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First Far Side Survey Results

Well, we so enjoyed annoying everyone with the Reader Survey that we kind of hate to see the fun end, but we suppose it is inevitable - though we will leave the survey up for a while, just to continue getting feedback.

Anyway, the results are in with exactly 100 responses.  Actually, it was 101, but the first was us testing the setup, so we didn't count that one.

So, what did we learn?  Well...

The overwhelming response to frequency of visits was from daily readers, with 80% registering as needing this kind of abuse 5-6 times per week.  A full 10% are weekly readers, and the remaining were split between monthly and first-timers.  Interestingly, no one said "last time," so we take that as a good sign.

On the question of how folks found us, the majority (40%) said "pure dumb luck."  At least they consider it luck, so we think that's positive.  Those getting a link from another site were 30%, and those getting referred by a friend/enemy were 20%.  The remaining 10% said "other," and no one said they found us through a search engine, so frankly can't figure out what "other" they used.  Maybe that 10% is like CIA, KGB or something like that.

As for content, fully 90% come for the articles, while 10% like the videos.  Sadly, no one gave a hoot about all the great pictures or the Disclaimer, which we worked so hard on.

As for content, this was a little more exciting.  A full 86% like "politics," while 57% like both "science" and "weird stuff."  The latter kind of makes sense, since the way we approach the topics, they are more or less the same.  "Travel/Ex-pat" and "Witty Anecdotes" came in at 43% each, which again makes sense, since both usually come together on this site.  Finally, praise the Lord!  A full 29% like the "Religion" discussions.  You may have noticed this all adds up to roughly 1,000%, which makes sense in a Far Side sort of way.

On the suggestion section for future stuff, we got some interesting responses.  Some of the better ones:

Other than last year when you, when you went silent for quite a few months, I'd say nothing. Carry on good Sir!

Keep up the anti-political


More articles on Teflon Trump, Killary, and the Dehydrated Socialist, all running for the right to see how fast the world can be cooked for lunch.

just not take long hiatuses (sp) in the future... ya scared me boy

Stop posting

We gather two main points here: 1) You guys are political junkies, and 2) You don't care how busy we get, as long as you get your daily fix.  Messages received - even the one guy who apparently is having trouble keeping up (we like to look at the positive side of things).

When it came to rating the Far Side, every single response was "Incredible," or 4 of 5 stars.  This can be viewed either as a positive things, or if you consider the actual meaning of "incredible" being "unbelievable," it could be the polar opposite, as well.

As for the essay section, we got some great responses across the board, and we are deeply grateful for the kind words from so many diverse and interesting folks.  There was one that stood out, though, and I want to share it with everyone here:

Dear Mr. Grover: Good Sir, I'd like to be able to call you Bernard, or whatever you prefer as your chosen moniker, because over the last few years it seems as if I might almost know you personally and would consider you a friend. Your website is most interesting, entertaining and thought provoking. As an Ex-patriot you provide a vary keen and astute point of view that I don't readily receive from the MSM here in the Good 'Ole US of A. For that I am greatfull. Yours is a unique and genuine source as it is unfiltered and direct from the source. Of course I must now spew the required pablum/disclaimer of: "I don't always agree with you but I do a lot ,but if....blah, blah, blah.." You know the speech and it does apply but, well you already know. Since I know of you/about you I find it only reasonable that I give you my cursory info: M, 52, [a US State] born, raised and residing. [some personal info], Agnostic (Pascal's Wager after all!) , Libertarian leaning though still a registered Republican (an admirer of the Luvig Von Mises school of Austrian Economic thought as well as Anarcho-Capitalism) as well as a pawn of the PTB. Thank you good Sir for your fine work and most interesting communications from "The Far Side" Best regards, [a name]

Well, Sir, when you write that sweetly about our work here, you can call me anything you want!  Most folks just call me "B," if that makes you feel better, though.

It's responses like this, that we get in email quite a bit, that keep us going.  We are deeply humbled when folks find something worthwhile in all our ramblings, even if/when they don't agree.  Certainly, life would fairly well suck if we all agreed.  The best part is that folks get a little entertainment and possibly a change of perspective once in a while.

We heartily thank all those who took the time to click through our little survey.  It's very helpful to get your feedback.  Hopefully, we can stay relevant for you in the years to come (god willing and the creek don't rise).  And for all you political junkies out there, stand by, this year should bring some great entertainment.

As George Carlin once said, " I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don't have as many people who believe it."  That's a Far Side motto if we've ever heard one.


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