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Ever have one of those days, that becomes one of those weeks, and turns out to be one of those months?

I have.  I call it June 2016.

Must be the "strawberry Moon" or something.

Before I start bitching, might as well tell all our good readers in the Northern Hemisphere happy summer.  And to all you good folks in the Southern Hemisphere, happy winter!  And to all us folks living on the equator, happy more of the same ole stuff.

Yesterday started with a call to meet my agent at the immigration office to get my annual mug shots and fingerprints done.  By the time I wended my way through Jakarta traffic to get there, a branch had fallen and severed the data line and the whole damn system was offline.

Great.  So bundle up and head cross town to the office only to get there in the nick of time to run out again on a series of meetings.  No coffee or nuttin'.

Today, I get a desperate call at 8am to go to the immigration office again.  So, you know the drill.  Anyway, I get there and have to sit for an hour waiting to get my vitals done.  At least there was a fan next to me.

Get to the office after heroic battle with Jakarta traffic, only to find out everyone is out sick or something today.  So, joy.  I can get some real work done, except that the person operating the background music in the office hit the wrong cue, so I have to listen to Christmas carols all day, I suppose.

Ah, Life on the Far Side.  Ain't it grand?  But, as Marty Feldman said in Young Frankenstein, "Could be worse.  Could be raining."  Of course, this is the tropics and it may start the deluge at any moment.

Anyway, don't want to bore you with all my happiness and love.  I want to bore you with politics and grousing about the way things are.  After all, that's why you come here, right?

So any way...

They killed Jo Cox in the UK so that everyone would think it was the Pro-Brexit gang and would turn on them, which they all did on cue.  Those PTB bastards sure know how to play the game.  Shame more people don't see it.  If you haven't figured it out by now, there is no way in God's Green Hell they are going to let the UK out of the EU.  Just a fact.  Get used to it.

Just like there is no way on God's Green Slimeball that Trump will ever get elected.  Just a fact.  Get used to it.

They will do anything to protect their precious little empire, and for all the noise and bluster, folks will just knuckle under and take it in the back door without WD-40, because that's the way people are.  And that's the way this game is played.

Folks get all riled up and ready to change things, then one little hiccup and the whole thing comes crashing down and everyone goes home and sulks.

It's so predictable as to be almost laughable.  We keep having these "revolutions" that fizzle out and folks just bend over and wait for the Big Slimy PTB to give it to them.  Remember Howard Jarvis?  Ron Paul?  Ross Perot?  John Anderson?  Jeremy Corbyn?  Donald Trump?  Barack Obama?

Yeah, I put Corbyn and Trump on that list because by this time next year, they'll be "remember whens" as well.  Same song, different verse.  Everyone gets all bowed up until the hardball comes out.

Enjoy it.  I've seen these revolutions come and go in the past 50 years.  I grew up in the 60s when everyone was going to change the world.  Then JFK and RFK got shot and POOF, all the air went out of that balloon and pretty soon, along came the 80s and all those idealists sold out for a little retirement money - which, by the way, is evaporating now, just as they need it.  See?  Sold out your ideals and got sold up the river, didn't you?

I'm like George Carlin: I'm not in this dog-and-pony show anymore.  I just sit back and watch the tide come in and go out.  Seems to be just about once a decade, if my count is right.

See, back in the old days, life was pretty rough and folks didn't lose much if they took a stand and changed the known world.  Now-a-days, folks have their VR systems, and their social media, and their dish washers, and their washing machines, and their houses (that they don't own).  If they ever really take a stand again the PTB, they would lose all their comfy gee-gaws and their internet connections and life would be a little difficult, and well, we just don't want to suffer,do we?  We've gotten soft and used to our A/C, heat and grocery stores.

Damn it!  We only want a revolution if it doesn't inconvenience us in any way.

The PTB know this and that's why Brexit and Trump will never win.  They hold our comfy lives for hostage, and golly gee whiz, we just don't want to give up all that to save future generations.

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