Here Thar Be Monsters!

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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

UPDATE: Closing the barn after the horses get out.  All of this is to reinforce the fear that has controlled the populace for the past 11 years.  Especially on the college campuses.  Gotta terrorize the younger generation to keep them signing up for military service.  What bunk.

And don't forget the convenient excuse this all presents to shut down open communications on the internet.  Just like gun control, gotta have victims to justify tyranny.
Remember that classic kids' story about the boy who cried wolf?  It's been running over and over in my head for the past couple days.

The whole Libya/Arab Spring, etc. et al., reeks of psy-op, and it's hard to convince myself otherwise because of the 'boy who cried wolf' syndrome.  Hell, I even find myself reminiscing about Bill Clinton.  I mean, he just lied about getting a little stimulus in the Ovum Office.  Since then, we've had Shrub, who lied about the perpetrators of 9/11 and his justifications for invading two sovereign nations, and even the "mission accomplished" lie.  And now we have the Obamanation, who frankly is, in and of himself, a walking lie.

So, when the headlines blare the story of an attack on the US embassy in Libya, in which the ambassador was killed, and other attacks and violence at other embassies in the region, I just sit back and start to wonder how much of all this is real.

Don't get me wrong.  I ask not for whom the bell tolls, because every man's death diminishes me.  But what really happened?  I don't trust a single word that comes from the Potomac Swamp, and it is a policy that has served me well over the years.

After all, this is the same government who lied to the people about the Sand Creek massacre.  It lied about Majors Eisenhauer and Patton attacking and killing WWI vets who were protesting in the Bonus Army.  It's lied about Lincoln being a hero.  It's lied about just about anything you can think of, and that's not a very good track record for engendering trust in the extant matter.

That's the thing about psy-ops.  They become so entangled and byzantine that after a time, you either give up and swallow the bait, or reject everything out of hand.  I fall into the latter camp.  The Middle East has been manipulated by Western powers since at least the mid-19th century.  The Arab Spring/Soros "Color Revolutions" are just the latest round.

Knowing that North Africa and the Mediterranean coastal countries have been targets of CIA/al-Qaeda interference, how do we unwind the embassy attacks?  Were they an intended or unintended consequence?  Is the US response now and in the future predicated on manipulating US elections, or a result of actual policy?

What I see is a complex attempt by the Israeli/US military-industrial complex to justify invading Libya, Egypt and Syria.  This would, in turn, draw Iran out and once her footing is the slightest bit off balance, then the justification turns to invading that country.  In other words, all of this is to generate world opinion in favor of an Iran attack through the back door.

Given that the particular group of thugs running the show (and I'm not talking about the Libyans) and their track record over the past century or so, one has to assume that they are trying to achieve multiple goals with a single catalyzing event.  Thus, turning world opinion, drawing out Iran, invading MENA, and deflecting attention from the ever-declining US economy might all be part of this, and much more.

But wait! you scream.  How do you know this is a psy-op in the first place?

Glad you asked.

All of it is predicated on a YouTube video that supposedly (I refuse to watch it...just like KONY and the Olympics) trashes Muhammad.  The video was at first anonymous.  Then it was revealed to be the work of an Israeli-American, who was then outed as an Egyptian student or some such non-sense.  That little side-show alone tells me there's something really fishy going on here.  That YouTube refuses to pull it down, when they sit with their fingers on the button ready to black out any video that even remotely offends the most sensitive of viewers tells me that they are being well-paid to keep it running long enough to inflame the entire Islamic world.

It is all textbook mental mind-f%$^@k material following the script to the letter.  And if they have to crack a few eggs (assuming the ambassador and others actually died), be it.  All the better to crank up the war drums.  Heck, let's even throw in a little public feud between Bammy and Nutty-yahoo just to make things interesting.  Adds the plausible denial aspect to the mix, so Bammy can ride war to victory in November, while still claiming to be the 'Man of Peace'.  Listen for, "My hands are tied.  We must respond with force."

I hope that Muslims the world over can see how they are being manipulated and used to advance the Anglo-American empire.  All that video is, is a geopolitcal version of "neener neener your mother wears army boots" taunts to pick a fight.

I hope that Americans are jaded and war-weary enough that they don't buy this clap-trap, and instead turn against ANY candidate for president who talks war or signs orders to that effect.

And I hope that the ambassador's ignominious death will become an icon of awakening for those still under the spell of the Death Merchants.

Most of all, I hope we, as a global population, can uninstall the emotional hot-buttons that the media tools have installed in us, so that we stop reacting so predictably to situations like this.

There are signs of hope.  Almost within hours of the 'Batman' shooting fiasco, the whole thing was exposed as a political false-flag.  Now even the most blow-hard anti-gun CONgress-critters won't touch it, and the headlines have all but faded from view.

The wild card in the latest operation are the Muslims who haven't yet learned to let a minor insult pass in order to achieve a greater purpose.  Control your anger and take away their power.  It's very effective.

At some point you have to realize that the kid crying wolf is only doing so because your response is so entertaining to him.