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Needle And The Damage Done

UPDATE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks about vaccines and autism.

Yesterday, we had the case of one individual - albeit a very credible one - blowing the proverbial whistle on NOAA "climate change" data manipulation.  Naturally, the debunking machines got into high-gear to discredit Dr. John Bates and control the damage done.

Today's story is a bit harder to sweep under the "conspiracy" rug, since the information comes from the Italian government itself, and involves a large study and paper published on the topic.

The topic is vaccines, and the story is that a government science agency has found toxins, carcinogens and bio-debris of unknown origin in a number of human-rated vaccines.  Furthermore, it appears that animal vaccines have greater purity restrictions than the crud being pumped into people from infancy.

Yesterday, we saw that one of the top science types at NOAA told the world that one of the most trusted climate data agencies around "massaged" date in order to manipulate world leaders into accepting a huge boondoggle whose sole purpose was to institute a global tax scheme that, by default, created a world government.

The Science Sacred Cow that we are about to slaughter the health and well-being of virtually every human being on Earth.  In fact, one of the possible conclusions of the new information is that someone or some group is trying to make the global population mentally incapacitated and quite possibly to "shut off" our lives at roughly the time we are no longer productive enough to significantly add to the global economy.

Lest the reader think that the new information on vaccines is coming from some questionable "conspiracy theory" factory, let's clarify right up front that the source is the National Council of Research of Italy and the Scientific Director of Nanodiagnostics.  The study was published in the Journal of Vaccines and Vaccinations.  Serious study from serious people published in a serious science journal.

According to the paper, the group sampled 44 common vaccines and found that they contained anomalous amounts of heavy metals and "bio-debris", like red blood cells from unknown sources.  The substances found are known carcinogens and toxins, and/or sources of autoimmune dysfunction.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The study also noted that some samples of animal vaccines from France were purer due to strict regulations that control drugs for livestock, but not for humans.

Let that sink in for another moment.

There is a whole laundry list of metals that are known or suspected of causing mental impairments, such as Alzheimer's and autism.  All of them are bio-accumulative, hard to flush out of the body and have additional toxicity when combined.

Some more sinking.

If this information doesn't piss you the hell off, then please go immediately to a doctor and have your pulse and blood pressure checked.  You may be dead already.

Ladies and gentlemen, not only are these vaccines being pushed on us - in some cases under penalty of law - for massive profits, there may well be a provable case here for malice aforethought with intent to poison humanity for some nefarious end.


This is beginning to sound like the plot from Tim Burton's Batman, where the Joker has seeded toxins across a range of products, so that any one of them is harmless, but in combination cause serious health problems, including death.


At the very least, Big Pharma stands accused this moment of criminal neglect, absent proof of intent.  They have obviously poisoned a significant amount of humanity by not taking the necessary steps to ensure clean, safe products.  If malicious intent could be proved, this is nothing short of a massive conspiracy to poison all of humanity.


I do not think I overstate the case when I say that we are collectively under attack by a group or groups with a death wish for humanity that is so callous as to want to profit off their efforts.  We are being manipulated mentally and physically in the way cattle or crops are manipulated, so that we produce a product (money, labor) and then die off when we are no longer useful.

Both the climate data manipulation and the vaccine contamination stories have been neatly slid under the carpet of the news cycle.  The information has been quietly laid out in the public domain in such a way as to provide plausible deniability.  "Gosh," they could say, "we released the information, but no one acted on it, so we just let it slide."

If all you've done is read my two columns, you should at least feel your pulse quicken and your blood pressure rise.  If you've clicked through to look at the links, then you should be taking stock of your ammo supply about now.

These are absolutely stunning revelations.  We have (provably) been lied to, manipulated and treated with the most cynical hands of real-life conspirators.  On top of that, the deception has been going on for at least the past 50 years of stabs, jabs and climate panic.

We now have objective proof in our hands that some number of individuals and organizations are out to get us.  At the very least, we have solid grounds to question the motives of government agencies and corporations.  The very foundations of science and transparent reporting by agencies and media are seriously eroded, like a certain dam in California, and we should all be in the process of evacuating.  We are no longer able to brush these issues aside as "tin foil conspiracies".

Now, the questions is, what are we going to do about it?

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