the most fundamental levels of society.  It's not about butts in chairs.  For that, you can look at the empty campaigns of ObamaRomney.

Those latter two are just meat puppets.  They have no philosphies and believe in nothing but their own aggrandizement.  Obama is a complete fabrication, from his birth certificate to his 'memoir' girlfriend who never was.  Romney is a used car salesman who has chopped human beings up over a lunch deal and was sipping martinis in Martha's Vineyard by sundown.

Paul doesn't talk like a politician.  His ideas don't fit in a ten-second sound byte.  He doesn't present new curtains for the same old windows.  He's pumping deep, fundamental change.  Not more war, but a complete recall of the US military.  Instead of an endless precession of 'czars', a slashing of entire Cabinet-level departments.  Not just raising or lowering cash handouts to buy friends, but cutting off the free-flow crack altogether.  Not just massaging the Federal Reseave and 'monetary policy,' shutting the doors and sending the IRS packing.  Oh, and by golly, if watching all that go on makes you want to spark up, well by all means do so.

And it's not just America.  It's happening in Europe, where the PTW are trying desperately to steer everyone into one of the controlling parties, but people aren't buying it.  Greece will have elections shortly, and you can bet things will get a thorough dusting off.  France...ditto.  In Egypt, they still aren't done.  As soon as it looks like the same old jerks are taking over again, the people get right back out on the streets.  Syria.  Iraq,  Afghanistan.  China.  Vietnam.  Indonesia.  All over South America.

For those of us who have been watching and waiting for years to see this day, it is here.  The Revolution has begun.  It's not on the radar yet.  The media are doing their best to hide it and isolate the people of the world.  But the tides have shifted and they aren't going to stop now.  In fact, everything the PTW do from here on to stop the wave will only make it larger and more powerful.

It's not going to be fast, though in hindsight, it will have appeared to have swept the globe in minutes.  There's going to be a lot of pain.  No one will get to the other side without a story to tell.  The Paulians are a microcosm of what's going on across the entire planet.

You might want to get a better stance and grab onto something.  Texas northers are wild and exciting, but they aren't without the occasional property damage.

Folks have finally caught sight of the slaughter house and realized they've been following a Judas goat.