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Roil, Roil, Foil And Fumble

It is amazing that anyone can take the Trump/Russia conspiracy seriously.  At the very least, for the US to accuse ANY other country of interfering with its elections is so disingenuous as to induce guffaws in any aware individual.  Furthermore, the story employs one of the simplest forms of deception - misdirection.  Finally, it is nothing more than a 100-year-old geopolitical effort to isolate Russia, as it sits squarely in the middle of nearly ever strategic location on Earth.

To quality my remarks, I hold no truck with Trump (score for triple-letter alliteration).  I think he is a bombastic blowhard who may be a wily real estate mogul and carnival barker, but has zero interest or sense when it comes to history and long-term effects beyond the bottom line of the annual report.

That said, for the US to get its panties in a bunch over election rigging is seriously funny.  The country that has interfered with elections in nearly every country on Earth has little room to call the kettle black.  Since at least Teddy Roosevelt's Cuban and Panamanian adventures, and certainly since the 1948 Italian elections, the US has begged, borrowed and stolen elections the world over.  In addition, the US Department of Homeland Security assured voters that the 2016 elections were secure on its say-so.  If not, then disband the DHS and put its officers in prison.

The Russian hacking story got legs after WikiLeaks released internal email it received most likely from Seth Rich and others on the inside of the Democratic Party leadership.  Other than firing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and killing Seth Rich, the DNC has opted not to address its internal pond scum, but rather keep everyone distracted with accusations of Russian interference.  The whole issue is little more than a case of sour grapes, combined with a panicked effort to keep everyone looking at the messenger, rather than focus on the message: the DNC is full of slime-sucking pigs.

In the final analysis, though, the US effort to create Russian bug-a-boos is a continuation of a century of more effort to isolate Russia.  With the largest land mass of any country on Earth, spanning Europe and Asia, with vast natural resources, Russia could easily threaten the US empire, and has for a long time.  The US considers Europe its plaything and is deathly afraid to have Russia exert any influence over it.  In recent years, Russia has cozied up with China, an economic monster created by the US in the 1970s, and together they are an existential threat to US hegemony.  The Russia-China alliance, which increasingly includes Africa and South America (see Brazil), could easily expand to surround the US in a way far more threatening than NATO pop-guns in Poland and the Ukraine.

All empires need an enemy to prop them up, and Russia fits the bill.  The US can't attack China directly, because most of its manufacturing has been exported there, so that leaves Russia by default.  Furthermore, greenies in the US have all but shut down oil and gas production in that country, making Russia the logical supplier of choice for Europe's energy needs.  The US desperately needs to keep Europe a vassal state, but Europe desperately needs Russia to survive.  Catch-22.

That Venezuela and Brazil are in melt-down mode is a perfect example of how the US manipulates countries for its geopolitical ends.  That the US can actually accuse Russia of interference with its internal affairs is laughable, at best.  We won't even get into Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador, much less the Central American republics that the US steadfastly stirred and shaken.

While the US implodes, the rest of the world watches with bemusement at the astounding duplicity and perfidy of its internal politics.

Come to think of it, Trump is exactly the president the US needs and deserves.

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