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Snidely Whiplash And The Pissers

Well, here we are on the threshold of history.  It is rare when one can anticipate such dramatic leaps in the historical timeline down to the very minute, but the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the US is certainly one of them.

In one sense, it reminds me of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, when a great swath of the world's population knew in advance the precise moment when history would change.  In fact, many would witness the event on TeeVee, just as many presumably will do with the inauguration.

Despite the overwhelming curiosity I feel regarding the exact nature of how Trump will affect history, there is little doubt in my mind that we have arrived at a nexus of timelines, where the path forward is obscured by millions of voices clammoring to predict either magnificent or horrific outcomes from this point on.

For myself, I have not yet decided whether Trump is friend or foe.  I admit that I deeply desire this moment to be when the wave of history crests and the inexorable backlash begins against a truly detestable group of humans who have worked tirelessly for the past century to steer the globe towards mass slavery and subjugation.

But I just can't shake this nagging feeling that the whole thing is a set-up, an "op".  My spidey-sense is tingling as I construct multiple plausible scenarios whereby Trump or those around him are setting a massive trap for humanity.  I can distinctly see how all of this could be an enormous scheme to shut down the freedom movement once and for all.

As I've said more times than I care to enumerate, I am a contrarian.  When I see masses of people running in one direction, I figure the best course is to go the opposite way.  I would normally consider myself a fool for doing this, except that it has worked far more times than not.  In fact, I am often rewarded for this conscious choice by being at the head of the line when the masses end up coming back my way.

In my analysis, I begin with the premise that Trump is a "false messiah.'  I assume that he, or those around him, have pushed him to the front as the sugar that draws the ants.  What worries me is that the classic ant trap usually involves mixing the sugar with boric acid, which is obviously lethal to the poor creatures who fell for the ruse.

Here's one part of the trap:

We know, because they have revealed themselves quite clearly, that the Corporate Media collude both among themselves and with the Deep State.  This collusion is used to steer mass sentiments and popular culture at a very subtle level.  Having worked many years in mass media, I am well aware of this fact and have spent many years trying to warn people.

Using the principles of Edward Bernays and reverse psychology, suppose you wanted to steer your political opponents into a trap.  The first thing you would do is find a charismatic leader who spouts all the right phrases (which you collected from social media) and then do everything you can to demonize him EXCEPT cut off his media exposure.  Doesn't it strike you as odd that Ron Paul was made practically invisible by the media, but Trump received the equivalent of millions of dollars of free air time just to ridicule him?  Both candidates were appealing to the same demographics.

Therein lies my first clue.  Ron Paul showed that there was a large and powerful movement among the masses who were ready to toss the entire elite class out of power.  He was rendered invisible in order to prevent the movement from getting out of hand.

Donald Trump appealed to the same groups, but he is a multi-billionaire media personality who is arguably a major insider, just from his social circles and business connections.

Ron Paul was a true outsider and uncontrollable.  Donald Trump is a true insider POSITIONED to look like an outsider in order to redirect the anti-elite movement and ultimately disable it.  In essence, Trump is the Pied-Piper of Hameln.  Frankly, I cannot imagine a scenario where the Corporate Media would implode the way they have unless it was absolutely necessary to complete the image that Trump is an outsider, thus ensuring all the "rats" followed the magic flute.

Imagine you are one of the Bilderberg/Davos tea-sippers.  You have a problem, in that the masses are getting restless and want to lamppost you and your family next Bastille Day.  You need to quell the revolution while at the same time getting everyone to buy into your evil plan to rule the world, and none of the masses can be aware that you did this or the spell won't work and they'll be even more angry.

Ron Paul was scary because he was a rationalist.  He could present clear, well-reasoned arguments why the US federal government and all its tentacles needed to be unwound.  You could make him vanish by simply not looking at him, but the masses who follow him are not going to go away that easily.

You find a popular demagogue with a wildly popular TeeVee show.  He has a massive ego, so even if he isn't aware he is being used, he own narcissism will blind him to your machinations.  In other words, he will believe his own bullshit.

You have to be sure the right crowds will follow him, so you implode your broadcast media operations, have your various thought-leading celebrities break down in public, and you trot out the heads of your surveillance operations to ridicule and threaten the demagogue.

This convinces everyone that the demagogue is a true outsider, even when all his political appointments are deep insiders from banking and corporate interests, including nominating the CEO of one of the largest corporations in the world to be the third in line to the throne.

Can you see how well this operation is working?

Just to be sure, keep threatening the legitimacy of the demagogue by claiming the election was rigged, or he engaged in perverted sexual practices, or various insiders like the CIA want to kill him.  Hell, fire the head of the Washington, DC National Guard at the moment the demagogue takes office, just to make the rubes sweat a bit.  Classic cliff-hanger stuff made in Hollywood.

To complete the scheme, the demagogue needs to believe what he is saying and doing.  I think Trump believes in himself with complete conviction, but his ego allows him to be rather easily steered in whatever direction the elites need him to go.  If Trump didn't believe it, then the insincerity would show up somewhere in his character or speech.  The bait must be absolutely convincing to keep the rubes on track.

I want to believe Trump is real and that all of the bread and circuses represent real events, but I can't.  I am so profoundly aware at how good Hollywood and the Corporate Media are at manipulating hearts and minds that I automatically assume that anything coming out of those institutions is complete horse shit and designed to the letter to ensnare and enslave the masses.

I do not know, at this point, whether Trump is in on it or not.  Nor do I pretend to know what the final act will be.  I can imagine a great many climactic scenarios, such as Trump being made a martyr in a very public way (like JFK or 9/11) in order to take control of people's psyches and emotions.  I can image scenarios in which Trump, and thus "his" movement, are thoroughly humiliated and denounced, causing people to flee any association with "freedom" and "liberty" and "nationalism."

Whatever the outcome will be, the plan is already in motion, so the aware mind will slowly be able to see patterns emerging.  I also figure nothing will happen at the inauguration.  The threats are all just part of the elites eliciting the "danger" response, so people will flock to Trump's side to protect him.

I look for the coup de gras to occur within a year, much like 9/11 did with G. W. Shrub.  Hopefully by then, we will be able to discern what the trap is and recognize it when it comes.

Whatever the case may be, I will reserve my enthusiastic applause for 2020 or 2024, when the history is written and we can begin the assessment.  Until then, I am holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I always begin my analysis with two assumptions: 1) everyone acts out of self-interest at some level, and 2) Hollywood and the Corporate Media have turned bullshit into a Fine Art of Manipulation.  On these bases, I build worst-case scenarios, and thus I am rarely disappointed and, alas, often right about the state of current events.

No matter how much one likes and/or supports Trump, one must be prepared to accept that we are all being massively deceived - always a safe assumption.

In the end, Hope is not a solid foundation for rational thought.

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