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As Above, So Below

Today's one of those days when I let other people do the talking.  Warning, the information coming from the first video, a guy called Santos Bonacci, will blow your socks off, if you're not up to speed on the way things really work in this world.  The other stuff is yet another one of those little confirmations in life that tell me I'm on the right track.  Be very alert.  Behavioral templates are being broadcast all over the place.  We're being softened up for the Main Event, coming to a planet to you.

First, a letter from one of our faithful readers round-abouts Pennsylvania.  If you haven't read Dog Days of August, you might want to give it a once over real quick before going on here.  Enjoy!

Last night my Grandson,aged 22,insisted that I watch a show called "Curiosity". It was all about "what would happen if there was a space invasion". They are getting ready to scare the hell out of people, pounding the airwaves with all kinds of alien crap.  I noticed that they use "invasion". I asked my Grandson what he thought would happen if aliens showed up.  I told him that if I was an alien I wouldn't want to come to the Earth because they kill their own, so they would surely kill any other being. I then told him if he was interested in what was going on that he should look up Illuminati symbols and he would get a whole new outlook on life on this planet.  It will be intersting to hear what he has to say after he does it.  I also gave him my telescope so he could see the night sky.

Next, the MSM brings us...SPACE INVASION!  (I'm not lyin' about this stuff!)

I have a feeling that this 'anti-proton ring' just discovered around Earth figures into the whole plot.  Somehow, it will become a threat to our existence, or at least it will be made to look that way.  I haven't seen any data that proves its existence.  Just a bunch of anonymous 'white coats' talking, so far.

To finish blowing your gaskets completely out, finish off with this five-part series with Joseph P. Farrell on the Byte Show.  It's a lot of listening and even more information, but it should rightly put a little perspective on things.

Tomorrow's Independence Day here in Indonesia, so I'll focus a little attention on my adopted home.  It's really a fascinating place.

Drop us a line after your mind pops...

And now for the parting shot...

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