Here Thar Be Monsters!

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Puzzles, Riddles and Lunacy

UPDATE: Goro Adachi has just posted a new article that is especially poignant with regard to all the strange goings on these days.  Most people are blissfully unaware of the vast ritual being performed planet-wide right now.  Perhaps this article will help open you eyes just a bit.
Well, it's been a red letter week.  I got a evaluation summary from one of my classes, which included the comment, "The facilitator is very funny, and very attractive."  Though the comments are anonymous, I am forced to conclude that this individual is very intelligent and has extremely good taste, judging by the extant facts.

One is forced, in an overwrought world, to find a bit of silver lining wherever it presents itself.  Fortunately, that silver lining has yet to be found on my head.

Remember that great song by the Talking Heads called "Puzzling Evidence"?  You should put that on nice and loud while you read.

That said, how can we wrap up a week like this and put a tidy bow on it?  Scanning the week's headlines was such a head-slapper that I hardly know where to begin.  It's like one of those thousand-piece puzzles where all the pieces are the same color.  The one thing I really enjoy about those kinds of puzzles, though, is that you can appreciate the intricate linkages without being distracted by some lame landscape scene.

After months of touting and hand-wringing over the so-called 'iron shield' missile defense system proffered by US death merchants, it was announced that the system would be given to Israel, courtesy the American taxpayers.  Russia immediately launched a test flight of its ICBM designed to fly right through it.

Meanwhile, a year after Usama son of Laden was killed for the sixth time, the FAA has cleared the use of drones against Americans on their home turf.  In Montgomery, Texas (sad to say), they immediately began drawing up plans to arm the damn things.  At the same moment, Judge Napolitano stated that the first American to bring one of those 'Terminator' machines down would be a national hero.

HINT: a bow, an arrow and a coil of good-quality cable attached to the arrow.  Horizontal blade arrangements are very vulnerable.

Oh, here's a rich one...the Iranian navy lent aid to an American merchant ship attacked by pirates.  Yup, these are really nasty boogy men who need to have their country bombed into the Stone Age.

Amazingly, there was yet again no mention of Iceland in all the verbiage on the Eurozone crisis.  Hell, this little island of what?, 300,000 people, who were the test subjects of bankster love, have turned themselves around by simply throwing the bastards in jail and rebooting the banking system...withOUT the Euro-flop.  The nation is now debt-free and enjoying an economic resurgence using a publicly controlled currency issued by the state, which receives income from the minuscule interest rates charged on loans.  What an amazing idea!  Why didn't anyone think of that bef...oh, that's right.  That's the way it used to work.

Detroit, Michigan, once the proud poster child of American industry and ingenuity, it turning out the lights....literally.  They are shutting off street lighting to the outer fringes and trying to herd the handful of people still stuck there into smaller and smaller groups.  Henry Ford, the Dodge brothers and all the rest of those long-dead titans of industry must be rolling over in their unkept and unlit graves.

Not to leave Asia out of the head-slapping festival.  China's housing bubble is about to explode with a really big noise.  Seems it's hard to maintain housing prices for your expanding middle class when you have entire, spanking new cities still empty all over the place.  One note of hope, though.  When the spent fuel storage finally cuts loose at Fukushima, the entire nation of Japan will be evacuated.  Sounds like a tailor-made solution to both problems.  Should be really interesting to see how ancient enemies get along after that.

One item that is truly amazing to watch is the Obama phenomenon.  Three short years ago, he was a demi-god.  He was given a free ride to the White House by crowds of mesmerized zombies who left his rallies in tears, but couldn't tell you what he said.  His name was spoken in reverential tones followed by heart-felt "Amens".  Now a convict, a sheriff and a two-bit lawyer from Tennessee are kicking his butt in an uncontested election.  I'm still waiting for the Nobel committee to rescind his Peace Prize, though.  Even Ghandi and Mother Theresa didn't have THAT much blood on their hands!

An rather exciting development is the complete implosion of the Roman Cult.  Vatican Bank scandals (again).  A missing teenager possibly buried in a mobster's tomb next to the Vatican wall.  JPII had his nifty Pope-mobile, but Benny16 is being pushed around on a dolly.  Talk about propping up your leadership.  Soon enough, Petrus Romanus, the final pope (if you believe prophesies made by Molech...I mean Malachy).  Should be interesting to see how this all plays out.  The College of Cardinals is already making plans to blow a little smoke yet again.

Fear not!  The main distraction is yet to come.  The most militarized peace games ever foisted on the world will soon ignite (the torch) in London.  I hear there's a substantial reward for anyone who captures a picture of Liz2 in a reptilian moment.  This should be a challenge, given the fact that cameras have been banned for this very reason.

Some rays of hope...commercial space exploitation took a giant leap forward this evening (local time) when the Dragon capsule successfully docked with the ISiS.  Hmmm...Dragon capsule, Year of the Dragon, ISiS space station...naw.  How long now before special satellites start beaming corporate logos onto the upper atmosphere?

Also, the BBC is calling for tracking chips to be implanted in everyone, beginning with students in San Antonio schools.

Whatever happened to my beloved Texas?