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A Word From The FSGHQ

The average human being is allotted 3,900 weeks for a lifetime.  As of this glorious Friday, I have exhausted 2,860 of mine, and I have no complaints.

Looking at the numbers, though, does put me in the mindset that I have a number of things I wish to accomplish in the remaining 1,040 weeks that I (hopefully) have remaining.  Thus, I would like to impose on a bit of the dear Reader's time to pitch some ideas and how you can be a part of them.

The Reader may have noticed that I've put up a Patreon banner at the top of the right-hand column.  I am launching an effort to raise some crowd-funding to get some of my real-world efforts off the ground.  If you will bear with me for a couple of minutes, I'd like to tell you what I have going and encourage you to join in.

First of all, I should make the point that I am not asking for financial support to maintain this blog.  This is my labor of love, so to speak, that allows me to exercise my mind a bit (in English) and to keep myself in the habit of writing and developing ideas, which are an essential part of any writer's toolbox.  As such, Life on the Far Side and Radio Far Side are "on the house," since they are as much for my own benefit and anyone else's.

Where I need help is with several large-scale arts and entertainment projects that I am developing to expand our shared cultures and, with a bit of luck and hard work, expand minds.  I must note that, to my way of thinking, any art that does not involve education is not art at all.

To begin with, I am trying to arrange a seminar called, "Secret Indonesia," in which several experts discuss the rather amazing, but relatively unknown (even to Indonesians) history of the archipelago.  Three speakers - Peter Levenda, Danny Hillman and Graham Hancock - have already expressed a desire to participate, and we plan to produce at least two documentaries while they are here to document their research and provide the information to a global audience.  The seminar would be webcast, as well as with a live audience, so we are looking for funds to provide transportation, accommodations, a venue, and the various technology to pull this off.  Patreon subscribers would be offered exclusive material, such as interviews and behind-the-scene looks at the event.

The next project is Cabaret Indonique.  We are seeking funding to produce and tour an all-original cabaret-style show that includes music, dance, comedy and magic all by Indonesian performers and artists.  Not only is there a profound lack of quality live entertainment combining all these elements in Indonesia, we also believe that international audiences will truly enjoy the talents and abilities of local performers that rarely get the chance to tour outside the country.  We have assembled some of the best up-and-coming stars in Indonesian entertainment, and combined them with high-quality logistical and technical support to create a show of unsurpassed and highly unique entertainment.  Again, Patreon subscribers would be provided with exclusive content and access, including a series of "making of" videos and interviews with the key talents involved.

Finally, we are in the process of launching Far Side TV (FSTV), which will be delivered through outlets like YouTube, as well as a dedicated server here.  This project is deeply involved with the previous two, as well, as the same people and tools will be utilized to create and deliver the video content for Secret Indonesia and Cabaret Indonique, as well as a wide variety of exclusive content just for Patreon subscribers.  For this project, we are looking to buy an HD camera drone and a basic wireless audio rig (microphones, field mixer) to help us capture the images and sound for all of these projects.

Obviously, we have some hefty expenses to get these projects (and much more) launched.  We are actively seeking investors and commercial sponsors, as well.  We need to pay for the various tools and infrastructure that go into producing these types of things, and we have to pay for rentals and services that we cannot otherwise get donated.

As a Patreon subscriber, you not only get access to exclusive content and the knowledge that your money is having a real-world effect on people, but we will also offer special gifts (autographed books and other items, etc.) from time to time only to folks who support our efforts as a kind of profit sharing.

Patreon allows for lump-sum donations, or monthly subscriptions that start at US$1/month, and is widely recognized as a means to support the arts for those who appreciate making the world a better place through culture.

For those who may be interested in outright investment, we have full proposals, including financial statements and other documentation.  You can contact us via the email link under the header on this page, or through any of our links on Google, LinkedIn, etc.

In the seven years we've been at this, we have avoided commercializing Life on the Far Side and Radio Far Side.  They are our labor of love.  However, to expand beyond these relatively minor efforts, we are asking for your support.  We invite you to join us in having a real and tangible effect on the world through the promotion of arts and culture.

And thank you, dear Reader, ever so kindly for allowing us a few minutes of your time on this wonderful Friday.  We look forward, as always, to bringing you some unique and enjoyable content.

Thank you for your continuing support, from all of us here at the Far Side Global Headquarters (FSGHQ).

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