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Sisyphus And The PPMPRR

O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't!
- The Tempest, Act V, Scene I

When it comes to quotes for all occasions, Shakespeare has the Bible beat.  The man could turn a phrase better than any other wordsmith I've come across, and like the character Miranda who speaks the lines above, I often boggle at the world's stage and all the men and women upon 't.

About a month or so ago, I wrote that people with common sense and the ability to reason should seize the moment to steer the narrative.  I suggested terms like "Corporate Media," "Snakes," etc., as a means to grab hold of the public discourse before the American political hacks (in the old sense and new) could regain control.

Alas, it is too late.  This whole "fake news" narrative is a prime example of the Corporate Media trying to wrest control of the Information Stream away from the Free Press, who so deftly ran circles around the Professional Liars during the election.

Amazingly, the Corporate Media actually chose Brian Williams to be one of their attack dogs.  Let's take a moment to remember who this bozo is.  This guy was the national news anchor for one of the propaganda outlets - I purposely forgot which one - who was disgraced for dozens of false reports, especially the whopper about being shot down by an RPG over some Middle East country (details aren't important, since the story was fake).

It seems, though, that this fabricated narrative of Russian hackers upsetting the US elections is being shot down.  Almost as much as the term "fake news" gets thrown around in the Corporate Media, are the retractions of stories that are wholly created for public consumption.  It seems the Battle of the Narrative is not won yet.

In all of this hollering about Fake News, though, is "die Sache hat einen Haken" that no one is willing to talk about.

Have you heard anyone, whether the Free Press or the Corporate Media, lately addressing the veracity of the information in the thousands of email that were released by WikiLeaks before Election Day?

Think about that for a minute...

Neither Clinton nor Podesta nor Wasserman-Schultz et cetera ad nauseam has denied the SUBSTANCE of the vast piles of email, only that the OUTLETS are not part of that very chic and exclusive club known as the Professional Propaganda Mouthpieces and Press Release Regurgitators (a.k.a. PPMPRR).  In other words, this is all a massive ad hominem attack that is trying to discredit the independent reporters and journalists, but they haven't spent a single minute addressing the underlying information that was reported.

Thus, Fake News is yet another fallacy of creating a Straw Man to attack, rather than denying and defending against the actual issues that were raised.

For their part, the Free Press has bought into the whole mess by not only adopting the "Fake News" term, but defending themselves against a false attack, instead of continuing to report on and hammer away at the real issues.

The Corporate Media are highly adept at these things.  They get their targets engaged in a thrilling round of "are too am not" until everyone forgets what the real issue was, and thus the original perpetrators get off scot-free.

Come to think of it, the Corporate Media have set up several Straw Men, with the Fake News narrative, the alleged Russian Hackers, and now, it seems they are trying to sneak the Chinese into it, as well.

It is a classic smoke and mirrors attack.  Get everyone arguing about something that doesn't exist and is completely irrelevant so they forget to argue about the real issues.  It also sets up the Free Press to spend all their time proving a negative, which also cannot be done.  Sisyphus would be proud.

This whole thing highlights the inexperience of the Free Press.  The PPMPRR has successfully - so far - hi-jackced the public discourse and redirected the death blow that is literally within the grip of the Free Press.  It is time for the New Media to learn quickly and fight back by retaking control of the public discourse, otherwise this rare moment in history will be lost.  Don't use the approved terms and phrases issued by the Corporate Media, and stop attacking the Straw Men they set up.

Instead, return to the Clinton and Podesta email that not only contain major issues that need to be investigated, but that have already brought down some major political figures.  This is REAL information that NO ONE has denied.

Stop getting bogged down in false narratives, or Sisyphus' boulder will roll right over you.

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