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Practice Makes Puppet

READER NOTE: If you aren't following @RadioFarSide on Twitter, then you are missing half the major news stories in the world.  We've been covering stories that Western media haven't even touched, like the Philippines ISIS war and the Melbourne bombing.  We go where your nightly news fears to tread, from the other side of the argument, to the other side of the planet!

Every year, a couple of months or so after Ramadhan, there's an Islamic holy day called Eid al-Adha, or Feast of the Sacrifice.  Animals, usually goats and cows, have their throats slit with a ceremonial knife and their blood is sloshed all over the mosque in a cleansing ritual.

Keep this in mind as you read details of the London Bridge attack, where the perpetrators used long hunting knives to slit the throats of their victims as they invoked Allah.  If you are open minded enough, you might see a connection between Eid al-Adha and the attack.

Islam began as a backward religion.  It borrowed heavily from the Old and New Testaments of Judaism and Christianity.

At the time Islam was being formed, around AD500, Judaism had mostly ceased live animal sacrifices, and Christianity had replaced them with a ritualistic sacrifice called the Eucharist.  In other words, the two existing monotheisms had begun a reformation process that eschewed barbaric bloody sacrifice, at least insofar as it involved actual, living creatures.

Islam, however, sought to return to an earlier incarnation of these religions, adopting many of the (even then) ancient practices outlined in the Old Testament.

In this way, there is an existing mentality within Islam that the slaughter and spilling of blood is a sacred offering to Allah, who apparently enjoys the sight of innocent blood.  By extension, the more radical elements within Islam would transfer the concept of bloody sacrifice from animals to humans.  After all, if Allah is pleased with animal blood, he must find human blood even more so.

In other words, to the warped minds of the terrorists, if they are killed in the process of slaughtering innocents, then they are cleansed by the blood and eligible for great rewards in heaven.  It is as if their bodies are representative mosques, and the sloshing of innocent blood on their bodies is a ritual cleansing that is most pleasing to Allah.  Thus, the oft-cited "72 virgins" reward for being so pure when standing at the Pearly Gates, or however it is rendered in Islam.

This built-in mentality has been weaponized by certain elements in the West.  It has been fostered and promoted since at least the days of Lawrence of Arabia.  This mentality has been made a tool of Western policy and used to herd the citizens of the US and Europe in whatever direction is needed at the moment.

The weaponization reached a peak under the Nazi regime, where the natural rivalry between Jews and Muslims was a ready tool for those wishing to rid Europe of Jews.  The network developed by the Nazis in the Middle East was taken over by the US after WW2, and put to use in recent times as a means of steering the masses.

This goes a long way toward explaining why Western governments are loath to stop the Muslim influx, and why these bloody attacks occur even when the perpetrators are known to be radicalized and have been under surveillance for some time.  This is why Muslims are allowed to run amok in European countries and have the red carpet rolled out for them.

The radicalized Muslims are tools.  They are created and controlled by Western governments as a means to herd the masses into surrendering their rights.  The radicals are not out of control, they are completely under control.  They have been brainwashed and sold a bill of goods by evil slime hiding in the shadows of Western power centers.

This is a condemnation not only of Western elites who foster and use the radicals, but of the radicals who allow themselves to be manipulated and used in such a way.

It is time for Islam to recognize that it is being manipulated by Western elites, and to reform itself in order to free Muslims from this crass manipulation.  There is no glory in slaughter of innocents, there is only hell on Earth and elsewhere.

The other religions of the world have long since reformed and ceased the senseless and barbaric practice of bloody sacrifice.  Isn't it about time Islam took a long, hard look at itself?

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