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From Hell's Heart I Stab At Thee

The most common argument invoked to silence those of us who are rightfully dubious of vaccines is analogous to saying a chocolate cake is still delicious, despite the presence of arsenic in the recipe.  The other part of the argument is that if a little chocolate cake is delicious, then four-and-a-half tons of it in one sitting is even better.

In the Far Side's ongoing rant against vaccines, the most common criticism we receive is that we are throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Vaccines, they say, are obviously good, so what's a hundred thousand acute and/or chronic illnesses per million, when compared to the glories of induced immunity?

When it is you or your child that is incapacitated for life, we must conclude that 1-in-10 is unacceptable, especially when both the efficacy and safety of vaccines have been dramatically called into question in the past couple of years.

Most recently, the Italian national science agency discovered significant quantities of heavy metals and unknown bio-contaminants in over 40 tested human vaccines, the German high court found no evidence for a measles virus, and outbreaks of disease among vaccinated populations have highlighted issues regarding the efficacy of vaccines.

A recent RAND study of over 20,000 published papers found little strong evidence for associations between vaccines and common complaints:
CONCLUSIONS: There is evidence that some vaccines are associated with serious adverse events; however, these events are extremely rare and must be weighed against the protective benefits that vaccines provide. Careful consideration should be given to the investigation of research gaps, including patient risk factors that may be associated with AEs; however, important factors must be taken into account when determining whether studies are warranted, including the severity and frequency of the AE being studied and the challenges of conducting sufficiently powered studies when investigating rare events.

However, this study doesn't appear to address so-called "tobacco science," in which data is cherry-picked to arrive at the desired outcome, nor does it address the powerful influence that vaccine manufacturers have over which papers are published and/or allowed public access.  Furthermore, in the US in recent years, the manufacturers have been inoculated against liability for their products and special "secret" courts set up that don't allow class-action suits. This can easily be interpreted as a virtual admission of guilt, not to mention a blatant example of government and industry colluding in a protection racket.  It is also a sure-fire recipe for abuse of public trust.

Into this mess rides Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Long a champion of the vaccine safety issue, he has issued a US$100,000 reward for anyone who can produce evidence that Thimerosal - a mercury compound commonly used in vaccines as a preservative - is safe for human injection.  It also appears that the Trump administration will name Kennedy as head of a special investigative panel on vaccines.

One is tempted to feel a glimmer of hope that the global reign of terror by Big Pharma may be coming to an end, but I am reticent to indulge just yet.  The prospect of losing billions in ill-gotten profits, plus the decades of potential lawsuits in nearly every jurisdiction on Earth would tend to make the industry willing to fight dirty.

Take the MMR vaccine as an example.  The German court's findings mean that at least one-third of the vaccine is completely imaginary, since no measles virus exists.  Thus, the millions of doses given worldwide, with at least some part of the price being completely without cost, as no processing is required to inoculate against fantasy.  That's a tidy little income with virtually no expense to achieve it.  How many of the vaccines are equally imaginary?

We have only the say-so of Big Pharma to guarantee the safety of vaccines, since government regulators seem more than willing to sell us out for free vacations and cushy revolving-door jobs at the end of every rainbow.

We are faced with severely entrenched forces whose ability and desire to poison humanity for profit is increasingly clear.  It is an uphill battle with both industry and government sided against those of us who are sick of being told what is good for us at the expense of our children's futures and the general health.  It will not be easy to pry the truth out of the system.

Nevertheless, we can be encouraged that the tide is turning against the Big Pharma leviathan and even little victories are worth celebrating.

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