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Casting Notice

Anda dapat terjemahkan pilih bahasa di kanan. ====>
As part of our on-going quest to celebrate culture, promote the arts, entertain audiences, and educate everyone, we are excited to announce the following:


Open casting call for Jakarta's newest destination attraction: CABARET INDONIQUE

We are seeking Jakarta's most talented performers to join us in creating a truly unique show, blending Indonesia's rich cultural heritage with the classic cabaret style of theater.  As a cast member, you will be part of creating a whole new form of entertainment that will attract audiences from around the world, performed in Jakarta's newest and (so far) only venue of its kind.


Committing to this project will require you to work every day except Mondays, create new material when not performing, and possibly tour in future.  Pay and benefits will reflect this commitment.

Anyone with talent is invited to audition.  We are looking for:

  • Multi-talented individuals who can sing, dance and act, especially those who can combine traditional and modern styles;
  • Magicians;
  • Soloists - musicians, singers, comedians, actors;
  • Creative performers with unique abilities and talents.

  • When:   Monday, 22 August 2016; 10:00 - 21:00
  • Where:  Club Revolution, Lotte Shopping Ave., Lt. LG (dekat Gonzo's TexMex), Ciputra World 1, Kuningan, South Jakarta;
  • How:     Bring a recent photo and list of experience, plus a 3-5 minute prepared routine/performance;
  • Who:     Ages 18+, men and women, especially with multiple abilities to dance, sing and act;
  • Information:   email, or, or Twitter @cabaretindoniq or @theatrixentserv ; SMS or WhatsApp +62-858-1060-6083

Target opening in mid- to late September.  Shows will run 6 days per week, with matinees and late shows on weekends.  This is a full-time job.  When not performing, cast and crew will work together to create new material, design costumes and perfect our craft.  Cast members will be pushed to deliver their creative best, and will be rewarded for it.

Please join us and send this notice to anyone you know who is interested in becoming a professional entertainer.

This is your chance to help create something completely new and exciting, and to have it promoted to international audiences as THE entertainment destination in Jakarta.

CABARET INDONIQUE!  Because it is time to move to the next level.



There are seven basic types of cabaret, named after the cultures in which they originated.  We intend to create the eighth.  By mixing traditional Indonesian culture with modern theater and contemporary themes, CABARET INDONIQUE will offer something never before seen on any stage.

Where is the venue?
CABARET INDONIQUE is located on the lower ground floor at Lotte Shopping Ave., in the same complex with the Ciputra Artpreneur, in south central Jakarta.  This type of venue is the first of its kind in Jakarta and offers an intimate audience area, mixed drinks/beer/wine, and optional dinner prepared by the head chef at Gonzo's, directly attached.  CABARET INDONIQUE seats 110 people, with booths, tables or stools, depending on ticket options and pricing.  Tickets will be less than IDR400,000/person, with dinner, and all tickets include 1 or 2 drinks, depending on options selected.

What is the show like?
CABARET INDONIQUE will feature dancing, singing, comedy, magic, sketches, and surprise guests.  The show will run six days per week (except Mondays), with a midnight show on Saturday, and an early matinee on Sunday.  Show times to be announced.  The show will change on a regular basis about every 4-6 weeks.  The show will feature everything from Vegas-style ensembles, to solos and duets, with headliner acts.  The show will run approximately 90 minutes.

How long will the show run?
CABARET INDONIQUE is a perpetual show.  It has no closing date and we hope that it will expand to other venues, as well as tour at some point.  The show will be updated regularly, so each month will offer fresh material and new headliners.  And the best part of live productions is that they are never the same, even when they are the same.

How do I make a reservation?
The CABARET INDONIQUE website will offer an online reservation system, or tickets can be purchased at the door, though we anticipate demand to be high and shows shows to sell out frequently, especially on weekends.  We will post more information on the CABARET INDONIQUE Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel, as it becomes available.

Who can come to the show?
The show is rated 21+ due to alcohol sales and adult themes.  The venue is accessible by wheelchair and there is a drop-off directly outside the entrance.


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