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Hillary Dillary Docket

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I've been watching all this Hillary crap with half an eye for the past year or so.  Not that I have any real interest in it.  I just like watching the Clintons squirm.  If ever there were a pair of money-grubbing social climbers that deserved some grief, these two are it.

There I was, laughing at the antics of Hillary trying to cover her piles like a cat with diarrhea.  Every time she opens her mouth to defend her use of a private email server, some official or another steps up and slams that door shut in her face.  Frankly, how anyone can take her seriously as a presidential candidate mystifies me.

As I watched the latest flap over the Inspector General's report, a thought hit me.  A scary thought.  A thought that I have yet to see anyone else express, though I can't speak for their thoughts.

I though, "What if her unguarded server was actually in place to allow outsiders access to secret information?  What if Hillary is a spy...a mole?"  Think about it.

Hillary takes over the office of Secretary of State and immediately starts bringing her BlackBerry into the Inner Sanctum - the Secretary's highly secure office.  This was in spite of being told that she couldn't bring wireless devices into the secure area, and even being offered a secure device as part of her job.  She rejected it and instead insisted on bringing her personal phone into one of the most secure rooms in Washington D.C..

Though many previous Secretaries of State have used personal email, one is given the impression that they use personal accounts for their private conversations with friends and family.  Hillary went through a lot of effort to set up a private server in her basement and then proceeded to use it for everything, even to the point of NOT protecting her devices with something as basic as a password!  What?!

All of this is shrugged off with a chuckle because, well, gosh darn, Hillary is just computer-illiterate and didn't know better.

Excuse me?  Not only does that disqualify her from the office of President, in my book, but she learned nothing from the eight years her husband was in the office, nor the six years as New York senator, nor all those years as the wife of the governor of Arkansas?

I don't buy it.  Not for a second.

Alone, this information is bad enough, but when you add in the other various and sundry scandals around Hillary, suddenly a picture emerges.

Take, for instance, all those mysterious cash donations from foreign entities going into the Clinton "Foundation."  How about all those outrageous speaking fees coming from Golden Sacks and the Banksters?  Surely, all this money is buying her expertise in computer science.  What could she possibly have to offer Golden Sacks and the rest of those occult donors?

How about this?  Suppose Hillary has been getting paid for access to inside information, among other things?  Suppose all those mystery donations ensured her computers and email were hidden on private servers and didn't have any security - even passwords?  Suppose that unsecure BlackBerry was actually being used as a listening/recording device?  Suppose those donations were actually her cut of profits earned from the use of insider information?

Yes, these are rather scary and serious thoughts, but I just can't believe someone like Hillary Clinton is so befuddled by computer technology.  The testimony so far released from various interviews and depositions don't paint a stupid bumbling Hillary.  Instead, she sounds like someone steadfastly sticking to a plan of action and not listening to any rules or advice to the contrary.

Seriously, check out the deposition of Lewis Lukens.  You can tell he is trying hard to circumlocute the issues, but in the end, Hillary sounds like someone with a mission to subvert official record-keeping and provide certain outsiders with easy access to inside information - information that could easily be tradeable in the markets, the profits from which could be passed on as ridiculously ludicrous speaking fees for speeches whose content Hillary won't release.  I mean, c'mon!  She's giving more attention to protecting her speeches than she did to the nation's secrets.  Were these speeches, say...shareholder reports?  Hmmm....

The more I think about this situation, and the more information that gets out, the more plausible it seems that Hillary is the worst kind of traitor...the mole whose motivation is strictly profit.

In the absence of Hillary finally telling the world the truth, the only thing we can do is speculate.  One hates to think that someone like her, who has been privy to deep insider information over decades, could be so low as to sell her country for 30 silver pieces, but she is not putting fears to rest with her behavior.

Some food for thought, especially if you have any inkling whatsoever to vote for such a socio-pathic creature as this.  Even the slightest doubts to her motivations should give us pause, but even the slightest possibility that she could actually be a mole for profit should scare the living horse puckies out of folks.

I find the Clintons, parents and child, to be repulsive and repugnant.  For the most part, I ignore then to the extent that they allow me to.  But, when this line of thought occurred to me, I couldn't help going back to review all the evidence.  It all fits.  And every new piece that comes out fits the profile, as well.  If she refuses to come clean with the world, then the world should assume the worst, if for no other reason than self-protection.

This story is far from finished, and it's time to start asking more difficult questions.

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