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The Storm Approacheth

Woohoo!  Brexit!  The masses stood up to be counted!  We won!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Sorry, folks.  This was the first shot in a battle that is far from over.  If anything, we haven't even begun.  A non-binding plebiscite on independence does not an independent country make.

Paul Craig Roberts nailed it head-on.  Now the real fight begins, and frankly, given the track record of humanity, I hold very little hope that the slim majority shown in the vote will have the stomach for a real fight.  It's one thing to tell the bully, "Leave me alone," it's another altogether to make him.

If the readers here actually believe that a simple vote will cause the elite to just roll over and start the decade-long process of unwinding all the legal and diplomatic webs they have built, then the dear reader is far more naïve than I had hoped.

What the Brexit election was is a means to identify who was against the elite, a survey if you will.  It was akin to one of George III agents going to a tavern in New England in 1774, and yelling "Death to the King," and noting every face who cheered.

No, no, no.  The fun has only begun.

Let me tell you about Brexit.

Get six million people in a room.  Tell them, "Who wants to have a one-week luxury vacation on the Moon?"

The room goes nuts, with 52% of the folks whooping and hollering, while 48% moan and walk out.

"Great!  Now that we are down to the hardcores, I need you to donate $50 billion, and spend the next 10 years working really hard to build the resort at Tycho crater!"  Most of the remaining crowd moans and walks out.

You address the four folks still sitting in the front row.  "OK, now the true believers are here.  I will warn you that our opponents will do everything from ridicule us to sabotaging everything we do."

Suddenly, you are preaching to a room full of crickets.

That's Brexit, folks.

When it comes to the nut-cuttin', as we say on the farm, the reality sets in and we find out just how much people want freedom.  If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: people are too comfortable now to really work for liberty.

The elite have already shown what they can and will do to ensure Brexit doesn't happen.  They will crash the Pound Sterling, they will withdraw funding from companies and public works projects and everything in between.  They will turn the media against it.  They will trot out the diplomatic corps to negotiate every possible compromise.  And if you are still sitting there after all that, they will destroy your comfortable life and take away your toys and probably your families, and then they will try to commit you to an insane asylum.  And I mean this very literally.  I have been through it.

If you really think you are committed to Brexit, or any other similar campaign, you ain't seen nothing yet.  Brace yourself.

Look, these elite have spent centuries (at least since the 1600s) building their little global paradise.  There is no way in God's Green Shit Hole they are going to give it all up over a single, simple vote.

If you are a supporter, or God help you, actually committed to this fight, you better get ready.  It will escalate to levels you can't even imagine.  You will be forced to spend yourself into the poor house, while at the same time fighting at every turn.  It will come at you from every angle.  The worst of it will come when you think you've won and it gets rather quiet.  Just as you think you can start re-building, that's when the hammer will fall and the worst of it will come.

People are not prepared for these things.  They have been instilled with this image of democracy as being something where they just vote and it happens.  Folks aren't entirely to blame, since the propaganda has been hot and heavy in their faces since birth.  The fact is, voting means nothing.  Never has.  It's the battle that comes after the vote that counts.

If the effort goes much beyond a few after-vote parties, here's what will happen:

  1. Stock markets and currencies will start tanking;
  2. Public services will stop working (probably famous Labour Strikes);
  3. Banks will start foreclosing on mortgages;
  4. Savings and pension funds will vanish;
  5. Media will demonize and ridicule the movement;
  6. Dozens of "reasonable" compromises will be offered;
  7. And if all that doesn't stop it, they will just shoot and incarcerate you.
They will get away with all this because they own the "legal" system and the media and the markets.  They can enrich you or impoverish you at a whim, and it won't touch their net worth.  No one will dare stand with you because the attention of the PTB might turn on them next.

When they are done, you will be, at the very best, a lunatic crank, and at the worst a dangerous terrorist, and nothing you do will change that, because folks watch TeeVee and are told who and what you are, and no one will believe anything you say to the contrary.

Are you, dear Brexit supporter, ready for this?  Do you think you can withstand that kind of onslaught?  You had better be prepared, because the more success you have, the more this pressure will come to bear, until you are living in squalor scratching for food.

If you can withstand it, if you make it through all of this, then the reward will be generations of liberty and freedom, not for you, but for those who follow.  Most folks today don't care about the future, they want their rewards now.  Because of that societal narcissism, movements like Brexit always fail.  Honestly, who cares about their great-grandchildren?  Especially when we can eat, drink and be merry right now!  Their world is their problem.  We don't want to suffer for them!

Yes, let us celebrate Brexit and the power of the people.  Let us party like it's 1776.  Let us slap each other on the back and congratulate ourselves on how clever we are.  The worst is yet to come.

I'm not a pessimist.  I truly hope that the Brits will follow through, and that many others will rise up, as well.  But I have been through the worst of it and seen what can and will be done to ensure the elite win.  It is not pretty.

Revolutions are easy to start and nearly impossible to win, especially in an age of narcissism and global media, when your toys can be taken away with the flip of a switch, and you can become a demon overnight with almost no chance to change it, and the you life and those of people you love and care about are nothing more than tools to destroy you.

This may all sound rather bleak, and it is, but it is what people face if they really want Brexit.

I may be completely wrong and the whole thing will just sail on through, but is it better to prepare for the storm and get sunshine, or the other way around?

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