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Osiris Reborn

CORRECTION: In my rush to jot down my thoughts, I made some glaring errors that don't necessarily affect the symbolism, but should be corrected for accuracy.

Osiris was murdered (and hacked into 14 pieces) by the god Set.  Isis collected the pieces and placed all but one, the penis, in a hollow tree trunk, which she bound and threw in the Nile.  Osiris was resurrected after three days inside the tree.

Isis impregnated herself with Osiris' disembodied member and produced Horus, who ultimately vanquished Set, receiving the facial scar (Valles Marinaris) and losing his eye.  Just so we're straight on all this...

As I write this, it is the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attack in New York City and Washington, D.C., and like the JFK assassination, we are no closer to the truth than we were when Building 7 collapsed that day.

Some time ago, Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara published a book called Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA (reviewed elsewhere on this site), in which the authors argue that NASA uses occult rituals and symbols in the timing and naming of missions.  One of the recurring names is Osiris, otherwise known as Orion.

You're likely wondering at this point how a nutter in the jungles of Borneo is going to tie these two things together.  Bear with me for a moment.

On 11 September 1999, a near-Earth asteroid, or NEO, was discovered.  It is about 500 meters on its long axis, and every six years its orbit brings it perilously close to Earth.  The asteroid was eventually named Bennu.

In ancient Egyptian religion, the Bennu was a mythical bird that was intricately tied to the Sun and resurrection/rebirth, and Creation itself.  Some researchers speculate that the Bennu was the precursor of the Greek phoenix, the mythical bird that was occasionally consumed by fire and then reborn from its ashes.

Also in ancient Egyptian religion, Osiris was the king of the gods, married to Isis, and father of Horus.  Horus eventually rose up and killed his father in a tremendous battle that left Horus with one eye (the eye of Horus) and his father hacked into 14 pieces - a story likely the precursor for the Greek version of Cronus and Zeus.  Thus, Osiris became the ruler of the underworld, the place of the dead, much like the Greek Hades or Roman Pluto.

The most powerful symbol for Horus was the horizon and the rising Sun.  We should also note that the Eye of Horus is likely the origin of the Masonic All-Seeing Eye, and is related to the Sanskrit name for the Sun - matahari - which literally means "eye of the day."

Still with me?  Hang in there.

With all the relevant names, symbols and dates noted, let's start tying them together:

On 8 September 2016, NASA launched a probe called OSIRIS-REx (or Osiris King) to gather data and samples from the NEO asteroid 101955 Bennu.  The launch took place at night while the Sun was below the horizon.  The probe will return to Earth with its samples on 24 September 2023.

The asteroid Bennu was discovered on 11 September 1999, the same year a movie called The Matrix was released, which featured a character called NEO, who is ultimately resurrected/reborn to save the Earth and whose passport has been noted to have an expiration date on 11 September 2001.  Bennu is believed to hold clues to the origin/creation of life on Earth and is thought to be a remnant of the birth of the Solar System.

There are currently three planets being orbited by NASA probes: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn are named after gods (Cronus and Zeus) whose rivalry is thought to be a version of the Osiris/Horus tale.  Mars is a symbol of Horus (a.k.a. Horus the Red), being scared and bloodied in battle with Osiris.  Last year, the NASA probe New Horizons flew past Pluto.  Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld, similar to Osiris, and the craft's name could be interpreted as the "new Horus (of the Horizon)."

Now this could all be just the wild imaginings of a veteran conspiracy theorist, and it is all most likely a unique set of multiple coincidences.  But given the rather strong and well-researched arguments put forth in the Hoagland/Bara book and the great number of times, dates, names and symbols that conjoin in this tale, and given the deep roots of NASA in the occult (Nazis/von Braun, wizards/Jack Parsons), it is worth pondering.

It seems that some kind of rebirth/resurrection ritual is being played out in the heavens, and as the Hermetic mantra goes, "As above, so below."  A couple of odd 'coincidences' are easy to pass off, but when they pile up like autumn leaves, it begs speculation that someone is communicating a message - to whom and to what end, of course, are a matter of interpretation, at least insofar as us outsiders are concerned.

The next step is to formulate a theory and extract predictions about future events and behaviors to see if this analysis is anywhere near correct.  Perhaps as I reflect on these things a pattern will emerge for future publication.  In the meantime, the reader is encouraged to let his/her mind run free.

Are we about to see the birth of a new god, or the resurrection of an ancient one?

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