Here Thar Be Monsters!

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The Shocking Truth

Thousands dead in Iraq.  Thousands dead in Afghanistan.  Thousands dead in Palestine.  Thousands dead in Syria.  Thousands dead in Libya.  Thousands dead in Egypt.

And that's just what the US is responsible for in the past few years.

Oops!  But what's this?!  One Australian baseball player dead in Oklahoma and America is SHOCKED?!  (that's what Drudge says, and he runs the world, right?)

Yup, once again Americans have their heads so far up their shoots that they are shocked by one senseless murder, but not thousands (bordering on millions really).  Yup, America's hand-picked assassins across North Africa and the Middle East are slaughtering dozens of folks a day, but don't let that SHOCK you.  No sure and focus all your attention on one senseless murder in Oklahoma.  That's the important story.

Not only does this story show up the tremendous hypocrisy and ignorance of the American people (except're smart because you read this column), but it is such an obvious psy-op that even my dense brain can see through it.

This whole thing -- likely the set up, but especially the media coverage -- is nothing more than the photographic opposite of Trayvon Martin.  This is a Balkanization operation.  Keep the worthless, ignorant worms fighting each other and they will forget to focus on the Big Picture.  Keep the blacks and whites at each other, keep both of them fighting the Mexicans, and keep all of them hating the Jews because that furthers the Zionist agenda in the Middle East.

If I weren't so damn angry, I'd be humming the old Tom Lehrer tune, "National Brotherhood Week."  Why am I angry?  Because Americans are so used and they can't see past the fuzz in their navels to get it.  As a nation and people, Americans are shocked that a group of kids would randomly kill someone when their leaders randomly kill millions annually and no one cares.

You see, I remember the 60s, when college students were being mowed down by National Guardsmen because they dared to question the war culture of America.  I remember when Richard Nixon got in trouble for carpet-bombing neutral countries like Cambodia and Laos.  Now Obama can order drone bombings worldwide in any nation and nobody pays attention...until a couple of kids shoot a random gthere's uy in a random neighborhood in a random place like Oklahoma.

Oh sure, Americans are shocked by Sandy Hook, but a drone attack on a wedding party gets complete apathy.  Aurora?  Now there's a shocker.  But soldiers doing the same thing in Bagdad?  Yawn.  To an American, the only world they can see is their backyard and the only death they register is their neighbor.  All the horrors committed by their sons and daughters in their name in countries whose names they can't pronounce in places they can't find on a map are meaningless.  Such empty souls.

We won't even go into the part about America not having fought a 'legal' war since WW2 without a peep from the American people, nor especially those in uniform sworn to protect and defend the Constitution.  Obviously, they are defending a piece of paper and not the rules and regulations within it.

Yes, America, you are shocked by a wealthy athlete being gunned down by a bunch of bored kids, but no one will feel the least twinge of conscience for having contributed to a culture of casual death and illegal war and useless government schools and empty, idle youth.  No one will feel guilty for having let their society go down the tubes.  No one will feel the least bit responsible for having pissed away the chance to make things different.

Quick, write a letter to your Congresscritter to complain about the senseless violence.  Grouse with your buddies over a happy-hour beer about how "this here country is goin' to Hell".  If you're feeling really energetic, sign a petition that you haven't read to demand that guns be confiscated, forgetting that it is bored, amoral kids that kill, not guns.

Yes, America!  Be SHOCKED!  Then completely ignore the real problems and jump up and down about emotional hot buttons that the media manipulate on behalf of your masters.  Pretend that it's not your fault, but that of a bunch of unaccountable bureaucrats that you thought were doing something about these problems so you can sit on your fat ass in front of the TeeVee.

Be SHOCKED! America.  Not because a bunch of empty, asnine youths randomly killed a man on the street.  Be shocked that you haven't done anything all your life to stop the death culture of which you are a part.  Be shocked that it has gotten so far out of hand and you haven't sobered up and wiped the drool off your lips long enough to notice.

That's right America, you are just as guilty as those kids.  You have pulled the trigger or driven the get-away car or written your IRS check.  One way of the other, there is so much blood on your hands that to be shocked by the murder of a random guy in a random neighborhood in random Oklahoma is just plain hypocritical.  There's no other way out of this one.

Don't blame the guns, or the laws, or the schools.  Walk straight over to the mirror and look into the eyes of the guilty party.  There's no escaping this one.

In fact, America, the whole world is shocked.  We're shocked that you are shocked at the chickens coming home to roost.