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The Three-Legged Coup

Here in the waning hours of 2016, as the Trump Era dawns in the US and a nationalistic wave sweeps the world, one can begin to see an outline of the new globalist agenda.  It should be clear to most thoughtful people at this point that Trump does not represent an end to globalism, only the rise of a rival faction with a rather different set of goals and objectives.  I would define the two major factions as the "Build Up" and "Tear Down" models.

At the dawn of the 20th century, the globalists installed three different versions of Socialism as a means of testing which model would be most palatable to the masses.  The Russian version, under Stalin, was the heavy-handed form of top-down, highly regulated uber-State.  In Germany, it was the techno-State under Hitler.  In the US, it was the nanny-State under Roosevelt.  This system was basically the Tri-Lateral concept in practice - set up three global regions under rival interpretations of the same basic principles (State over all) - with the goal to see which one functioned the best.

It should be made clear that all three models were (are) under the control of the same "Hidden Hand," and represented the three primary factions among the ruling Snakes.

World War One was set off to destroy the dominant model, which had ruled the world for nearly two millennia: Monarchy.  This included the very powerful Roman Church, which was the foundation and central authority of the European genetic ruling classes.  The war effectively impoverished the ruling houses, placing them in deep debt to the Banking (Templar) class, which sought to overthrow the blood dynasties by empowering the serf classes using something known as Democracy.  The royals still standing after the war were reduced to little more than figureheads and tourist curiosities.

In the years between the Great Wars, the Tri-Lateral world was installed and bitter rivalries were set up to ensure an ultimate clash between them as a means of testing which of the three models were the most durable and powerful.  In other words, the Banker class needed a means to determine which of their Socialist systems would be both the most economically viable, and the one which the most number of people would buy into.

World War Two was the result of the Big Test.  The three forms of Socialism took root, built up and ultimately went head-to-head with each other in an all-out war of domination.  Think of the war as a kind of Olympics for the Hidden Hand, testing their strengths and weaknesses; it was a kind of Grand Triathlon at the highest levels of global elites.

Ultimately, the Nanny-State of the Rothschild-Rockefeller faction won out and has dominated globalism for the past 60 years.  This faction was eventually led by the Bush family and was cemented in place by the Petro-Dollar, but the other two factions did not go away.

The National Socialists (German version) rose again briefly in the US under Kennedy, which ultimately was backed by a re-emerging Roman Church that had backed National Socialism during World War Two.  The result was, of course, the rather dramatic events in Dallas in November of 1963.

Meanwhile, the Marxist Socialists were ultimately defeated at the end of the 1980s, with the fall of Ruassia and the resulting dismantling of that member of the Tri-Lateral system.  It immediately pivoted to China, where it re-emerged in a slightly modified version that sought - not to bring everyone down to an equal level - but build every up to an equal level.  It is a subtle, but profound shift in strategy.

The result of China's growth was to empower the "bottom-up" model and the creation of an economic powerhouse that has terrified the other two factions.  The US, starting with Nixon-Kissinger, had sought to transplant its model in China and take over the second of the Tri-Lateral regions.  The plan backfired dramatically.

During this time, the Bush Dynasty, which had become the de facto leaders of the dominant faction in the US, had gotten increasingly greedy and had over-reached, making it vulnerable in much the same way that an army that outpaces its supply line becomes vulnerable.  Its goal of creating a sexless, painfully equal mass of humanity violated all of humans really want.  No amount of re-education and social engineering could get rid of basic human nature.

The Bush Dynasty, given its greed and impatience, shifted its power base to its China division and saw itself as the financial center, dominating the world's productive output.  In so doing, it opened a vast soft spot by selling its debt off and literally handing the other two factions the leverage they needed to unseat the uppity region.

Moreover, the Bush Dynasty's uncontrolled push to level the playing field by tearing the masses down to equalize them violated basic human instincts.  It caused a major backlash from the proles, who had grown less satisfied and more vocal in their opposition.  The combination of popular uprising and economic over-reach were the death blows to the Nanny-Socialists.

In what most of the world saw as a stunning upset, the National Socialists defeated the Nanny Socialists in an eye-popping victory in the US elections.  The Bush Dynasty was castigated and disgraced in a highly public "revolution" of sorts.  The "top-down" model of Socialism had gone off the rails and had jeopardized the entire Tri-Lateral dominance of the Bankers.  The astounding success of China had shown the world that the "bottom-up" model was more effective in placating the masses, a lesson that had been lost on the Bush Dynasty, but which had powered the economic rise of the US after World War Two.

Donald Trump is the emergent leader of the now-reestabished National Socialist faction.  One look at his cabinet appointments shows this quite clearly, and his policies of immigration control and focus on production as a means of building a thriving middle class are hallmarks of this faction's modus operandi.

The masses, of course, love this model.  It offers the perception of a rising economic lifestyle and openings for those with ambition to advance their socio-economic positions.  In other words, instead of bringing everyone down to a level of equality, it seeks to build everyone up - to a point.

It is still Socialism and it is still controlled by the Snakes, but it represents two opposing views on how to achieve global dominance.  The Nanny-Staters don't want to empower the masses, as they see this as a threat to their social and economic dominance.  However, their system cannot achieve the overall goals of the cabal, because it is far too paranoid and unbalanced.

The Snakes must continually move to higher ground to avoid being slaughtered by the masses.  They have done this throughout history, changing their centers of operation from one place to another, being run out of town every time their machinations are exposed.  There are only two places left for them to protect their purses: Antarctica and Space.  Both of these locations have been dominating the news for anyone who has been watching.

In order to move their operations off-planet and protect their strategic positions, the Snakes need the combined global manufacturing capacity.  They need the creativity and industry of the masses to build the infrastructure needed to get them off Earth and set up in a more protected location.  This cannot be achieved by, to put it bluntly, pissing everyone off and causing them to throw down their tools and walk off the job.

Instead, the Snakes need the masses to buy in, and the carrot always works better than the stick.  Trump is offering a lot of carrots.  He realizes that the masses won't produce at the level needed without a system of rewards in place to encourage productivity.  Obviously, the masses are much more industrious if they feel economically secure and prosperous.

This is not the end - yet.  Like all humans, the Snakes like to sit in the top chair at the head of the table.  The Nannies have spent decades re-educating the masses and still have a large power base.  They can't afford to let the Nationalists show the masses how fun life can be with a little money in their pockets.  That would shut down the resistance and get every busy making widgets.  They will regroup and come back fighting.  After all, the factions may keep changing places at the table, but ultimately they don't feel the pain that the rest of us do.  For them, it's just a matter of who gets to set the agenda at their secret meetings every year.  We are the ones who suffer and die while they hash out their differences.

While the Nationalists offer a grittier and more rewarding form of Socialism, from a certain point of view, it still comes with shackles.  No matter which faction dominates the dinner table, the rest of us are still serving the dinner, rather than sharing in it.

I doubt seriously if Trump is cognizant of all or most of this.  He is a charismatic figurehead that is being used as the marketing front man for the re-emerging Nationalist faction.  It seems to be working, since the economy is already starting to thrust forward in the US, and the Nationalist faction has already begun moving their bases back home.  Furthermore, the masses seem placated.

Oh sure, there is some very vocal - and violent - opposition from the segment of the masses who have been brainwashed since birth to passionately desire the Nannies.  In the end, though, many will come around as bank accounts swell, and the few who don't will be increasingly marginalized.

If this assessment is correct, then we will see three things going forward: 1) an economic boom the likes of which have never been witnessed before, 2) increasing low-level stories about Antarctica, with more high-level visits, and 3) a massive push into space.

There has been a coup d'etat, but not in the sense most of us think.  It is not about national governments.  Those are simply the executive arms of the true rulers - the Snakes.  The real coup was at the elite dinner table, where place cards have been shuffled and certain factions moved far from the salt dish.

Enjoy the ride, and make a little money, but remember there are still shackles on your hands and feet.

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