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We Don't Get Fooled Again

Edward Bernays
Those mean, nasty, horrible white men who formed the basis of the The Enlightenment should be disavoiwed immediately.  It was they who concluded that everyone has the right to express their ideas and opinions.  It was they who decided that all humans were equal in basic humanity.  It was they who dared to posit that no human may own another.  It was they who committed heresy by stating that government was evil and must be severely restricted.

What terrible, evil white men they were.

The American Civil War was not about slavery.  That issue was decided a long time before and the practice was being phased out even at the time of the war.  The Civil War was about the right of people to do away with government when it no longer served the people - an idea set out in the Declaration of Independence written by that nasty, filthy, horrid white man, Thomas Jefferson.

In fact, Abraham Lincoln was a terrible racist.  He despised black people and didn't want them in his pearly-white nation.  If you don't believe me, listen to his own words on the topic.  His plan was to ship all Africans back to Africa, and the nation of Liberia in Northwest Africa exists today because of Lincoln's efforts.  Furthermore, slavery still existed in the northern States long after the slaves were freed by fiat in the Confederacy.

The delicious irony here is that the violent, radical Progressives in the United States worship the evil, nasty white man Lincoln, while a man like Donald Trump, who has said nothing racist that I can find in the public record, is reviled and the embodiment of darkest evil.

If I have a point, which admittedly is rare in these rants, it is that of all the races on Earth and throughout time, it is the white race which established the philosophical foundation of human rights, and it is the Progressive Left that seems to selectively chose their facts in support of the House of Jell-O they call an argument.

Now, if you've been reading my posts over the past year, you know I am no fan of Donald Trump.  I think he's nothing more than a reincarnation of P. T. Barnum.  He's a showman and a marketeer [sic].  I firmly believe his mental pool is hardly deep enough to wade in, much less dive.  However, I will say that his comments regarding the Charlottesville riots, not the GeezerMedia comments on his comments, are reasonable and likely true.  From my perch 10,000 miles away, it looks to me as if there were dirty hands on both sides, and that the "authorities" acted and reacted with a clear agenda of supporting the violence and spinning the outcome against Trump.

Honestly, I don't think Trump sees skin color.  To him, all people are green, as in dollars.  He does nothing that isn't first calculated to enrich himself and his family.  His scale for weighing the value of a human being is the size of their bank account and his ability to empty it into his own.  While being prejudiced on economic grounds, I do not believe he is racist.

What I do see in the wake of Charlottesville is a carefully calculated and crafted narrative that was set in place well before the events in that city last weekend.  The chorus is too well rehearsed and the words too well polished to be spontaneous.  The weeping TeeVee mouthpieces, the feigned shock, the carefully scripted monologues are all far to clean to be honest emotional reactions.

The chorus began its shrill keening before the events had even ceased that night last week.  They ignored the facts that "authorities" backed off, the right-wing protesters had permits and the left didn't, and the herding of the right-wingers through a gauntlet of violent anti-speech activists was a set up to encourage a clash.

I do not believe the man who drove his car into the crowd was a right-wingnut.  He was a carefully crafted plant, whether knowingly or not, activated specifically to make sensational headlines.  And the ANTIFA group has a well-established history of violence across the country wherever conservative groups gather.  The fact that ANTIFA is supported by Barack Obama and George Soros is the subject of an entirely seperate argument.

There is no doubt that at least some of the organizers of the right-wingnuts wanted to draw a vocal crowd of anti-protesters to attract media.  The protest certainly would not have gotten the attention of the entire hierarchy of Washington and the GeezerMedia without some kind of tension.  A peaceful protest draws no flies.

It is clear to me, though, that as soon as the right-wingnuts pulled a permit for their protest, the wheels of dissent sprung into action.  Seeing an opportunity, the puppeteers organized an anti-protest, paid the participants and activated the driver drone.  The entire event was orchestrated for the sole purpose of damaging Trump, even to the point of sacrificing lives in a black magic ritual to give it extra power.

That the GeezerMedia flat refuses to actually quote Trump, and instead is hell-bent on putting their own narrative on the event in a synchronized symphony of hate is quite enough proof to me that I am right.  This kind of thing is precisely why I walked away from a fairly successful career in media.  It happens, and has happened many times since the Second World War.

The best rule of thumb to protect ones self from this kind of media mind control is to notice that all the outlets are speaking with one voice.  When you see that, you should know immediately that something is up.  They all have the same script from on high.

We will likely never know the entire truth behind this, or any other related events, but I guarantee with every ounce of my professional knowledge and instincts that the story you are seeing is completely fabricated.  Hell, even the foreign media is harping from the same song book, which is not really surprising since global ownership of media mirrors US ownership.  Perhaps Russia Today and Xinhua are a bit more moderate, since they see the obvious control mechanisms at work.

If you side with either the Left or the Right, you are probably not reading this rant.  Most of the folks who come here are liberals in the truest and oldest sense of the word.  But if you are one who identifies with the manufactured Left-Right spectrum, then take a moment to open your mind just a tad and consider that you may be a victim of highly sophisticated propaganda.  If you can do that, then quickly dash over to this link and read Edward Bernays' book Propaganda.  Do it quickly before the programming overtakes reason again.

Though I have no truck with Trump, I cannot sit idly and watch this fiasco.  I must attempt to reach those who believe the hogwash coming out of their home "entertainment" centers.  It is a rare opportunity when the brainwashing is so obvious and open.

Hey, if you really hate white men, then at least don't be fooled by one of the most pernicious men who ever lived: Edward Bernays, a nephew twice over of Sigmund Freud.

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