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Eure Papieren, Bitte!

Slave Market
Once in a while, a bit of propaganda comes out that is so blatant even the rather dense get it.  I've sat on this article for a couple of weeks, but it doesn't make the information any less infuriating.

The title is, "Helping Parents Fight for Legal Identity in Indonesia."  Just that much of it should clue you in on how much BS you're about to dive into.

First of all, the headline presents the issue as being some problem with registering children 'legally' in Indonesia.  We are (not so) subtly led to believe that parents are crying out in unison for the right to plaster their children with legal paperwork because, well gosh, they just don't exist without it.

Then, we start into the deeeeep BS that follows.  As is typical with propaganda like this, the article starts with a sob story about a pre-schooler, female just to push the emotional hot buttons, who is playing at a street carnival after having learned her lessons.  But, and here comes the ominous Big Bad Wolf, she may not be able to continue her education in the national schools because she doesn't have...GASP!...a birth certificate!

What horse shit.

By the second paragraph, the agenda becomes clear.  Unicef, the UN agency assigned to make sure all kids everywhere are up to their eye teeth in 'legal' paperwork and vaccines, tells us that 60% of Indonesia's children are NOT REGISTERED SLAVES!  Can you imagine such a thing?  What a horribly backward country this is!  (I hope you recognize the sarcasm).

A more appropriate title for this article should be, "Parent Outraged Children Can't Received Services Already Paid For With Taxes."

Let's play reporter...I mean REAL reporter, not press release regurgitator.  First question: If registering children with birth certificates, etc., is a national issue, why in the hell is the UN all flustered about this?  Follow up question: If the parents pay taxes with every single purchase they make, why can't the children receive public education as promised without a bunch of bureaucratic BS?  Third question: What's so damned important about having every bloody human being on Earth registered and papered that Unicef has to interfere in the sovereign operations of Indonesia?

Those questions are just for starters.  If we aren't thrown out of the press conference after the first one, there's a whole lot more, too.  Maybe we should write them all down and pass them around and encourage other 'reporters' to actually do their jobs.

As we read a little further, we notice that the family moved to Jakarta from a small village, where everyone is backwards and doesn't properly paper their children.  Notice that we know the girl's name and the mother's name, but the father remains anonymous.  Another tell-tale sign that father's are just useless meat that have no responsibility but to work their asses off and hand over the money to care for the state's (as yet unregistered) property.

Slave Registration
The next paragraph is classic propaganda.  The mother (again the father is unimportant) frets because back in the village, there was no budy-body bureaucrat standing in the deliver room slavering to register the state's newest property upon first breath.

What's even more classic is the mother says she doesn't have a slave registry and never had a problem getting an education, but NOW everyone has to have their slave papers or, GASP!, they can't get a non-productive fat-ass, useless government job!  OMG!  What horror!

Now here comes the agenda:
"The Indonesian government has prioritized birth registration to track demographic statistics and ensure accurate planning and implementation of its policies and programs. The right to legal identity is one fundamental precondition to realizing social and economic rights, including subsidized health care, basic education and as a deterrent against child labor abuse and underage marriage."

This paragraph is so fraught with fascist BS that it's hard to know where to start.  Of course the government wants to ensure that it's chattel property is registered.  How else can they track and trace every soul in the country and make sure they extract every last rupiah of tax from them?  Of course, they call it "planning and implementation", but the real meaning is "we want a pound of flesh".

I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that we all have a "right to legal identity".  WHAT?  Having slave papers is now a right?  If it's a right, then how come I have to be forced to take it by the government?  What hog wash!  But the truth comes out in the next's a "fundamental precondition" to receiving other 'rights'.


So rights are only rights if we register and submit to some governing 'authority'.  There are no natural rights inherent to every human being as a condition of simply existing.  You have NO RIGHTS unless you have LEGAL IDENTITY.  Funny how they bury such an important concept way down in the story after yanking your heart strings and burying the truth with pure, unadulterated BS.

The whole thing is predicated on being able to get what you pay for with your taxes: health care, education and protection.  I really love the part about 'underage marriage'.  After all, we have to preserve the pre-pubescent virgins for the master race.  No one else is allowed this privilege.  Barf!

As if the foregoing is not enough, we come to the next paragraph, where the fascist BS gets even deeper:
“Children are the future of our nation. How can they go to school if their legal origin is not clear? A birth certificate is also related to a child’s right to inheritance,” says Marni Emmy Mustafa, chief judge of the North Sumatra High Court.

So, let's see here...the future of the nation is dependent on having slaves.  OK, I can see that.  But the child can't go to school if they don't have a legal identity?  Wait a minute, didn't Mom just say she never needed slave papers to go to school?  Only now is it required?  Why can't the daughter get the same thing?  And suppose the child is homeschooled?  Suppose someone opens a school based only on payment of tuition and not on slave papers?

And here's the can't get your inheritance without slave papers.  Ah, so the 'authorities' reserve the right to steal your entire life's work if you don't register your kids.  Now we see some real agenda going on here.  Health care?  So what...use the local witch doctor.  School?  Who cares?  Learn the alphabet and start reading books.  Best education there is.  The real stick is 'we will confiscate all you've worked for if you don't submit your children to the state'.

Next comes the inevitable laundry list of white people caring for the poor, downtrodden brown people.  That's right, AusAID (the queen of England) is fighting in the trenches with those poor, abused brown people to make sure they have the right to become slaves.  After all, how else can we get them in the system and brainwash then in school and pump them full of noxious vaccines and make sure we destroy the family cohesion by getting everyone hooked on government handouts?  It's the Western Way!  All brown people must submit to the way white folks do things or they can't get the prizes.
 “Through this program, AusAID is helping poor women register the birth of their children, which puts them on the path to a better life."

Only poor women?  What happened to the dads here?  Don't they get a say in all this?
 Changes in the regulations were brought to the forefront this week at a forum organized by Pekka, the woman-led households empowerment program, and AusAID in Jakarta. Officials from district and religious courts and civil registry offices from 18 different provinces discussed ways to work together to provide improved services and learn from the positive work being done.

More anti-male horse shit led by white people who are themselves slaves to the crown of England.  Slaves making more slaves.  And dads are completely out in the cold.  Gee, the government can offer so many things your useless, hard-working male head-of-household can't buy for you.  Leave him and follow us.

 The remainder of this happy load of hog wash just makes me angrier and angrier with every line.  It goes on the denigrate religious institutions that are the traditional backbone of families and social support.  It never once mentions fathers, except as ancillary characters whose sole job was to supply semen.  After that, they are nameless and useless and only get in the way of a good agenda of papering the planet with slave identities.

Not once in the whole article does the 'reporter' question the agenda or the reasoning behind all this.  The way this sort of propaganda works is that, in this case, AusAID offered a pre-written story with blanks to be filled in by the local 'reporter' with whatever sob story they can find.  If they can't find one, the article package is offered with some 'suggested' story lines that fit the overall agenda.  The laundry list of 'suggestions' in packages like these are so leading as to prevent any possibility of the local 'reporter' finding the 'wrong' story.  The local blank-filler is told what kind of story fits and how they can go about finding the 'right' story.

If we go back to the headline, it says "Parents", yet in the whole story we only talk to ONE parent, if she really exists.  The father is only mentioned because he is a good worker bee out there installing the equipment to allow even MORE fascist propaganda into people's homes.  We never even know his name or what his opinion is about all this happy horse shit.

This article, and all the crap like it, pisses me off for two specific reasons: 1) it is such blatant propaganda with such a thinly veiled agenda, and 2) the 'educational system' is so bad that the 'reporter' and the readers are unable to see what a load of swill is being shoved down their throats.

Frankly, folks are far better off NOT registering their children and NOT accessing the so-called 'education' offered by the state.  All the schools are these days are institutions operated by corporations and NGOs to turn out good little worker bees who install satellite dishes and fret about registering their children.  Obviously, they avoid at all costs teaching people to reason, at least far enough to recognize the fascist crap being placed before them as 'information' and 'issues'.

Future of Fatherhood
This article is the Hegelian Dialectic in action.  A series of false choices are presented as the only possible outcomes.  Then the audience is subtly (or in this case, clubbed) into picking one of the preselected answers, all of which serve the agenda of the state.

In the coming week, we will be posting interviews with Joseph P. Farrell, Scott D. deHart and Santos Bonacci.  Between them, the listeners will get a pretty good idea of how all this works and who, ultimately, is behind it.  We hope you'll tune in and have your eyes opened in a shocking and alarming way.  It's very important that we all start looking at this horse shit critically and start making informed choices.

This sort of one-size-fits-all mentality of state and corporate actors shows how little they care about human beings or our lives.  All they care about are cranking out automatons to run the tools of industry, and they are replacing us as fast as they can with robots and computers.  If they think so little of us now, imagine how we will be treated when they have successfully replaced us with machines?

Then we'll really be in the way.