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But One Just Man

In our ever-optimistic approach to insanity, we can still find a positive spin on the recent US Supreme Court decision regarding the 'tax' called, euphemistically, Obamacare.

We can now say, without reservation or equivocation, that the US is a fascist dictatorship.  The primary difference between fascism and socialism is the corporate logo behind government fiat.  In this case, we can see the stamps of massive insurance conglomerates like sponsor patches on the togs of professional athletes.

Stephen Decatur Miller famously said, "There are three and only three ways to reform our Congressional legislation, familiarly called, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box"  To this has been added the soap box, in recent years.  In every case, these boxes of liberty are now corporate owned.  Diebold owns the ballot box.  The American Bar Association owns the jury box.  A handful of manufacturers own the cartridge box.  And media mega-corporations own the soap box.

Why is this so positive?  Because it's always a good thing when the truth be known, even if it is unpleasant to look at.  Now that Obama has created an entire nation of syndics, and the Supreme Court has rendered its stamp of approval, we can safely remove our blinders and stare unblinkingly into the eyes of ruin.

Of course, there will be the vox populi of bovine humanoids who point to elections as proof that the US is still a 'democracy'.  This sophomoric defense fails in two ways, though.  First, it assumes that the corporate owners of the ballot boxes allow actual votes to be counted, and second that swapping out the butts in chairs has anything to do with changing things.

The old republic passed away over ten years ago in an orgy of nationalistic fervor, when a piece of legislation called the USAPATRIOT Act was enacted.  Anyone who actually read it, a group which excludes those who voted for it, knows that this particular piece of work was simply a translation of the Enabling Act that empowered Hitler after the Reichtstag fire and a couple of other lesser-known false flag events.

The Obamacare decision was not so much the institution of fascism, but rather confirmation that the supreme powers of the Executive Branch are now applicable to every aspect of human existence. 

As one stands back for a bit of perspective, one sees that all the conspiratorial theorizing about prison camps being built across the US for the past 20 years was overly optimistic.  The real plan was to turn the entire nation into a gulag.  The theories erred on the side of thinking that there would still be an 'outside' and 'inside' delineation.  Who could have dared conceive of a single concentration camp thousands of miles on a side?

Not that this was unexpected.  Ask any American indian or Japanese-American of an age and they can give you copious examples of the US practicing for just this evenuality.  A quick study of Lincoln's General Order 100 will form the historical framework for the US' ultimate decent into dictatorship.

Where a lot of people stumble on this issue is that they assume that having a dictatorship necessarily means having a single dictator, such as Hitler or Mao or Stalin.  In the case of the US, the dictator is only fronted by an individual who, like a spokesman for a product, can be replaced at a moment's notice.  The popular ones are kept around for eight years until the brand needs a fresh image.  The unpopular ones are summarily fired after four years.  We can't have them sullying the good name of the brand.

At this point, there frankly can be no reform.  Any challenge to the direction of the country must, by necessity, go through the courts, and we see now that they are completely owned by private interests.  Any student of history knows that you can't attack an enemy at their strong point, and so a revolutionary war is out of the question.  And the ballots are controlled at even the smallest levels by tabulators that are programmed and processed by foreign entities far outside the jurisdiction of the courts, even if the courts offered relief.

America: Land of the Free - full of security cameras, genital grabbing, TASER-happy cops, and warrantless searches. 

America: Home of the Brave - where whiz kids sit in bunkers 10,000 miles away and rain death from robatic aircraft.

America: Where No Man is Above the Law - though some are quite a bit more no-above than others, depending on how much bank they have.

America: The Shining City on the Hill - where torture, murder, lies, prevarication, cheating, scapegoating, greed, and corporate interests come far ahead of moral and ethtical considerations.

One can truly say this is the apocalypse, meaning great things are being revealed.  The pretense that the world's great power and empire has any elevated intentions has finally fallen away.  That nation now stands before the world as a naked aggressor without even the shred of law behind it.  It's new national motto is "might makes right", and it will slaughter anyone who gainsays it.

That the American people are not rioting in the streets shows that they are little more than frightened lambs cowering lest they lose their 'preparations' and their 'stockpiles'.  They are being goose-stepped headlong into Perdition with all their 'preparations'.  It was said long ago that when fascism came to America, it would wear the flag and sing patriotic songs.  Such things prophecy is made of.

There is one curious sidebar to this whole mess, and regular readers knew I wouldn't let them down.

America, despite all the bloviating on the part of got-rocks evangelical a$$holes, was NOT founded as a Christian nation on Christian principles.  It was founded by heretics and pagans escaping Europe where they were being burned at the stake by Christians.

This occultic miasma let to the creation of a truly unique American institution: The Church of Latter Day Saints, or more commonly, the Mormons.  In fact, in all of American history, it is probably the most unique creation to have come from 300 years of history.

The Mormon founder, Joseph Smith, made a number of prophesies which remain at the heart of their faith and a central tenet of their thinking.  The prophesy stated that in America's darkest hour, when the Constitution had become a shredded pile of hemp paper with pretty writing on it, a Mormon leader would rise up and lead the charge to take back the country and return it to its lawful roots.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mitt Romney.

We report, you think about it.