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Deception At Every Level

After 40+ years in showbiz and marketing, I think I can say with all humility that I am an expert on making things look like what they are not.  Conversely, I have become equally suspicious that everything around me is not what it seems, and I am rarely wrong on that score - though the details can sometimes get muddled.

In both my career and my private life, I have seldom been caught off guard when I assume that someone is trying to deceive me.  I have gotten to the point where I generally think, "How would I pull that off if I were trying to fool someone?"  The truth generally falls within the scope of the options I come up with.

So it is when I look at Donald Trump.  I will ignore Hillary Clinton, since I think it is rather painfully clear that she is a walking deception, but Trump has swayed a great number of people to support him, so it is appropriate to examine him a bit closer.

Being the cynical and suspicious person I am, I begin by looking at his public persona.  He is a multi-billionaire real estate developer, business magnate and "reality" TeeVee star.  He is well practiced in the art of deception, since marketing is nothing more than the art of deception and misdirection.  He is media savvy and moves in circles that most of us can only imagine.  There is no doubt, at least in my mind, that he is capable of deceiving large numbers of people, since he has clearly done it for many years and been very successful at it.

The first question that comes to my mind is, how does he get away with claiming to be an outsider when he has clearly built a career on his relationships with Banksters, Politicians and other nefarious characters?

One does not build an empire without conspiring with the bureaucracy.  All the years he has spent getting permits and licenses, dealing with inspectors, lobbying for tax abatement, and crafting a public image of quality and luxury means, if nothing else, that he is a deep insider.  Politicians grovel for his handouts.  Celebrities attend his weddings.  Even nations come to him to develop attractions for their tourist trade.  This is not an outsider.  You and I are outsiders, and none of these things are part of our daily lives.

The second question I have is, why has the media given him so much free air when they have shown their ability to shut out people they don't support, such as Ron Paul?

Trump has been a media darling for decades.  He has appeared with every softball interviewer of note.  He has been cover art for every major magazine on the market.  He has published soe books.  He has had a successful TeeVee show for several years.  In fact, his affinity with media has been the prime factor in his success as a businessman.  Even his abortive 2012 campaign did not generate the bile and hate that he has gotten of late.  There is no way the media would turn on him after decades of fostering him.  This is a planned reaction, one carefully crafted in the Board Room of Trump Tower.

The media are perfectly aware of how much free attention they have given him.  He could not get such attention, even for all his histrionics if the media were not part of some game.  Ron Paul's campaign in 2012 is a perfect example.  If the media don't like you, you become an invisible man.  Full stop.

The third questions is, why has Hillary's campaign so suddenly and vividly collapsed right on cue?

Hillary is the darling of the unhinged left (which is to say most of the political left anymore).  She has moved in rarefied circles for most of the 40 years of her professional life.  Her major donors and supporters would be well aware of any health or other problems that might prevent her from fulfilling her "destiny" as president.  So why would they try to hide it?

I think this is a carefully planned meltdown, whether real or not, designed to throw critical support to Trump at just the right moment.  There is a reason that Hillary has not been tried and convicted for crimes against humanity and the State:she is fulfilling a vital role in getting the ultimate outside insider elected and release some of the pressure building towards outright revolution.

Don't worry, Hillary is being well compensated for taking one for the team, since at her level, there are no Republicans or Democrats, just power and no power.  Both she and Trump were planted long ago to do exactly what they are doing now - one taking the dive and throwing the election to the other, who will dissipate the growing angry mob rising against the PTB.

I thus conclude that there is a massive effort to deceive not just the American people, but the global population into thinking Trump is an outside reformer and populist.  I think that a masterful and subtle operation of reverse psychology is being used to channel the anger and disgust of the electorate into a harmless figure who can dissipate it while letting everyone think they have finally won the reformist battle.

It is clear to the Powers That Be from years past and constant polling that the American people are fed up with business as usual, and true reformers like Ron Paul keep getting closer and closer to the switches and levers of power.  The only way they can safely maintain their power is to put up a candidate carefully groomed to fill the roll of reformer and then use the feigned horror and revulsion of the media and gatekeepers to foster the image of insider fear, thus feeding the image and channeling support.

If the tactic fails, then the obvious insider - Hillary - wins and its business as usual.  If, however, the populist movement is strong enough to get Trump elected, the PTB are still protected, while at the same time appearing to have taken a deep blow.  Either way, they win, we lose.

Many readers here will disagree with me and defend the Trump phenomenon, and they are certainly welcome to do so, but I caution them to walk in with their eyes open.  Consider the possibility and see what your gut says when you apply your normal critical thinking to this situation.  It is at least better to know you are walking into a trap before it snares you.

One must, I think, allow the possibility that we are all the targets of a massive deception.  There are plenty of past examples of operations this size and complexity in the past 50 years.  And we know the system itself is more than capable of defending itself against true reform, so from the start we must assume that the system never allow a true revolutionary inside.  The only way to defeat the system is to tear it down from the outside.

Remember Oliver Stone's chilling film Wall Street, and the main character Gordon Gekko.  Imagine casting Gekko as an outsider in order to run him for president.  That's what I see when I look at Trump.

The point here is, vote for whomever you like, but do so being fully aware that you are likely being deceived.

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