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INTERVIEW: Christopher Tyreman on Radio Far Side

Suppose everything you knew was wrong.  Suppose the proverbs, sayings and quotes at the core of our culture didn’t exist in the source material cited.  Suppose Earth was a terra-forming project and was now at the center of a massive legal battle.  Stay tuned…

On today’s program, our guest is Christopher Tyreman.  Christopher and his crew have stumbled on what they think is a new way to translate ancient Hebrew.  What’s more, they’ve set out to re-translate the Torah and other books in what we commonly call the Bible.  What they’ve found so far is, to say the least, Earth-shaking.  It challenges our core beliefs and moves us far outside our comfort zones.

Their efforts are called The Chronicle Project, and you can find links below that lead to their site and other resource information.  Warning: some people find this information very discomforting, but here on the Far Side, we examine any well-reasoned argument.  Listen to what Christopher has to say and decide for yourself.

Part of what intrigues us here on the Far Side is that this is a home-grown effort by every day folks who found a really unique bit of information that unlocked a whole new way of answering the question, "Who are we?"  For that reason alone, they are worth hearing out, but they also have a well-reasoned argument that deserves extra thought, especially when it throws open a philosophical line of inquiry that seems to have exhausted itself two hundred years ago.

What gives them added credibility in our estimation is they aren't hawking books, speaking engagements, DVDs, or channeling aliens.  When someone goes to this effort because they want the Truth, then our ears perk up.

Is Earth a terraforming project?

We certainly hope you enjoyed this program, and stay tuned for some great conversations coming up in the next couple of months.

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