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The Quickening Mind

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows my mind makes weird connections between things that would otherwise seem disparate.  Today's noodle-bake is no different.

When this thought came to me, it was so powerful I had to sit down and ponder the implications for a while.  You know when you come across something that doesn't make sense and you just can't figure out why it's there.  Then a key falls into your lap and suddenly it just makes a Big Picture, and I love Big Pictures.

Anyway, I was toying with the word 'quickening.'  Fans of the Highlander series of films will recognize the word, but for the most part it has quietly faded into the background.  Most people don't use it, or at least not very often.  It's a great word though.

To save you from clicking over to and looking it up, quicken simply means to revive, restore, increase rapidly, and a number of other synonyms.  A pregnant woman will experience a quickening when the baby starts to get very active.  Pubescent teens experience a quickening when they hit the rapid maturation.  Basically, anytime someone or something reaches a point of rapid growth or revival, they are said to be quickening.

Great, so I made a connection to 'warming.'  We warm things up to make them more lively.  Places and people that are comfortable and cozy are said to be warm.  If you bake bread or brew beer, a key ingredient is heat.  Warmth is closely associated with life, growth and productivity.  When we set about a project, the early stages are often referred to as 'warming up.'

Given these definitions, I think it is safe to draw an equals sign between them.  In order to quicken, one must warm up, and by warming up, one is quickening.  Conceptually, these two words belong on a couch together getting cozy.

By now, you're probably thinking, "What the hell?"  And you're not wrong to think that, but bear with me a little here.

A great many writers and researchers have spent a lot of time showing how the self-appointed elite of this world communicate in multi-contextual codes.  They use symbols and words with layers of meaning which convey one meaning to the unwashed masses and a completely different one to the initiated.  Certainly, I've posted a number of popular articles here on how this works and how to spot it.  Without getting into a whole diatribe, let's just stipulate that this is true, and you can run read my other articles later.

The final piece to this puzzle is 'fear'.  Fear is one of the most effective weapons against masses of animals.  When animals feel fear and threat, they herd together and can be effectively controlled.  That is why fear has been at the top of the list of conquerors and empires for millennia, because they can so easily manipulate millions of people with such simple methods.

When we experience fear, our higher reasoning shuts down and our animal mind takes over.  We act on instinct rather than intuition.  We stop asking 'why' and start doing what we are told.  Witness the events following 9.11, or 7.7, or any other recent events of a similar vein.

That said, we come, at long last, to the point.  Please keep the cheering to a low roar.

Let's examine the term "Global Warming" in this new context.  First, we can make the terms Global Warming and Global Quickening equivalent by virtue of the previous reasoning.  We know that Global Warming has been used in close association with fear...fear of the future, fear of survival, etc.  God knows that Algore has spent hours and hours trying to make all of humanity afraid of the term Global Warming by planting hockey sticks in our minds.

Now, we ask ourselves, why would the self-appointed elites go through decades of effort, paying off hundreds of scientists, falsifying reams of data, and planting fear in our minds in order to get the message, "Global Warming," into our heads?

Well, suppose is was not warming in the sense of temperatures, but warming in the sense of quickening.  Suppose at some level, they were trying to make us afraid of revival, regeneration and rapid growth.  Suppose they were, in fact, communicating to each other their own fear of humanity's mass awakening.

Change all the associations in your mind from Global Warming to Global Quickening.  Are you starting to see the same picture I am?  Do you see how all the pieces suddenly line up?

They are terrified of the Great Unwashed Masses waking up and suddenly not needing them to tend us like so many sheep.  They tell each other this fear by calling it Global Warming.  Then they launch a massive, decades-long effort to make us all terrified of Global Warming, but what is really happening is that they are trying to stop the Great Quickening.  Now one can see why the huge effort beginning in grade schools.  Now one can see why they would go to so much effort to pay off and falsify and hammer into our brains this phantom fear.

Even when Global Warming started to lose its charm, and they changed it to Climate Change, the message at subtextual levels is still the same.  Climate is any environment in which something exists.  They are not talking to us about the climate changing, they are talking to each other.  Humanity is changing and becoming a lot less easy to control.

We mass of humans are quickening.  We're warming up.  We're changing.  And they are really, really afraid of it.

To reverse the trend, they have tried to create fear at every level of society.  They pump constant messages of fear and distrust out of every media outlet.  They create terror attacks and try to make us afraid of boogymen.  They create wars on ideas and methods to keep us unstable and looking for leadership.

In fact, it is they who are terrified of Global Warming/Global Quickening.  Their positions of power and priviledge are being threatened at the most basic levels.  They are using every tool they have to reverse the trend and maintain their status quo.

Now flip over to Algore's obscenity-laced tirade a while back.  Given what we have just discussed, does it make more sense now, or not?  If so, then maybe we are on to something here.

What it all boils down to is that issues that receive scads of media and get hammered by every mouthpiece of the self-appointed elite always have multiple layers to them.  When we start to pull them apart and analyze the issues, we can usually find layers of subtext that amount to communications among the inner circles that are hidden in plain sight.

If you hear something in the news or read it in the papers and it triggers a reflex action in you, then stop immediately and analyze what it was.  Were there any key words that were punched up?  Was there a perceived threat being promoted?  Can the message be interpreted in other ways by turning the context and focus around?

This little exercise will completely disembowel their control apparatus.  If we stop reacting on instinct and take just a minute or two to deconstruct the things we are being told, then we have already won.  The rest is just clean up.

Long live the Global Quickening!