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A Game Of Souls

I'm sure you are familiar with the classic, if not trite - horror movie trope where the hero lands a brutal blow on the bad guy and turns to walk away, thinking he's done his job.  Then suddenly, a figure rises up in the dark and looms behind the hero and strikes a mighty blow from behind.

This is precisely what has happened to 60-someodd Americans who voted for Trump.  They figured getting their guy in office and defeating the wily Clinto-Beast put an end to 50 years of New World Order take-over.  Then, as everyone signed in relief and went back about their business, the monster rose up and began a full-scale onslaught from behind.

Regular readers here may recall me saying many times that the only way to defeat the existential threat to liberty represented by the Global Cabal is to completely dismantle the Beast, burn them and scatter the ashes to the wind.

A few Executive Orders and removing all references to Global Warming are not going to reverse decades of stacking the deck.  The US government is owned and operated from the highest offices to the lowest lackeys.  One good smack to the solar plexus is not going to bring the Beast to heal.

I am reminded of the closing scene from the great Terry Gilliam flick Time Bandits.  The late Sir Ralph Richardson has just barbecued Evil and dramatically exploded the charcoaled figure into a hundred pieces.  He commands the Bandits to clean up the mess, saying, "Do be careful! Don't lose any of that stuff. That's concentrated evil. One drop of that could turn you all into hermit crabs."

Of course, a single piece is left behind and sets up the resurrection of Evil in the closing shot, though it looks an awful lot like the smoking remains of the family's Sunday joint.  It is an apt metaphor, though.

It is in the nature of good guys to not be ruthless and merciless.  They always stop just short of complete annihilation because they always hold hope that the bad guy can be reformed.  Good guys don't want to believe that pure Evil exists and believe that a sound defeat will cause Evil to suddenly realize the error of its ways.  The real world never works that way.

Donald Trump sold himself as a Marvel superhero, able to resist even the strongest enemies by dint of his virtue and vision.  He was emboldened by a massive outpouring of support that was able to defeat a seemingly invincible foe.  But even superheroes have their limits, and Trump has been bashed and lashed for nearly two years now.

With his support going back to sleep, Trump is increasingly surrounded by less-than-supportive characters.  Furthermore, Trump supporters, weaned on generations of Hollywood fantasy, are little prepared for a real fight.  They believe in a world where things like elections really make a difference, and Mr. Smith can go to Washington and change things before the final credits roll.

Trump's enemies learned from his ability to double down and call the bluff.  They have turned from political activism to outright revolt, with damage and destruction becoming their modus operandi.  Trump will inevitably be forced to do the same or admit defeat - and he doesn't strike me as the type to do that.  Trump has a rather Machiavellian/Sun Tsu nature about him.  He will answer by escalation.

This is a true war and the other side has already proved that it will go as far as needed to get their way.  The question is do Trump and his supporters have the necessary fortitude to bring the fight back to the Globalists?

This is not a gentelman's slap-fight, this is the real thing and the prize is the future and the world itself.

The Globalists got right up to the finish line before the goal posts were moved quite a bit further away.  One does not get that close to the taste of victory after centuries of effort to just give up and admit defeat.  They will answer with all-out war, leaving nothing untouched to get their prize.

Two pressing questions linger: 1) will Trump match the Globalists blow for blow, and 2) and do the majority of Americans have the stomach for a scorched-earth battle?

In every sense of the term, the US is facing another Civil War, and both sides will need to decide how brutal they are willng to be in order to achieve their goals.  The Globalists have shown their hand.  It is up to the opposition to decide whether to double down or fold.

Which will it be?

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