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Slow Death Of Medievalism

To start off today, we should address the recent news that a school district in southern Sumatera (that's in Indonesia for the geographically impaired) has initiated virginity tests for female high school students.

According to the head of the school board at the center of this controversy, he was misquoted when referring to a single incident in which a high schooler was rounded up in a prostitution sting.  He supposedly told the parents that they should get a virginity test to dispel the rumors and accusations.  However, the Kompas news service quoted him as saying this would become a school policy and that a budget allocation had been put into the 2014 school district budget.  Keep in mind that Kompas is a generally reliable news source and part of the Gramedia group of media outlets here in Indonesia.

The school board head has vehemently denied the quote as being out of context.  The national education minister was quoted yesterday as saying 'this is a really bad idea'.  It's stirred up a bunch of debate and the plan, if it ever was a plan, is not likely to be enacted.  It is true that some groups here in Indonesia still hold rather medieval notions about things like virginity, but for the most part, the general populace is enlightened enough to see that this is a really stupid idea.

Now on to other, and much more important, subjects.

It is becoming really obvious that the global populace is being manipulated.  Folks are separating into intractable ideological camps that are becoming increasingly bellicose.  Ancient hatreds and prejudices are being fanned into blazing flames.

There is hope, though.  It seems that a great number of people have seen through the recent reports of Syrian gas attacks.  Russia has unequvicably stated that it was the Syrian 'rebels' that committed the attack as a false flag.  One also senses a growing skepticism regarding anything the Israelis say, which is a healthy response, as that country has a long history of provoking hatreds in the region to keep folks busy attacking each other and not focusing on the rampant criminality of the Israeli regime.

Over in the US, 'someone' keeps trying to stir up racial hatreds.  It seems, though, that a lot of thinking people are seeing through that effort.  The fact that the mainstream media (MSM) is losing its stranglehold on the public agenda, as shown by the cratering audience numbers, is preventing them from beating the racial war drums too loudly.

In Egypt, the CIA-installed Muslim Brotherhood has been soundly cast out by yet another/the ongoing revolution.  Obviously, the Egyptians are not as bovine as the Western intelligence organizations believe.  Most folks haven't noticed, apparently, that the current Egyptian revolution doesn't have a name or a color.  That is a prime indicator that this one is NOT a Soros funded, CIA operated effort, but rather a grass-roots, genuine house-cleaning.

In the EU, efforts to collapse national governments have also failed.  Despite everything done to the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain), the Hidden Hand just can't seem to get a good shooting war started.  This shows a remarkable restraint on the part of the people in general, and their ability to see through the gross manipulation of their cultures and societies.

Globally, efforts by the Hidden Hand to drive a wedge between regions and hemispheres are backfiring.  Instead of creating strife and chaos, the effort has caused several nations to come closer together and to establish their own system, commonly referred to as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).  The BRICS are forming mutually supportive organizations, making deep inroads into Africa and South America through investment and trade, and even seeting up their own banking system.

The response of the Hidden Hand has been to try to collapse the Asian markets and currencies.  They are doing everything they can to introduce strife and chaos into the BRICS relationships and cause social unrest across the region.

The lack of 'appropriate' response to the Hidden Hand's manipulations has them terrified.  The Rothschild/Rockefeller banking clans (RRBC) are quickly finding themselves marginalized and unable to use the same old tricks that have made them fabulously rich over the past several centuries.  Furthermore, they are at odds among themselves over how to proceed.  Increasingly, they are also under attack by rising power blocs within their own sphere of influence.  The biggest threat is coming from the rise of their own Creature - the Intelligence Bloc (IB).

To see what's happening, we have to go back to the rise of the Rotschilds.  When Napoleon and Wellington met at Waterloo, the Rotschilds had been funding both sides, with the Continental Clan funding Napoleon and the UK clan funding Wellington.  No matter who won, the Rotschild family would come out on top.  As the cherry on top, the Rotschilds had a well-oiled communications network.  The UK clan was able to find out that Wellington won a full 24 hours before the rest of the country.  So they spread the rumor that Britain had lost.  The markets cratered.  The Rotschilds bought up everything at a discount.  When the real news came, their shares rocketed, they sold at a massive profit and have sat on the world's financial system ever since.

What has happened is that the RRBC's information network has learned all the tricks and is now going independent.  The IB has supercomputers that can front-run the RRBC's front-running computers.  The IB gets the news before the RRBC and can get in the trades before the banksters can position themselves.  In other words, Frankenstein has created a Creature, and now the Created is surpassing the Creator.

The RRBC is trying to kill off its creation using people like Assange and Snowden, but the Creature, having access to the Creator's email and phone calls, is able to head off the attacks before the RRBC can get the plans going.

The only weapon the RRBC has is financial control, but the IB has created its own financial system and using its supercomputers, has made itself fabulously wealthy and beyond the control of the banksters' ancient system.

As Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell and others have carefully documented, a completely hidden system of finance was established after WW2, using Nazi and Japanese gold.  That system was set up by the RRBC to give them a huge pile of money and derivatives that didn't appear on any financial reports or bottom lines or budgets.  They established agencies like the CIA and NSA to administer the system and keep them at the center of the loop.  However, those agencies have gone rogue and taken away the very Iron Fist that the RRBC has used gain their dominant position.

As a consequence, the world is working backwards.  Everything the RRBC does to regain power is backfiring.  Their intricate networks of communications and finance have been usurped by their own Creatures.  Their usual tricks to create chaos and capitalize on it are failing and no one will react the way they are supposed to.

Since the RRBC are a bunch of inbred, silly old geezers who have used the same game for centuries, and surrounded themselves with yes-men and sycophants, they are unable to adjust and evolve.  They are too inbred and soft from years of privilege think creatively.  They have also surrounded themselves with people who have been carefully trained to see things only one way - their way.  So, when the game changed, they found themselves completely unable to react.  They cannot think creatively and their minions are incapable of acting independently.

We should not mistake the RRBC as being powerless, though.  They are not without weapons still, and like a dead bee, can still sting.  They have been too privileged for too long and they won't give up their vaunted positions without a Big Fight.  Furthermore, their Creatures are out of control and no one yet knows on whose side they will ultimately come down.  Will they run to the defense of their Creator?  Will they slide the knife in the back of the RRBC?  And with that kind of power, will they see themselves as still part of the rest of humanity, or will we be just annoyances keeping them from their destiny?

It is a very dangerous time.  On the one side is an intractable gang of thugs who have seen themselves as Rulers of Everything for a long time.  On the other side are a great number of unknown variables that are not only powerful enough to extract themselves from the control of the RRBC, but may also be powerful enough to achieve the final enslavement of humanity - a goal long sought by the banksters who now find themselves part of the enslaved.

There is nothing more dangerous than a cornered beast, and now there are a lot of cornered beasts in the world.  With every individual on Earth under attack from multiple angles, we can assume that some will start lashing out, as there is precious little space left to run away.  Not only will societies begin to erupt, but the very power structure itself is fighting for survival.

The future is always an unknown, but in normal times, it is at least predictable to a certain extent.  These, however, are not normal times.  The power structure which has run the world for centuries is dying.  The Creature it created to serve it is now out of hand, and is completely unknown in all of history.  The rules have changed forever and as individuals, we must rethink everything we have assumed to be true all our lives.

Now is the time for creative thinking.  It is the only way to survive what is coming.  All standard reactions are off the table.  Digging in and 'prepping' won't work.  It is imperative that we think 'outside the box', but to do that, we must remember that 'the box' is all of human history.  We can no longer trust any conventional answers, since there is already a counter-measure in place.

It's not that humanity has never faced this sort of crisis before, but we have never faced it on such a global scale, nor have we faced one that is unfolding with such blazing speed.  Expect the unexpected.