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Alchemy And Uncertainty

Can you feel it?

Something in the air.  Or a quiver in the Quantum Field.  Or a disturbance in the Force.

Once in a while, we get that fluttery feeling in our gut, what you might call "butterflies," but no quite the same as say, stagefright.  This is more a feeling of foreboding.  It happened the day before 911, it happened in September of 2009, when we experienced our first earthquake, and it happened this morning.

I, like some other folks, believe that astrology has a basis in fact somewhere in its roots.  A while back, I posted some thoughts on a scientific paper that suggested much of the chaos in the world just now are due in part to the fact that we have discovered a bunch of exoplanets in a certain zodiac sign.  Everyone has experienced reading an astrological personality sketch that seems eerily accurate.  And a lot of folks have noticed that certain planetary alignments herald significant events.

Goro Adachi at Etemenanki is one of the people I have followed for decades now, and he has proved to be fairly accurate at pre-reading history.  His latest screed warns that August-September 2016 will be a wild ride, based in part on the alignment of Sun-Venus-Jupiter.

Courtney Brown and the Farsight Insitute's remote viewers have put out a video that indicates a severe event this month, with all the appearances of a large explosion.  We've got two older interviews with Courtney on RadioFarSide, should you want a bit more information about them and remote viewing.

I don't have anything so flashy or mystical as those good folks, but I do have a kind of "spidey-sense" if you will.  I have a particular feeling that puts me on alert, and I've grown to trust it over the centuries, since it has rarely steered me wrong.

I tend to break Life down to sets of variables, and then convert as many to rational numbers as I can and eliminate as much uncertainty as possible to control outcomes to the extent that they can be controlled.  Most of us do that, with varying degrees of detail and success.

Occasionally, though, the variables start to pile up and quickly become more than any individual can calculate.  There are massive political and geopolitical movements washing across history at this moment.  There are waves of events, visible and invisible.  Battles are being waged at every conceivable level.  History is being written as I clack away.

Mighty forces are coming into direct conflict.  Those who want humanity to go in one direction are about to butt heads with those who like the tried and true.

There are frontiers open to our collective species that have barely been dreamed of for ages.  We are on the cusp of events our current generations can only begin to imagine.  Technology has raced far beyond our growth and development as physical creatures.  We have opened doors behind which are questions even our brightest minds could not answer.  And we will be forced to answer then sooner or later.

Many of our best thinkers and researchers today have postulated that Humanity has fractured into two different civilizations (maybe more).  One civilizations has unlocked fantastic technical power, while the other has been purposefully kept ignorant.  The former has pushed the latter as far as it can, and now the latter is kicking back.

Our species is bifurcating.  We are splitting into the "knows" and "don't knows."  Money and things have become irrelevant at this point.  It is knowledge and information that bestows power - at least some power.

Those of us who still live in the "don't knows" category have power of our own.  We are happy, content to live peaceful lives, to experience the ebbs and flows of Nature.  The "knows," on the other hand, like to force Nature, challenge her, bend her to their will.  If we have learned anything from history, this is a bad idea and one doomed to failure.  Those of us in the Aristotelian school subscribe to the Golden Mean, the Golden Ratio, phi.

We have learned that all things circle back on themselves.  The Universe is cycles upon cycles within cycles.  Where one ends depends heavily on where one starts.  If force is the beginning, force will be the end, and it will multiply exponentially when it comes around.

On the other hand, if harmony is the beginning, then harmony will be the result and it will be blissful in its magnitude.

If we take the Buddhist view, there is no need to fight, since whatever the enemy throws at you will come back twice as hard.  While this is a wonderful way of looking at things, it works best when you believe in reincarnation.  I'm not there yet, though I am a firm adherent to the concept of eternal being.

I do believe in passive/resistive force, though.  I firmly believe in using force against itself.  In the martial arts, one can choose to attack or defend.  If one attacks, one loses the weapon of balance and connection to the Earth.  As a defender, one can absorb the force of attack and multiply it back to the opponent.

I love poker.  It is a fun and rollicking game, but it is blunt.  I prefer chess, where strategy and sacrifice can lead to victory.

I don't know why I have gone off on a Sun Tzu pipe dream, but it is related to the feeling I have.  It feels like the entire Universe has reached a nexus of some kind and our trusty maps will no longer function, as the landmarks are changing fast.  I feel it at the mental, physical and spiritual levels.  The Oroboros is shedding its skin and we must choose the new flesh or the dead sheath.

It is an alchemical working, begun long ago and coming to fruit before our eyes.  The problem with alchemy is that no matter how powerful the wizard is, there is always the Uncertainty Principle.

The Challenge has begun.

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