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Dude, Lighten Up

Alright, alright already!  Message received!

Readership took a nose-dive this week as I took a decidedly brooding and intellectual tone.  Sorry guys I just write what I think about, and sometimes my thoughts just aren't funny, or even vaguely humorous, or even darkly ironic.  Just happens, you know.

So on this Friday, as we stare down the end down the end of the ninth month, third fiscal quarter and history as we know it, let's try to lighten up a bit.

Back in the day, when I was a lowly acting student in the clutches of the legendary Cecil Pickett, I was taught that people are more or less a combination of dichotomies.  Some walk on their heels, while others walk on the balls of their feet.  Some are pelvic, while others are chest.  Some are head, others are heart.  And now, to these basic dichotomies, we can add Clintonite and Trumpian.

It seems the entire world has calcified itself into one of these two trenches, and like a WW1 re-enactment, the two sides are determined to take pot-shots at each other for the next six weeks with little forward progress.

The Clintonites believe that no amount of criminality, email scandal or nose-dives should deter the world from pursuing the status quo with complete abandon.  In fact, the globalist status quo has worked so well that the world needs at least three other Clinton look-alikes to ensure the agenda progresses unabated.  This is the "damn the supersonic Russian torpedoes, full speed ahead" school of thought.

The Trumpians, on the other hand, believe that the current course is Ultimate Evil incarnate and we need to do anything else, no matter how screwball, non-sensical or ad hoc it is.  This school of thought has adopted the Crazy Ivan tactic of unpredictable and erratic maneuvers in order to vex the enemy.

Like matter and anti-matter, these two worldviews cannot come in contact for fear the resulting implosion would annihilate Life, the Universe and Everything!

The whole world appears to be holding its collective breath waiting for the outcome of the US election.  Why, even the three other candidates have ordered a pitcher of margaritas and kicked up their heels to watch the show.

The world has decided there's no point in trying to get anything done right now, since a Clintonite win would almost assure WW3, pitting East versus West, while a Trumpian win would unleash a global chorus of economic Kumbaya.  Talk about your proverbial forks in the road, that's a lot of pressure to put on a geriatric basket case and whirling Dervish.

For those of us trying to make meaningful progress with our lives, this election season couldn't end fast enough, one way or the other.  If the Clintonites win, we need to quickly finish out the bomb shelter and get the quadraphonic shound system installed.  If the Trumpians win, we need to position ourselves to cash in on the entrepreneurial boom-bust certain to follow.  Either way, there's still a lot of work to do, and this constant rise and fall of a clear leader is wearing us out.  It's got us running back and forth between feverish digging and polishing up the five-year projections on investments.

In this global year of course-setting, the Brits decided they wanted to reverse course, the Germans decided Merkel wasn't doing it for them, and the Russians rather firmly decided they liked what Putin is doing.  One thing is rather glaringly clear: the world has decided globalism ain't giving the common man any warm, fuzzy feelings about the future.

Among the major global powers, the US is the last wild card still remaining, and the American people aren't making it easy on those trying to read the goat entrails.  In fact, the folks using "Islamic terror" to try and sway the public discourse are increasinly finding the tide turning the wrong direction.  Folks just aren't buying the official narrative, no matter who spins the tale.

If I had to call the US election and short-term aftermath, I would have to say the Trumpians by a landslide, followed immediately by a revenge market crash orchestrated by the Soros/Bankster/Military/Industrial/Religion/Freemason complex who, like spoiled children that don't get their way at Toys 'R' Us, hold their breath, throw a tantrum and stamp their feet in protest.

There are only two things wrong with this scenario: 1) Americans are the most controlled people on Earth, and 2) the Trumpster could open his mouth at any moment and completely ruin the festivities.

No matter what the outcome, can we just put this mess behind us and get on with the End of the World as We Know It?  I'm worried my bomb shelter will cave in while I'm seeing to my investments in the future.

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