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White Is Black, Left Is Right

UPDATE: I no sooner get my rant posted than Lew Rockwell pops up with nearly the same argument, though with a more serious tone.

I have to say it has been very entertaining watching the antics of the American GeezerMedia for the past year.  They are in complete meltdown and don't understand why no one is listening.  Even Hollywood is feeling the pinch as folks just plain get tired of all the mind-control crap being pumped at them.

I predicted years ago, somewhere around the time I started this blog, that this would happen.  Eventually, the lock-step group-think would lose its grasp on society and the swing back to the other side would begin in earnest.

The socialist goose-stepping reached a peak under Obama.  A kind of semi-religious hush fell over the populace, where no one could criticize the first black president.  The Democrats tried desperately to keep the magic going with the first female president (I purposely won't use "woman" to describe Hillary Clinton), but it failed miserably.  Now all the Puppet Masters and their mind-controlled clowns are panicked as their perceived perch atop the world's Mind is lost.

The most interesting part of this whole charade is the intense battle to define Fascism as a right-wing phenomenon, and the desperate attempt to define the common terms used in everyday life, so that the Puppet Masters can control how and what people think.

The right wing are called "alt" and "extreme," while the left wing are "fighting" and "reacting."  No media outlet will mention that the right-wingers have all taken permits for their marches, while the left-wingers show up uninvited and start all the fights.  Wild attempts are underway to silence anyone that doesn't sync with the Proscribed Narrative.  Corporations, NGOs and all sorts of quasi-official "authorities" have been mobilized to plug the drain.

What no one, and I mean NO ONE is saying is that Fascism is defined by the marriage of corporate and governmental power.  That is its raison d'etre..  That is what differentiates it from other forms of "authority."  It is not a left-right paradigm, it is up-down, which doesn't fit in the carefully crafted narrative we are all supposed to consume and spew back.

The other thing that is being VERY CAREFULLY hidden is the fact that the term "Nazi" is short for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.  If you don't read German, that's the National SOCIALIST Workers' Party.  It's a left-wing movement.  Damn fools think most people won't look it up on Giggle or are completely ignorant of history.  Well...I guess they're right in that regard.

As they pull down statues right and left, they are also banking (used advisedly) on the fact that no one knows the Civil War was started by Democrats, that racist Dredd Scott laws were instituted by Democrats, and that Democrats have caused just about every major collapse of civilization in the past 2,500 years, starting with the Greeks.

Furthermore, NO ONE will mention that the entire premise of Democracy rests on an educated and erudite populace, which judging by the campuses in the US don't exist anymore, if ever.

In every single instance in current events, it is the left-wingnuts who are censoring, destroying and injuring.  It is the left-wingnuts who fling urine and feces at peaceful protesters.  It is the left-wingnuts who ambush police, burn down businesses and demand the silencing of even the slightest opposition.  And it is the left-wingnuts who control the GeezerMedia narrative and make it positively unpalatable.

Some may point to the Neo-Cons, but they are left-wingnuts in disguise.  There is no difference philosophically between the transition from LBJ to Nixon, than from Obama to Trump, except that there are exactly ZERO conservatives in the US Federal gummint.  There are only Democrats, and Democrats who called themselves Republicans to get elected, with the possible (though tentative) exception of Rand Paul.

The public narrative is oh-so-careful not to point out that Nazis were left-wingnuts and that all this collusion between corporations and government is the very definition of Fascism.  In a real and organic system of government, it is supposed to protect people from the corporations and the use of financial power to seduce and coerce the masses.

It is an absolutely bizarre spectacle going on the US these days.  It is the insane leading the deluded.  It is normal people being overrun by nitwits whose idealism comes from a bottle of Xanax.  And in the end, puerhaps that's the root of it.

Perhaps Big Pharma has so doped the populace that people are incapable of reacting to stupidity, or conversely, folks too drugged to comprehend reality.  Perhaps all 300 million Americans are in a pharmaceutical cloud, incapable of clear thinking on anyone's part.  Nothing else adequately explains the sheer disconnect from anything sane.

It is a medical Matrix

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