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Hogwash And Fodder

Oh boy, here we go again.

Yes!  For the second time ever, a bunch of amorphous "scientists" have discovered something that doesn't exist, caused by something else that doesn't exist.  And the information is presented as a fait accompli, there can be no question.

According to the article, this "discovery" is confirmed, without having published a single paper, passed peer review, or even having confirmed the underlying assumptions that gave birth to the idea.  Even worse, older articles crow that this "discovery" proves Einstein's Theory of Relativity, even though Einstein never explained gravity, didn't like the idea of gravitational waves and rejected the whole thing as "spooky."

Here's the problem: no one has ever seen a black hole; they only exist in mathematical constructs.  Furthermore, no one has a clue how or why gravity works, much less that it is a function of some mysterious substance called "space-time."  Thus, without proof of the existence of black holes and without understanding even the most basic aspects of gravity, we can "discover" waves in "space-time" created by imaginary objects merging with each other.  And the articles even come with nifty animations, as if someone has actually seen these things.

If you are a product on 20th century education, as I am, you were taught that space is swarming with black holes.  Movies like Interstellar, The Black Hole and Event Horizon feed this myth, to the point that nearly all of us believe these things exist, because when was the last time you read the theories and proofs for black holes?  That's what I thought.

There are four theories concerning the creation and existence of black holes.  All four of them state that the Universe contains only one mass - the black hole.  In other words, a black hole universe can only contain one black hole and nothing else.  Yes, that's right, if a black hole exists, then all four theories state that nothing else - including us - exists.

Since we obviously exist, then black holes cannot.  Simple reasoning.

Now, if black holes do not exist, then gravity waves propagated by two of them colliding cannot exist.  First, there cannot be two black holes, according to theory.  Second, they cannot collide.  Third, gravity waves cannot propagate from them colliding.

We haven't even gotten to the part about gravity.  Thing is, no one understands gravity.  You know the picture of a ball sitting on a rubber sheet?  That is a circular argument, because it needs gravity to pull the ball down to make a dent in the rubber sheet.  Gravity creates gravity.  HUH?

Go watch this video and see if you can make sense out of gravitational theory when you are done.  Hell, even Newton couldn't do it, or wouldn't, take your pick.

So, now we've shot some big holes in black holes and gravity.  How about these gravity waves?

The devices used to "detect" these waves are called LIGO.  There is one in Washington State and one in Louisiana.  That's roughly 2,000 miles apart ( do the math for kilometers).  Now these waves supposedly travel at the "speed of light" (another BS thing).  However, the waves arrived at the two LIGO machines a couple of microseconds apart.  So, waves travelling a billion light years (and spreading out the whole way) and travelling at the "speed of light" arrive at Washington and Louisiana at different times?  Sorry, that blows the whole argument right there.

Go watch this video to destroy the whole argument.

There are some heavy hitters on the side of skepticism, and these guys have names, unlike the "scientists" who report the "discovery."  This is not a bunch of cranks (like me) pointing out that this is all bullshit to justify the ungodly sums of money being spent on these massive toys, like LIGO.

So, no black holes, no gravity waves, no "space-time" medium, and something that no one understand (gravity).  Does it sound to you like gravity waves have been "discovered?"

These toys may have found something, but it is not what is being reported, and in fact, I suspect no one really understands what was found, if anything.

What is certain is that these reports of definitive "discoveries" are open to wildly different interpretations and that the assumptions underlying the conclusions are completely vacuous.  Not only is the quality of science reporting a load of manure, but the whole underpinnings of modern physics are based on mathematical constructs being presented as facts with no supporting proof.

That's right, folks, it's time to go back to the chalk board.

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