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Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Cue Tears For Fears...

Since the end of the proverbial "Cold War" in the late 80s and early 90s, most people would seem to agree that there has been one surviving 'superpower'.  Most of those self-same people would also identify that surviving 'superpower' as the United States.

But, as is usually the case, the majority is completely wrong.  Not that it's entirely their fault.  The majority is deeply involved in twitting the contents of its breakfast and the timing of its bowel movements to a breathlessly awaiting world.  The majority doesn't have time for such piddling details like who actually runs the Western hemisphere.

The only remaining 'superpower' is, of course, Israel, and curiously enough, since the end of the "Cold War", Israel has been struggling mightily to get someone else to bomb Iran into glass blobs.  If you don't believe me, then log off Twitter just for a moment and go and look up how long Israel has been trying to get someone else to fall on their sword in Iran.  From what I've found, it was around 1993.

Now you may disagree with me that Israel is a 'superpower', or THE 'superpower', but history and current events would argue against you.

Israel dominates US politics.  In the past week, that little sliver of desert on the eastern Mediterranean has been all over the news huffing and puffing at the UN General Assembly (for lack of a better term).  During one of Iran's presidential speeches, Israel stormed out of the chamber and was incensed that no one followed.  They did a little back-room arm twisting, and during the second speech, the US dutifully followed its puppet-master.

Another example can be found by (I know this is painful, but...) turn on any of the 'christian' broadcasting networks and check out John Hagee, or Benny (the Doo) Hinn, or any of the other useful idiots.  Listen to the amazing hoops these 'people' will jump through to defend and apologize for Israel.  Thanks to a convicted felon named Scofield, they have so badly mangled the Bible - which is amazing considering how mangled that document already is - that they have millions of gullible folks believing that Israel has the right to slaughter anyone it doesn't like because Gawd has ordained it.

It's gotten so absurd, in fact, that the 'Star of David' has virtually supplanted the 'cross' as the corporate logo of this bastardized form of 'christianity'.

Needless to say, these 'people' receive scads and oodles of money from the Israeli lobby to keep the rubes in line and voting with Israel's foreign policy, which is best summarized as, "Death to all who don't toe the line!"

So, why has Israel spent the better part of the last 20 years trying to get our sons and daughters to be cannon fodder in Iran?

As we all know, the tag line in the Israeli advertising that passes for a Free Press is that Iran is trying to produce an atomic bomb.  *GASP*  An atomic bomb, you say?

The laughable part is that we've been told this for literally 20 years!  This implies that either Iran is hopelessly inept when it comes to nuclear research, or they just aren't doing it.  Surely after 20 years, you'd think they'd have come up with some kind of pop gun by now.  Hell, Pakistan and India and even North Korea have gotten that far.

Let's also set aside the emotional hot button that they want an atomic bomb.  Frankly, an atomic bomb in today's world is hardly worth playing with.  When the perceived enemy has particle beams, masers, missile defense shields, autonomous drones, cruise missiles, bunker busters, and hydrogen bombs that make little atom bombs look like kid toys, why bother?  There are many more productive lines of research to blow your defense shekels on.

Obviously, there's another agenda, but what could it possibly be?

Well, let's look back at Israel.  Here we have an arid strip of land with virtually no natural resources.  In order to grow food, it must heavily irrigate the land, which takes copious amounts of fresh water.  There's little to no oil, though just up the coast, recent discoveries include very large oil and gas fields just offshore.  Israel has no natural boundaries or defenses, just literal lines in the sand and the occasional massive concrete walls.

In other words, Israel's neighbors are gifted with fairly decent natural bounty, while Israel itself must import pretty much everything but air.

On top of that, given Israel's 60-odd year history of militaristic expansionism, its neighbors have developed the habit of beefing up defenses.  They've done such a good job at it, that when Israel invaded southern Lebanon twice in the past few years, it had its Zionist butt handed to it right quick like.

And why did they invade Lebanon?  Well, it wouldn't be all that sparkly clean fresh water just over the border from its collective farms, would it?  Nor would it have anything at all to do with all the juicy delicious oil and gas sitting just up the coast, would it?

And why does Israel want to destroy Iran?  Well, it wouldn't be that Iran is the largest source of funds and supplier for Hizbollah, who recently handed Israel its Zionist butt twice, would it?  Oh, and Hizbollah also happens to be a mover and shaker in Palestine, which also happens to be Israel's real name.

When you think about it, Israel is one of the largest dealers in death and destruction, at least in the region, if not the world.  Its hands are dirty with so many false-flag attacks (USS Liberty anyone?), cyber attacks, stealth wars, and so forth that if any country should have sanctions leveled against it, Israel would be it.

Furthermore, that Israel runs the US, and the US runs the EU, it literally controls much of the western hemisphere's power and wealth centers.  Add to that Israel has its hands deep in that peculiar form of American 'christianity', and successfully manipulates great numbers of people through religious channels, as well.

It clearly leads one to conclude that any incumbent politician in any election in any western country should be soundly defeated.  One must further conclude that the replacements should be thoroughly vetted for their stances on the Israeli question.

One can only speculate what wonders of peace and harmony would follow, should Israel's iron grasp on the west suddenly fail.  For one thing, we would all be finally free of such notable ego maniacs as Nutty-yahoo.  In addition, the Mossad's ability to undermine regimes and create wars would be severely hampered.  These effects alone would nearly ensure a fresh, new take on things.  Almost certainly, great gobs of peace and love would be bursting forth all over the place.

Something to ponder on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Beats football, at any rate.

Sunday Funnies
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