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Is That A Passport In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

The hysteria over Donald Trump's immigration orders is by far the most entertainment out of the US since last November.  The global reaction makes it even more entertaining.  It is very interesting to see the antics and finger-pointing worldwide.

We begin with Chuckie Schumer, New York senator and dual citizen with an Israeli passport, shedding crocodile tears, as if he truly cares about the plight of "refugees".  He is probably more terrified that Trump will ban dual citizens, forcing him to choose between his cushy life-long job on the backs of taxpayers and his beloved desert hell-hole that he obviously doesn't love enough to live there.

Next, we have the CEO of AirBnB volunteering other people's private property as free shelter for banned travellers.  Yes, it doesn't hurt to look good with false generosity when you have no liability, no loss and no ownership in the outcome.  In the spirit of his generous offer, I'd like to open his home for free to all "refugees" and people from the seven banned countries.  C'mon in!

Then there's China's official mouthpiece Xinhua pointing the finger at the Trump orders and gleefully featuring coverage of the protests at JFK airport.  Of course, there is no mention that China has some of the most strict immigration laws in Asia, enforces them ruthlessly and allows zero "refugees" inside their borders.  Oops, forgot about that part, did you?

The EU is jumping up and down hollering about the new US policies, with Hollande and others demanding that the European dictatorship get tough on Trump - or they would be jumping up and down except they might land on a "refugee" or two...hundred.  Sounds more like a case of passionately wanting someone else to share their misery.

Almost every single article I can find says that Trump banned Muslims, but when I read the Executive Order, it says all passport holders from seven countries in the Middle East know to harbor terrorists, regardless of political or religious backgrounds. Neither does the EO put a permanent ban on these countries...just three months.

Interestingly, Trump also ordered the Pentagon to come up with a plan in 30 days to defeat ISIS.  That would give him 60 days to effect the plan before the ban is lifted.  Hmmm...  He also said that he would not release details of the plan beforehand.  That makes sense, since FDR didn't hold a presser to announce that Allied forces would be landing at Normandy at dawn on the 6th or June, either.

To be fair, the seven banned countries are predominantly Islamic, though Indonesia was not included with a population about 79% Muslim.  So maybe the ban is political, not religious?  Banish the thought!

Trump has done nothing but his job, which is to execute the law of the land in the most effective and fiscally-responsible way.  Granted, no one has done that in the US for decades, but hey, it's still the law, folks.

If the Middle East had a virulent outbreak of hemorrhagic fever, I'm sure Chuckie Schumer and the Walking, Democrats would be falling all over themselves to ban travellers from those countries.  Point of order, Mr. Chuckie, politically-induced mental illness is just as dangerous.

Though I am wary as hell of Trump, I must admit that his orders are perfectly reasonable and legitimate.  Unlike Obama, he's even (so far) using the EOs for their intended purpose: enforce the law, not make it.  Being an immigrant myself and having to abide by the laws and regulations of my resident country, I fully support what Trump is doing.  Just because none of his predecessors have bothered to enforce the law does not remove him from his sworn duty as president.

The looks on the faces of my Islamic friends here is classic when they tell me Trump has banned Muslims, and I respond that Indonesians are free to travel to the US any time they want, as long as they have a valid visa and follow the process.  It really does not compute, so effective has the Corporate Media been in rewriting the narrative.

Oh, there's one more thing.  If Trump was really serious, he'd ban Saudi Arabia too.  I guess that's too much to ask.

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