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Why Monks Chant

Let's see...less than a week ago, the heads of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others go to the Bilderberg meeting, and now we see that the NSA is teaming up with internet providers to track and trace your every online move.  Still have doubts who pulls the strings in this world?

I like George Ure's idea (  We need to file a class-action suit against all the governments of the world in the ICC, on behalf of all the real people in the world, for gross violation of every Natural Law there is and stomping all over us real people.

Government...the deadliest force known to Man.

About 2500 years ago, the Buddha postulated that the real Universe is composed of something like sea-foam.  When a vibration enters it, a bubble emerges, which we call 'matter.'  It exists for a time, then pops and returns to the foam.

Quantum physics has come to the same conclusion, using brute force and big, expensive toys.  We can stipulate that the Buddha didn't have scanning electron microscopes and Large Hadron Colliders, I think.

If you put metal filings on a piece of wax paper with nothing underneath, and then take a tuning fork and touch it to the center, you'll see all the filings clump together in a vibrating pattern.  That is the macro version of the micro Universe.  Of course, macro and micro are all a mater of perspective.  So, when a vibration (or wave) enters the Cosmic Aether, it clumps together and forms the things that we perceive through our five senses.  As long as the vibration keeps up, the 'matter' will exist to our senses.  Once the music stops, the 'matter' ceases to be and the filings all just slump back into the Aether.

Light, being both a wave (vibration) and 'matter,' is the creator of all things that we sense.  We are, truly, beings of light.  The reason we can't see beyond the 'speed of light,' and our mathmatics goes to hell in a hand-basket at that point, it that we enter the realm of Creation.  Beyond the 'speed of light' is the 'sea foam.' Past that, we can't imagine in our limited existence as 'sensory' beings.  But we can experience the effects of vibrations.

Music soothes the savage breast, we always say.  I'm picking up strange vives, the hippies would opine.  And experience sent chills down our spines.  The power of words, as we writers know, are the vibrations that they create.

Words are vibrations, and so have vast amounts of latent power waiting to be released.

Photons vibrate our retinas, and that's why we see.  Sounds vibrate our ear drums, and that's why we hear.  Textures vibrate our fingertips, and that's why we feel.  Odors vibrate our silia, and that's why we smell.  Essences vibrate our taste buds, and that's why we taste.

When people and organizations do good things, it creates harmonic vibrations that affect everything around them.  People like Mother Theresa and Gandi and others created positive vibrations that caused others to move in harmony.

People like Obama, Shrub and Hitler, like many others create sour vibrations, and that in turn causes irritation and bad reactions around them.

That's how the Bastards are destoying our world.  They know about vibrations.  They know that if you send the right frequencies into the Universe, you can create 'anti-matter' that destroys 'matter' in cataclysms.  It's the same as magicians speaking magic incantations and tapping with their wands.  They are making vibrations that create other things.

We've all noticed how children and animals gravitate to some people, but won't go near others.  They are sensitive to the vibrations of others and know which ones are putting out positive 'noise' and which are not.  When we become adults, we tell ourselves that is non-sense and stop listening to those vibrations, but we still feel them.  "I felt it in my gut," we say.

Surly you've noticed how some noises put you to sleep, but others will keep you awake all night.  Or maybe some music makes you feel dreamy and reminiscent, while others make you angry and agitated.  Changing our mood is as easy as changing the station.

It's why we fall in love.

So, at this point, you're asking, "What's your point?"

Glad you asked.  You see, all our governments and financial systems and media have got us surrounded with bad, if not downright evil vibrations.  It's making us all whacky and irritated and wanting to go to war.  They know it.  That's why they are doing it.  It's coming through all the media.  That's why I tell you to turn it off.

The other part of that is that we can change things just by changing the vibrations we put out.  In acting, we call it "The Method."  You recall a situation that gave you a certain feeling, then you transfer that vibration onto the situation at hand.  The really outstanding actors, like Gary Oldman, can do it so well that you can't recognize them in different roles.  You can have bad days and good days just by changing the vibrations you put out.

Try this: start listening to music that only makes you feel dreamy.  Turn off the TeeVee, there's nothing there of any positive value.  Try to surround yourself with positive things, like favorite foods, good smells, soft things, pleasing pictures.

As you do this, start noticing the way other people react around you.  I'm willing to bet that if you are feeling 'groovy,' others will pick up on it and start behaving the same way.

Change your vibration, and you can have a far-reaching effect on everything around you.

Next time you go to vote, think about which candidate made you feel most positive.  Don't listen to the words, feel the vibration.  You won't choose the front-runner, I guarantee it (especially if you turn off the TeeVee).  Who gives you the most positive feeling?  That's the best choice (if you are not swamped with media hype).

The Buddha taugh us about karma.  Whatever vibration you put out into your environment, that is what you will get back from your environment.  Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

It's all about the vibrations...

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