Here Thar Be Monsters!

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Bilderberg Hotel - Oosterbeek, NL
Yes, folks!  It's time once again for that annual BS festival called the Bilderbergers.  This year, it's bigger and better and retooled for mass consumption, and coming to you live from the center ring, otherwise known as the US of A for the first time ever!

At this point, a lot of folks (newly awakened) are just discovering the Bilderbergs.  This group of degenerate slime have been meeting since the end of WWII in low profile annual circle-jerks with little or no consequence to the average man on the street.

I can hear a good number of people taking issue with that statement, but in all honesty, the only power they really have over us real people is what we give them by building up all this hype over the past couple of decades.  In fact, they are very easy to ignore, and outside of bankster cabals, have little effect on the everyday lives of us unwashed masses.

Few people take the time to learn who the Bilderbergs are.  If they did, they would realize the shocking truth, and at the same time, that they are virtually powerless if we take it away from them.  They are able to sway some institutions at certain levels, but for the most part they are just a bunch of old farts throwing money around and are not the Masters of the Universe that folks like Alex Jones would have us believe.

At the end of WWII, the Nazis had amassed vast amounts of cash and gold and priceless art/trinkets from around the world.  Most of it has never been reclaimed and officially is lost to history.  As researchers like Peter Lavenda and Joseph Farrell have painstakingly documented, most of the top Nazis escaped Germany, and justice, using the 'rat lines' to places like Argentina.  They took their loot and their toys with them and set up vast settlements in South America, and quite likely other places.

Prince Bernhardt - Nazi Big Wig
Lavenda's latest book, "Rat Line," carefully documents the entire process through safe-houses in Italy, Spain and Argentina.  Farrell picks up the trail and traces the evacuation of technology and the establishment of covert networks spanning the US, USSR and South America.  Both men show how the vast Nazi loot funded and hid this whole operation.

And that's where the Bilderbergs come in.

All that loot was laundered through US and UK banks, who were all too eager to have the huge infusion of cash and gold to use for their own nefarious purposes.  A group was established, under the direction of Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, to oversee the administration of the loot and direct its deployment.  This group first met at a small, unassuming hotel in a Dutch backwater town.  The name of the hotel was the Bilderberg.

This group met annually, not to decide the fate of the world, but to discuss their investments and where they would place their financial focus for the year to come.  For decades, it was a fairly quiet affair.  They would meet in swank hotels for several days of wine, fine dining and whoring.  They would invite people of interest to them to present investment options, as well as interview politicians to see which they would fund, based on whether Bilderberg interests and political agendas matched.

This is little different from any corporate retreat for the upper echelons.  Its the standard blow-out in Vegas where a little business gets done around a central bacchanal of gross proportions.  The Bilderbergs are little different in this regard to dozens of similar groups all over the globe who meet annually to plan strategy, investments and assert influence that favors their goals and ambitions.

The part that is scandalous, and the part that NO ONE ever talks about, is who these people are.  No one mentions that they are Nazis, or at least their heirs, and that they represent billions (if not trillions at this point) of dollar in ill-gotten loot that has been used for decades to further the ways and means of the Nazi Party.

It has been the unspoken secret of the survival of the Nazi Party that is the true problem with these people.  Those who have known about this have been silenced by greed.  They line up annually to beg for scraps of Nazi loot to push their own agendas, and most likely even those folks are ignorant of who and what they are playing with.

At the end of WWII, the US and USSR were so desperate to get shares of Nazi technology and brain-power that they became willing dupes in the cover-up of Nazi Party survival past the collapse of the Third Reich.  The US received enriched uranium and triggers for A-bombs, along with a high-level group of rocket schientists, engineers and research materials.

At the same time, Prince Bernhardt and his gang bought off the corporate and bankster boards by moving great piles of cash into US vaults.  Along with the blessing of the Vatican Bank, this effectively shut up anyone who might have an idea to blow open the doors on this secret.  It assured that everyone's hands were dirty, so no one would rat out anyone else.  Honor amount thieves, you might say.

This wad of Nazi loot went on to fund the rat lines, build up safe havens, launched the economic post-war boom in the US, and funded an Anglo-American empire.

Trouble is, like all bills, the time to pay up always comes.  A strong case can be made that the current economic mess is Nazi chits being called in.  As Farrell has pointed out, the US bank bailouts were very mysterious, in that there was so much haste and closed door congressional meetings, and the Federal Reserve insisted that a trillion dollars be handed over without question, oversight or audit.  Farrell speculates that this could have been the Nazis making a sizable withdrawl to do whatever it is that Nazis do with that kind of money.

Certainly, after three generations, a lot of the Nazi technology could very well be ready for mass deployment, including things like off-planet colonization, next-level development and any number of other things, for which a trillion or so dollars would come in handy.  And certainly, if those folks wanted to pull that much money out, all they would have to do is threaten to expose all the dirty laundry and that would put the fear of God in any bankster/politician, and even send a chill down the halls of the Vatican.  And notice all three of those groups have been embroiled in scandal, leaks and financial shenanigans for the past five years, since this all began.  Could that be Nazis rocking the boats to keep them in line?

So now the Bildergergs have gone mainstream.  It used to be they met quietly in sleepy Alpine retreats, but in recent years the media spotlight has been forced on them.  My bet is that the circus in Virginia is little more than a diversion, while the real business is being done somewhere in the Swiss mountains.  I laugh when I see all the speculation about the number of unknown faces seen going in and out of the Virginia circus.  Hell, they are nothing more than footmen dressed in Armani suits with sunglasses being paid to be seen.  Nothing more, nothing less.

So are the Bilderbergers the Masters of the Universe?  No.  They are just one of several equally powerful groups, all with piles of dirty laundry and global agendas.  All of them have one thing in common, their power is only over governments and corporations, not us real folks.  We are made to feel powerless in the face of these mafias, but really we are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.  All we have to do is quit playing their games and they will wither and die in months, if not weeks.

P. T. Barnum - 'A sucker born every minute'
Stop buying things from mega-corps.  Stop voting.  Stop putting your money in banks.  Stop paying taxes.  It's all a charade and none of it has real force on real people.  The only reason we think it does is because we buy into it.  Furthermore, we think this system can be repaired.  Well, guess what...?  It ain't broken.

In fact, the system runs exactly as it is supposed to, transferring your wealth and labor into the pockets of fat, decrepit old geezers with no souls and no consciences.  The system works (for them) because we real people buy into it every day, living beyond our means, using their credit, using their gee-gaws, hoping one day a savior will come to fix everything, when in fact we ARE the saviors.

So, when you hear about Bilderbergers, or the Club of Rome, or the Illuminati, et al, ad nauseum, just remember that their power is all illusion.  They appear glitzy and swank because they are dressed in sequinned leotards and have spotlights cast upon them.  It is nothing more than show business, making purses out of pigs' ears (or PIIGS?).  If you pull the curtain back just a crack, the illusion is gone.  If you change your perspective just an inch, the magician's underwear starts showing.

The only reason they keep winning is we keep buying tickets.  If you put on a show and no one comes, guess what?  You go bust.

Stop buying tickets!