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This Ain't Your Daddy's Pizza

"Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!"

Thus declared Claudius, at both the beginning and end of Robert Graves' brilliant I, Claudius.

At the end of empires, the foul rot that lies at the heart of power is always revealed.  Ultimately, the revelation is at least a proximal cause of the collapse, but equally is it the moral and ethical decay it represents a reason for implosion.

Whether historically or contemporaneously, all centers of power and wealth rot out.  The debauchery of power always eats itself like a parasite until the host dies.  It is as inevitable as sunset.

Throughout history, one of the primal signals that an empire was about to collapse has been the complete abandonment of propriety and moral standards.  Rome, of course, serves as an iconic symbol of such decay.  That empire only survived past the first century anno domini because of the mass conversion of the empire to Christianity and the return of some moral compass.  That was enough to keep the empire going for another three centuries, until even the Roman Church had corrupted.

Only one thing is more sure than the decay of empire, and it is that the decay is commensurate with the scale of wealth and power that the empire wields.  The greater the pile of gold on which the emperor sits, the more fetid and debased will be the spirits that dwell at the seat of power.

At its lowest point, the heart of the empire resorts to sacrificing innocents lives, drinking their blood and sexual practices that would make even the most liberal mind reel in shock and horror.  At this point, there are no longer factions or divisions; you are either in or out.

Empires also work like secret societies: in order to ensure the absolute fealty of its members, they must commit the most heinous crimes in front of witnesses who will use it to destroy any member who steps out of line.  The lure of unending riches and plate-fulls of the most forbidden fruits is more than even the most resolute of minds can resist.  No matter how idealistic one's initial state, unbridled power will drag one down.  After all, who of us would not eventually taste the fruit if all consequences of law and shame were removed?  Once tasted, then there could be no turning back.

At which point we come to PizzaGate.

Back during the waning days of the US presidential election, WikiLeaks began dumping thousands of email, most especially that of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager.  Researchers began noticing a patter of odd pizza references that were strangely out of context.  It was a police investigator in New York City who mentioned that pizza references were common code among pedophiles, which he had investigated for several years.

At that time, I noted on the Farcebook feed that folks should keep an eye on PizzaGate.  It was going to become a major story, and indeed it is, with at least one major news story per week cropping up in various parts of the US.  There are a lot of dogged private investigators out there, some who have been at this story since at least the early 1980s, who needed just that bit of information to finally pry the lid off the rotten core of empire.

The story broke a couple of years ago with the revelations concerning Jimmy Seville, a UK celebrity who happened to be known for his "charity" work for children.  Despite fierce resistance, that investigation has already ensnared a number of the elite, including now a former Prime Minister.

Americans have blissfully ignored the story until now, and even in the face of mounting evidence and even several arrests, most continue to ignore or deny that such a thing could exist at the heart of their empire.  When faced with information too horrible to contemplate, the mind will default to the "everything is just fine" position in protection mode.

The fact is, though, that pedophilia and human sacrifice have appeared repeatedly throughout recorded history wherever wealth and power condense.  As if under some spell from outside, those at the centers of power come to believe that having sex with, drinking the blood of and sacrificing the lives of innocents will transfer even more power and perhaps even eternal life to their blackened hearts.

Throughout the Western world, so-called Child Protective Services (CPS) have been set up to procure children for the elite.  In the Middle East, especially Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Bacha Bazi boys have been around for at least as long as Islam, and probably much longer.  In Asia, Thailand is notable for providing children for sex.  Institutions like the Roman Church have long been seething cesspools of child abuse, but most major European churches are involved in the system.

Most of the children are street urchins or orphans.  They would not be missed if they disappeared.  The Western CPS systems evolved to identify abandoned and abused children who could vanish without much fuss, and the legal system was adjusted to allow these organizations the right to take children from their families under an entire spectrum of sanctioned conditions.  They identify potential sources of fresh meat, then literally prey on them until they can find some means to take the children into custody and place them with "foster" families, where they are conditioned for the elite "market".

PizzaGate and its various related scandals around the world, threaten to expose one of the oldest and best kept secrets of the global elite.  This practice is one of the most vital sources of power that the elite have, and they will do virtually anything to protect themselves and their sicknesses.  It is their most vulnerable point, but also the source of their cohesiveness.  It binds them together more tightly than social institution, like marriage.

There is a literal war being carries out before our collective eyes.  Some factions of the elite are still human and find the practice revolting, but they have their own vulnerabilities that can be exposed.  It is a stalemate of mutual destruction: sociopath versus sociopath.

Nearly every major news story right now has at its core this elite perversion.  Middle Eastern wars on "terror" are an ideal means of creating orphans and displaced children.  The children are shipped around under the guise of "refugee relocation" programs, where they can disappear into "social services" networks with almost no oversight or accountability.  Once the elite are done with them, they are simply killed off in ritual murders and no one is the wiser.

Those who think Trump will champion an investigation have not considered the significance of the so-called "Russian prostitute" dossier that made the rounds.  It was most likely fake, but it served notice on Trump that he is vulnerable regardless of his innocence in any given accusation. Even if the elite have no substantial charge (highly unlikely), they have the means to fabricate evidence and disseminate it within hours to their media blow-hards.

The die is cast.  The poisons in the mud will hatch out.  It is the nature of crumbling empires to have their darkest secrets brought to light.  It will not be simple or without collateral damage, though.  Deep secrets, like the elite pedophile system, will cause widespread injury and death as they struggle to keep their most vile practices under wraps.

This is by far not the only scandal that is coming to light, but it is the most visceral.  Economic manipulation, vast deception and wars for profits are horrible, but at least comprehensible to most people.  The elite pedophilia is something that cannot be repaired or covered up.  Once made common knowledge, the vast majority of normal people will demand blood.  Once the lid is off this can of worms, there is no going back.

Stay alert.  Not only has PizzaGate just begun, the depth and breadth of its revelations will shock even the most jaded mind.

As Claudius Caesar admonished, "Let all he poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out."

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