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A Magnetic Personality

My earlier column positing a fundamental clash between the natural state of nationalism and the artificial overlay called statism elicited a number of reader responses, calling me an idiot (which I don't deny) and a genius (with which I wholly agree), and I see no contradiction between the two.

One email, from our faithful reader Mr. P in Thailand, asked me to expand on my statement that humans are imprinted with the local electro-magnetic field at the place of their birth.  Since this is an area that captures my imagination and one that I have studied a bit, I thought it would be fun to explore this concept in greater depth.

Bear with me on this, as it will require some background explanation and a lot of links to external studies and articles.  Though the concept has been around for a while, some new studies are shedding light on the mechanism in the brain responsible for this phenomenon.

That the Earth has a magnetic field is not disputed.  All life here depends on that field to redirect radiation from space in order to survive.  Nor is there a dispute that electricity and magnetism are connected.  You probably performed a simple experiment in school that proves it.  You wrapped a nail with wire and attached it to a battery, making the nail magnetic.  There is even a more entertaining experiment.  Take a long extension cord and snake it back and forth under high-tension power lines, and plug something in to the socket.  Notice how you get electricity without any visible input (electric companies discourage this practice as they are not in the business of free energy).

What is in dispute is exactly how the Earth generates a magnetic field.  Though 'scientists' will state emphatically that there is a liquid iron dynamo at the planet's core, they cannot explain satisfactorily exactly how this system works.  However, it is a fundamental law of physics that if you have a magnetic field, then you have electricity somewhere in the system, no matter how much 'scientists' want to deny this fact in planetary scales.

Suffice it to say that there is a massive electro-magnetic circuit between the Sun and Earth.  NASA and a number of researchers in recent years have observed Birkland currents both between the Earth and Sun, and in Earth's atmosphere and plasma sheath.  In fact, the existence of a plasma sheath implies an electric discharge somewhere in the system.  The reader is encouraged to explore the given links for themselves.  We are on to other topics.

Recently, researchers discovered that homing pigeons had an actual gland located in their beaks that could sense electro-magnetic fields.  When they are born, the birds are imprinted with the local field and the organ can direct them back to it if they are removed to a different location.  This is the reason that homing pigeons have been used for centuries as a form of organic airmail delivery service.

Other studies have looked for magneto-receptors in the brains and bodies of various animals.  

All that being said, is there any evidence that humans sense magnetic fields?  We know that magnetism can be induced in the body and recorded in MRIs.  There is growing evidence that many people are hypersensitive to electro=magnetic radiation.  There's even evidence that bones in the nose are magnetically sensitive.  This last one would seem to correlate to the sensors found in pigeon beaks..  But can magnetic fields imprint on humans?

There is growing evidence that humans can sense magnetic fields.  One study found that students with strong magnets strapped to their heads were far less able to determine direction and distance.

All of this suggests that humans are just as sensitive to electromagnetics as other species with documented abilities.  At this point, though, we are forced to enter the realm of speculation and anecdotes.

I can find no conclusive studies showing that humans imprint with the specific location of their birth.  However, there are piles of evidence showing that rocks and trees imprint with the magnetic field of there specific location.

Human bones start to solidify as soon as one is born, and as they do, it is entirely possible that the local magnetic field could imprint on them.  The primary element in our bones is calcium, which is a metal and certain oxides of calcium are naturally magnetic, as well.

It stands to reason that if we are affected by magnetic fields, have bones that are magneto-sensitive and studies have shown reduced ability to navigate and increased reason over religious impulses when subjected to strong magnetic fields, then our brains (if not entire bodies) would record the extant fields the moment we separate from our mothers.

It would go a long way to explaining why we defend our homes.  It certainly explains how we instinctively know how to get home and why we feel homesick.  

Of course, there are many other cues, such as familiarity, proximity to family and friends, sun angles, and all the various gizmos for hunting locations available now.  But it bears testing.  Try devising a test of your personal abilities sometime.  Could be both fun and educational.

All of this brings up one last point.  It is a fact that Earth's magnetic field is weakening and moving rather quickly.  In fact, the poles are approaching each other somewhere over Indonesia, by strange coincidence.  Pole reversals have happened many times in geologic history and we seem to be heading that direction now.  Since it has never happened in recorded history, no one is sure how life on Earth will react.  It seems certain that migratory animals will have trouble.  Insects, such as bees, that use magnetic fields may show decline.  Some researchers have tried to connect pole reversals and various mass extinctions on Earth.

The effect on humans will be interesting to see.  Might it cause entire populations to experience depression?  Feelings of disorientation?  Agitation?  Panic?

Honestly, the studies are not conclusive and until recently, no one took the issue seriously.  Speculating, a weakening magnetic field combined with increased cosmic radiation may be playing a major part in the current global insanity and the rise of nationalism, as I described in the article linked at top.

Awareness of the situation is a first step to recognizing changes in your character and personality, and those of others, as well.  If you have the ability to influence research grants, why not explore this overlooked area, since almost anything you discover would be new?

Some things are certain: every location on the face of the Earth has a unique electro-magnetic signature.  We are all only born once and call only one place home, and most fiercely defend that place and desire to return there when away.  And many insects and animals, including humans, are sensitive to magnetic fields.  Based on the information at hand, it is safe to say we experience some influence from electro-magnetic fields at some level in our brains and bodies.  Finally, given the lack of in-depth research, it is safe to assume that we know little about how these fields affect us, or how we react to them.

Wouldn't it be interesting if we describe charismatic people as having magnetic personalities and members of the opposite sex having magnetic attraction, because at some level, we are aware of a force acting on our psyches?

Opposites attract!

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