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HRC As FDR - A Rhyme

OK, OK, I get the message.  Write more, work less.  Right?

It's been a stressful month of putting together several projects at one time.  One of the banes of the freelancer is marketing one's self.  When one is busy, it is easy to forget selling for future projects.  But even worse is when one goes all out to bring in new projects and they all hit at once.

And thus it has happened, after a long dry spell in July and August, suddenly all the various bids and proposals I've floated out there are coming back to haunt me.  Any one of them would require my complete attention, but more than that would absolutely swamp me.  Thus, here I sit wondering how to juggle a couple of massive projects lasting several months to years, and trying to keep up with a rather vocal and persistent readership that insist on their daily abuse.

At any rate, I still have a minute or two a week to keep up with the absurd circus generally referred to as the US Election 2016.

A lot has been made of Hillary Clinton's perceived health issues and the somewhat obvious attempt by the media to bury the story.  A few writers and commentators out there have said that this is unprecedented in US political history.  This observation is completely incorrect.

A few decades back, there was a president called FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt).  Few people know or stop to think about the fact that his was the first case of political health cover-up that I am aware of in US history, and it is a whopper.

FDR was stricken by polio as a child and was left permanently crippled - unable to walk.  He wore heavy iron braces on his legs that could lock in place when he wanted to stand.  You need to look long and hard at the historical record to find photos of him in a wheelchair or being helped by attendants.  The famous photo of FDR, Churchill and Stalin at Potsdam shows all three seated to accommodate his handicap.

In fact, you would be hard pressed, even today, to find a photo of FDR where he isn't seated (think fireside chats) or behind a podium.  When he stood, he was subtly helped to his feet until his braces were locked in place.  He then would make a practiced move to the podium without waddling to speak.

Keep in mind that FDR was elected to four terms - unequaled in US history - and was president throughout the Great Depression and World War 2, for a total of just over 12 years.  He was arguably the most visible world leader in all of history, to that point.  He died one month after being inaugurated a fourth in 1945, which begs the question of his health issues during the final campaign.

Despite all this, FDR's handicap was nearly invisible, and the media were actively complicit in hiding it.  They knew about his infirm condition and yet refused on a voluntary and conspiratorial level to keep the facts a secret.

Whatever you think of FDR (I happen to think he was one of the worst things to ever happen to the US), you cannot deny the well-documented media cover-up of his health, which was clearly failing during his fourth and final campaign.  The media knowingly and actively hid pertinent facts from the masses, and proves conclusively that it not only can be done, but has been done, regardless of how you justify it.

Turning again to Clinton's perceived problems, we see much the same effort and possibly motivation to hide her health issues.  Despite what are rather obvious things, such as bulky clothing to hide devices, fresnel-lensed glasses, hand rails and handlers, coughing fits, seizures et cetera ad nauseum, the media not only ignore these things, but actively work to stifle any but the most fringe discussions of such.  They have even gone so far as to demand a retraction from Dr. Drew and label anyone bringing up the issue with the dreaded "conspiracy theorist" title.

Many folks, at this point, will ask what could motivate the media to do such a thing?  Thought you'd never ask.

Suppose Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, is truly the one the elite want in office, yet know he could never win, or at least his chances were minuscule compared to the field. Further suppose the elite wanted to grant Hillary's dying wish to be the first female president as a reward for many years of unquestioning service (servitude).  Would you, as a member of the 0.001%, pair Clinton with Kaine knowing that she would most likely be dead or incapacitated within the first year?  Would you plan, with your cronies who control 98% of the media, to hide, obfuscate and circumvent the health issue?  Would you keep your candidate out of the public eye and rig the elections to kill two birds with one stone?  Would you do anything - drugs, machines, trick photography - to keep your candidate moving long enough to make it past the Electoral College vote, if not the inauguration?

While this may seem preposterous to some, it has already been done with FDR.  It also fits the known facts and strong suspicions.  It would be relatively easy to achieve, if you owned the media and the electronic voting boxes.

In short, we see the means, motive and opportunity converging on Election 2016.  Whether one supports Clinton out of party, gender or ideological solidarity, one would do well to examine the health issue and take a much closer look at Tim Kaine, as he could likely be the actual next president of the US, after Hillary's ceremonial history-making month or two in office.

It is also worth a moment to re-examine FDR's presidency and the massive media complicity, when considering whether it is possible or not to pull off such a cover-up.

As I've stated a number of times this year, history is rhyming and on all kinds of levels.  In fact, one could even view Trump as Teddy Roosevelt and Clinton as Franklin Roosevelt when assessing their characters and public personas.

It's a remarkable year in so many ways.

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